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Friday, June 22, 2012

men vs. women :: my living room tells ALL

My living room came to life the other day! Stick with me & I’ll let you into my head on this one....

Men vs. Women

There are tons of books & loads of websites discussing this very topic.  Without attempting to bore you with what you already know let my living room speak
to the lively contrast between the two in a fresh, unconventional way.


The Dainty Vintage Settee :: the Ladies’ Parlor in all its grandeur.  Sip tea, change your shoes, cozy up with a good book, plan tomorrow’s outfit, ponder the day’s adventures
The Oversized & Well-Worn Sectional :: the “man cave” all men deserve, few actually have...the remote in one hand, a beverage in the otherenough said!

Art above the settee :: the man’s closet
one simple framewhy would you need anything more?  He even seems to be stealing a glance at his beautiful lady friend:)
Art above the sectional :: the ladies’ wardrobe
Complicated, plentiful & layered with plenty of space to add to the collection at any given time.  The lady in the center looks contented, at peace with her collection... shouldn’t we all be?  Hmmm...food for thought

playing with photoshop a bit....which look do you like best????
Isn’t it funny how the two complement each other?  One without the other would leave me with an unbalance, out of whack room.  So I guess after studying my living room I’ve come to the conclusion I enjoy the differences between men & women, my husband & myself...now if only I could have MY OWN closet!!!!  

On a side note: if you noticed I deleted a post I published a few days ago.  Totally by accident & I have no idea how to retrieve it so if you think I fell of the blogging wagon, don’t worry, we’re safe.  Just a little tech sadness on my end of our relationship.

Second side note: Leaving for Dallas in the morning for the SOUND Worship Conference & I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ll be posting while I’m there so keep popping back.

Big hugs ‘n’ nutty comparisons from real life design comin’ at YOU darling...

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