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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ride in style

Hey guys,

I was privileged enough to spot this creative gal and her adoring husband riding through a South Austin neighborhood.  I drove up next to her totally stalker like and rolled down my window as I rolled up to her.  "You look precious" I then shout out my passenger side window.

I mean really!  Are you reading what I'm writing? What kind of weirdo pulls up and says something ridiculous like that then drive off feeling confident I just made her day......I'm about rolling on the floor laughing looking back at it all.  In the moment it was the most normal, perfect thing to say.  HA!

Anyway, they were riding faster than I was driving (miracle in itself) until we turned the same direction....then I had to pass them again....ahhahhh.  If I were a better story teller (and single with all the time in the world) I'd drum up all the details of this wacky moment with flowery words and phrases that captivate you, my reader....my friend so deeply that you can't help but subscribe....come back tomorrow to find if there's a new post.  But alas, I am not such person.  I am ME!  

And here it is....the kind lady with the fancy bike.

Thanks for joining me and I really wish I would've picked up this gals name....be nice to share this with her:)
I'm learning along the way folks: curb the enthusiasm long enough to exchange names. 

Bye Bye Friends...until tomorrow:)  Oh, be sure to come back for a wee little tour of an rockin' shop in Wimberley ...to be coming.                           

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

make it yourself

At this point this blog isn't a "how to" kind of blog.  I'm not that kind of person, really.  I get my ideas from random places and don't possess the patience or attention to detail that are required to teach anyone "how to" do anything, really.
Recently my sweet Honey found a recipe to make your own laundry soap.  You guessed it....I did it!  Miracles happen every day!!!

Normally I'm NOT the kind of gal who would take time to look into such a domestic project let alone ever blog about it.  You see, unfortunately for my husband, I missed out on the Suzie Homemaker genes of the family, evidenced by the fact that I'd rather spend the afternoon in the garage than the kitchen ....any day.

So this isn't a TO DO (you can find that in abundance on Pinterest) for laundry soap but a get out of your box challenge to do something helpful and useful for your family or someone around you.  Whatever could you do?  I've already handed out one milk jug of the stuff to my sister....the giving may continue as I run across adequate containers...who knows, you could find one on your doorstep:)

I'll give you a hint as to where I found this on Pinterest ... a sweet little blog I've found Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling
One side note: I couldn't find the special long-name soap she mentioned so I used Ivory...hmmm, wonder if that'll make too much of a difference:)  I also added some Lavender essential oil to make me smile; smell good clothes make a difference!

So comment below and let me know how YOU Live Decorated and make a difference in the lives of people around you.....I must know!

Diella Wyatt
(getting used to the new name yet?)
(didn't realize I had a new name.....click the link above and find out all about it)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Turn ordinary into an adventure!

Take grocery shopping for example.  Most times in my every day life I try to approach each new moment as if it were an adventure.  This is one way I personally Live Decorated.

One of the most common adventures I have is

Thursday, March 14, 2013

about TIME I try it!!!

Biggest Loser night!  a couple nights late but hey.....I didn't eat a bag of oreo's in the process:) just one oatmeal cream pie.  I mean, who could resist???

There are so very many trails my mind is traveling down tonight; adventuring over new terrain.  I’ve never been this way before or seen that hill before.   Everything looks new and unfamiliar; yet somehow, welcoming.  I’m turning a corner.  More like an “about face” (ahhh, Commander would be so proud of me).   I’m even naming my mental trails.... after those I've ridden on hundreds of times!  The Stables is where I spent all my summers growing up and plan to revisit next month...random side bar!

Ridge Trail:  It MUST be my choice.          I WILL make the move!
My 4 year old you see here runs full steam ahead just about every second of the day.  
2 cups of coffee later I'm right there with him:)
talk about "Eye On It", when these boys get anywhere near water they're looking for the biggest rock they can toss in
River Trail:  What if the whole world
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