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Monday, February 18, 2013

Road Trip pictures & Happy Valentine's Day

as you probably can tell I haven't been too hot on updating our blog....but if you do want more current updates please follow me on Instagram @LiveDecorated or Twitter @LiveDecorated or even one of my new favorites YouTube  where we shoot random, spontaneous snapshots into our ever evolving world of joy & adventure.

I hope you'll join us......for now here's a little update for you from my sweet Insta-friend.

First you have a road trip adventure we took through some Texas small towns....i LOVE a good road trip!!!!
Here's a snippet from our small town Texas findings and the next place I want to pick when the picking budget increases:)

Capital of Texas Zoo is a hidden little gem outside of Austin
it's a must see....just be warned...they don't have any place to throw your trash:(

Here's a video from the zoo

Happy Valentine's Day....sad that the LAST cookie (and not even the prettiest) was when I remembered to take a memory shot of them....missed the polka dot one

My Honey planned a sweet picnic surprise under the huge oak trees for me & the boys

a client celebrated their grand opening for a community center they built.  I was blessed to help select all the surfaces
including exterior selections.  

my sweet Nissi kitty was literally folded into our blankets for a wee nap:) silly goose kitty
More fun to come this week as I overcome this sickness funk that seems to have taken my voice.  Whispering across the house to a 4 and 2 year old has its challenges.  Hopefully my voice returns before worship rehearsal tomorrow night:) thanks for your prayers and love.

Diella Wyatt
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