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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

vision wall...checking in!

How’s your vision board going?  Did you think I forgot?  Come on!  You know me better than that! 
Do you want this year to be greater than any other year you’ve ever had? 
I believe today is the start of the best of my lifenot just the rest of it but the BEST!  Now, I’ve had some pretty good times in my past but I don’t live there & you shouldn’t either.  Good or bad, your past is just that ... your PAST.  Your future can be greater than anything you’ve ever known...starting NOW...TODAY!  here's a little clip about God's Goodness to get you excited about what HE has for YOU!!! 
You onboard?

Starting your vision board:  If you’ve been asking God “what do you want me to do, have, or be this year?” then I’m sure you’ve heard from Him.  Even if all He told you was to take a little step in this direction or that one...you’re on the right track. 
Tip #1: Get it on your vision wall......what do you want?  See it in front of you every day & ya know what else?  Believe that God is bigger than anything you can imagine...that He wants good things for you and that you can have ALL the blessings in His word.  They’re not just for those big faith preachers, they are for YOU and ME! 
Tip #2:  check our mouth......your words, that is.  What are you saying about your marriage, about your kids, about your finances?  Speak LIFE.  You’ve gotta speak “it” (whatever you’re believing for) into existence.  Live decorated by speaking good things into your world. 
Tip #3:  I’m listening to my husband when he tells me (through his blog www.fiveminuteslate.com) to get my eyes off myself and my problem and set my eyes on Jesus.  This week has been amazing as I’ve been pressing in to His presence through extra focused prayer time before the kids wake up (only about 3 snoozes)......just seeking Him and who He is.  Fun stuffand ya know something?  We’ve been watching His favor increase greatly even in the past 48 hours. 
Tip #4:  Obey & He will bless the fruit of your hands.....your work...labor.....thoughts...family.....marriage......finances.  Oh Yeah!!!
Tip #5:  Get some cool magazines you love & cut out some things that represent what you want in your future then fix ‘em on your vision board.  I guess this is the same as Tip 1oops... oh well, read on......
This doesn’t just go for material possessions.....it also applies to your marriage (a happy couple that look to be in love), your family (if you want a baby or happy kids), travel (places you want to visit), words (positive words you want to see every day to get you to a higher place of victory).  I have the word ZERO on my board representing my belief that all my debts are PAID OFF!!!  I have the words “THE BLESSING” on my wall and “entertaining” and “waterfront living” and “play date” and “moving the mountain” (for my mountain of debt on its way into the sea).  You get the idea...just start now, where you are.  It doesn’t have to be beautiful and if you have some words you want to see every day like a scripture or something else specific don’t wait till you find it in a magazine, print it from a regular Word doc. in a neat font you can read easily.  Read it every day & confess those blessings over your life. 

This video may need to be revisited:)

Blessings to you & your family, your business & your finances!

Love n hugs

Monday, February 27, 2012

Train prayer....believing BIG & constantly thanking God!

Today.what a day! 
I’ve been on a little break from youmy friends.  On one hand I’m sorry because I really missed sharing my adventures and random (you know how random they are) thoughts with you and on the other hand I needed to sort some things out & actually get some REST. 

Life has been .uh.interesting.  Yeah, that’s a good word:)  

Saturday I took a road trip

Monday, February 20, 2012

laugh at yourself--Goodbye Hello--a ride in our car

I know it seems like an obvious thing to do...laugh at yourself....then again maybe that's just me.  Well, try it sometime! 

Don't take yourself so seriously!  I mean we all goof up...we all make mistakes....we all fall...just get up, shake yourself off, laugh & move on.  How many times have I completely embarrassed myself?  Too many to count, that's for sure.  This video is a little silly...we thought we were taking a picture...but it was a video so I quickly turned it into a plug for her rockin' shop!!! One thing we do....laugh about life...OFTEN!  Its when we are taking life, obstacles and situations too seriously that we find ourselves in a heap o' mess. 

Try trusting in God!  Proverbs 3:5-6 is the best for that.  Trust in Him!  Don't try to figure it all out or act like you're SOOOO smart.  You're really not, if you think about it.  Did you create this earth, the stars, moon, sun, solar system?  NO!  Then maybe He (the Creator, God, Himself) knows more than you do about your situation.....ya think?!? 

I know, tough pill to swallow.....take it with a big glass of milk...the WORD!   Read your Bible!  Its all in there & HE LOVES YOU!

That's it for tonight, I'm sleepy.....when shall I catch up on that sleep I've been needing?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

FULL weekend leaves little time for videos...stay tuned for Carrot Cake FUN!!!

Man oh man!  I have a load of video work on my plate due to all the fun & ideas filling my days.  2 days behind.....maybe 3 or 4 even??? 

Had a wonderful weekend....spiritual awakening to start it off. God has been showing me things....things about me....God shows you something about yourself & you'll never be the same again.  In other words, He's been doing a work in me.  Good stuff, I assure you! 

For last night's event I needed long black gloves to complete my 50's vintage look.  My sister called saying she had a pair I could borrow.  Upon further investigation, she found my name on the tag....I lent them to her 16 years ago for her prom!  She overnighted them:)

I'll tell you I had a blast last night meeting several new friends and seeing countless others that are such a blessing to my world.  Buda has some of the finest men & women in this FINE state!

So many pictures to upload but too bad.  Sleep is SOOOOoooo needed now...you can wait I'm sure. 
Stay tuned on the side of this page to "The Show" for some fun videos to come in the next couple days.

