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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's the Season?

when words just don’t come but you have something to say…surely you’ve been there, my friend.  I’m trying to not bury it, stuff it down or pass it on by this time around.

We’re all going through something, right?  I’m no exception.  I find myself in a tough place.
You know those old time-y churches that have a prayer request session of the service?  When they come to the part where you raise your hand if you have an “unspoken” and half the hands in the room go up.  That’s where I am folks.  I’m raising my hand for an unspoken prayer request.  I can’t share now because I’m in the middle of it.   I’d love to be on the other side of this thing but I must realize the only way to move through this is to let go and grow.  Embrace the season.  

I just finished listening to a Victoria Osteen message via podcast…about seasons.  Listen to my slightly paraphrased quote-ish excerpt. “Understand what season you’re in.  Squeeze everything out of that season you possibly can.  Not every season is a blooming season, some are hard ones. You don’t quit living during that season.  Begin to grow with the times. When you do that you’ll be prepared to go to the next season. ... There’s no stopping time.  What is this season preparing you for?  say This is MY season…it’s where God has me right now. I wanna be everything that God called me to become.”  

This entire message spoke right to my heart.  Right now, this Is my winter season…literally and figuratively.  Now I don’t mean its a depressing season…just winter.  You might not see anything happening right now but I assure you it is.  I’m embracing this season with my whole being.  I’m going to learn and grow.

How about you?  What season are you in?  

Below I’ve listed 5 ways to get through your season with grace.  See the video here.

  1. The first order of business…be grateful.  Grateful for the lessons, for the growth, for the challenge, for the blessings and for insight.   Gratitude is like medicine.  You can’t speak thankfulness and still allow negative thoughts to bombard you.  

  1. Next order of business:  take time to pray and listen.  Go to God with confidence and freedom.  He has it all figured out anyway.   I mean, really, how can you go wrong with this one?  Not possible.  Get in a quiet place.  Get still.  Listen.  Ask forgiveness for any sin you have standing in the way of a relationship with the Father.   I’m not a preachy mama but the power of authentic prayer is too great not to mention…especially in this setting.

  1. Put on some uplifting music…this is always a good idea: something with soul…with life.  Today I’m filling my space with the tunes of Lauren Daigle.  Soothing, life bringing.   As a tip, Amazon Prime Music is a great place to listen to your favorite genres without commercials.  Pentatonix has an amazing sound they make entirely a cappella.  I find it uplifting. (side note: My mama just gave me a new CD for Christmas…Tasha Cobbs….I’ll have to let you know how it goes.)

  1. Study, study, study…This is the one I struggle with the most.  I know I need to be in the Bible studying but I don’t always know where to start or how to go about it.  I love to read my Bible through the highlights and meditate on those nuggets ...but to study a subject???  Need to work on this one!   Not to mention that in some seasons It’ll be essential to learn something new.  A new skill, perhaps.  

  1. journal…no matter the season its always a good idea to write down your thoughts, experiences, dreams, questions, etc.  Anything goes here.  Sometimes I just write a line…sometimes pages…sometimes just doodles and drawings….let this be a time of creativity and reflection.  

Please, do yourself a favor, as you walk through this season, hold your head high and for the sake of all that is good…DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF WITH ANYONE!  You are one of a kind, unlike any other.  God has placed unique gifts in you that no one can take away.  Grow with the times so you won’t have to repeat this season.  

The list above isn’t an all inclusive list by any means.  There are a million things you can do in and through your season to help you grow…these are just a few I felt led to share.  Please share below what season you’re in right now and how you get through.  I’d love to hear some fresh ideas.

Thanks for joining me this week and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best for this new year,

Blu Wyatt


  1. Blu!! These are such great suggestions. I, too, feel like I am in a season. Have some heavy stuff going on this week. Not sure if its the Holidays that bring this out our what!? I am pushing through though, and your words help tremendously. Lauren Daigle is my favorite. Something about the soul of her voice speaks life to me. Makes me close my eyes, and know that I've been there. Keep on truckin' girlfriend. You are amazing, and inspiring so many!

    1. Hey thanks for the comment...wondering how your holidays went and how your season is going. Bless you, love!

  2. Blu I have been waking up super early with a thought bubble from god saying get up I need to talk to you. I have been reading my daily devotions and praying during this time but today was different I went through my Facebook and bam there is you delivering me a strong message I needed as the season I am in is so Crazy! It's not winter it's a blizzard. Thank you so much for some clarity. I pray for you during your season.

    1. Dee thanks so much for this. I'm proud of you ....getting up early, seeking God and pursuing your dreams. I know your blizzard will calm but I gotta say....a blizzard can be quite an adventure....at least it'll leave you with a good story when you're on the other side of it. You'll rock this girl!!!!
      love love love you!


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