Carrot Cake and Closet Staging Tips coming soon!

Hugs & BIG Blessings to you and your family!  God loves YOU and so do we!
T & fam.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm so ready for bed right now...the past few mornings my "rise early" attempts were thwarted by my selfish, lazy flesh suit. . For some strange reason I love staying up really really late. I just get so much done, the house looks great when we all wake up and its easier to stay that way. Tonight I did all the ironing for the month (I only make myself do it that often....I mean, why buy clothes that need such maintenance anyway!) I did some more filming for the "staging" series I'm working on. I feel like I went back to college lately, trying to learn to edit videos that is. Not to mention learning to PAUSE when talking to myself...i.e. you out in computer land. If this is your first read of my blog then I'm sorry for the inside chatter amongst my dear friends keeping up with things:) You'll be aquainted with the way I do things soon enough. I'm determined to wake up early tomorrow for quality God time....you hear that? you're my witnesses!

For tonight let me be brief...I know, what does that even mean???...I finally took my advice about writing someone a real letter. I wrote my friend Kim in North Carolina...or South Carolina, I still need her address in order to mail the thing. My Dad's letters (which I haven't even come to the halfway point:) inspired me to write...with a pencil...and paper to someone I love who lives far away. Maybe she'll be my pen pal. You see, my past is even decorated:)....Ages ago we were college roommates (best friends ever since). Boy do we have stories....talk about living life in abundance! WOW! I was putting myself through school (UTSA) while working 3 part time jobs to keep me there. Her & Roberto (that's a whole other story) let me live with them under the radar to save me from having to drop out of school....keeping up with my schedule meant I slept about 2-3 hours a night. One of my jobs was in the school library putting books back on the shelves. Rollerblades and late late nights helped me there:) had the time of my life & met some really fun people.

So many stories I won't get stuck on that...maybe she'll tell of the time we were studying in one of those private study rooms with the big windows. We would put our chairs on the table, books in our laps (just to be silly & get attention, imagine that)...a big football player dude walked by & then stopped in his tracks.. stunned at the sight I guess...oddly enough we start "posing down" with this big dude for like 5 minutes. We did a pose, he'd matched it...back & forth. FUNNY girls:) I love making memories with friends....and strangers:)

So my tip for the day: get something out of that story...whatever you get from it is what you needed to hear tonight (or today or whatever). So let it sink in or laugh like you're taking medicine for your heart:) LOVE YOU...hugs n love


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

more letters...can you believe it???

If you're following my world in the past month you know all about the letters we were praying for, right?  Well today I felt a strong leading (I know this was the Holy Spirit!) to open this plastic container that had been under my dresser forever (oh, yeah...it was even in the "jewelry display" video) and I hadn't opened it or looked inside in at least 3 years.  So I open it up & look under one thing and voila!!!  All these letters my dad had sent me from 1998 to maybe 2004. 

HOW FUN!  right?!?!

He is hysterical, ya know?!  He would draw a little man running if he had to leave the letter to go get something.  He tells stories of his childhood that would knock you over! He would try to sign his name like I do mine with a bunch of squiggly lines and give me a hard time for funny things I did, then reminded me of them:)  How much fun I'm having!!!!  God is so good....and SO funny!!!!

 "All things are possible to him that believes."  Mark 9:23  I say that because last night Marc & I had powerful praise & worship in our study and this morning some quality time with God before the kids woke up....and ya know what?  We both had a beautiful and productive day.  I staged the house for pictures & that video, had quality--not rushed time with both boys, weeded the ENTIRE overgrown "garden" that runs the entire length of the back yard, watched Koen take his first 3 steps (in a row), taught him to climb the ladder on the playground, made some calls, did some computer work and kept the house picked up all day.  WOW!  Talk about a miracle!!!

Expect Mircales....they happen!
 Do you believe????

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

monogrammed antique railroad plates

This is one of my favorite projects right now...first because its COMPLETE:) and next because my Dad gave me all these railroad plates,  He knew how much I love turning old junk into funky things.

I like hanging mine at the entry to my home..along with my old farm dinner bell which reminds my of my Granddad's farm.

 I have 15 only so whoever wants one should let me know before they're gone...could be a week, could be 2 years before I sell em all:)  Oh, and they're super heavy!!!

The Letters..total miracle here... funny, heart warming video to boot

Ok....the story I keep telling you I'll share....yes, it has taken a while.

God answered our prayers for THE LETTERS in an amazing & totally unexpected way.  I thank God for the Robertson family! Just watch!

since 1971...you can even see my parents wedding picture--the original
newspaper clipping...tremendous!

such a profound statement!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love isn't in the air....its in your WORDS and your ACTIONS

Much to tell but first let me address "the letters".  I simply don't have time to address them right now....you see I get to pick whatever I want to tell you about & for now, since I haven't read them all yet, I prefer not to share the details...more to come...PROMISE!!!

Now, down to business....I mean fun stuff....this weekend is straight out of a fairy tale...only its my life!    Good friends, conversation, makeup miracles, hair extensions, high heals, and good preachin'.  Only thing missing was dancing....I just couldn't coax Marc into it....THIS TIME!  There will be other opportunities and don't let him fool you, he rocks that dance floor my friend!
Before I tell you all about my Sunday evening & share some yummy, happy pictures with you let me take a side journey:
I'm surrounding with amazing people everyday...that is one huge way that I live decorated.  You know what you can do today....tell someone in your life why YOU find THEM amazing.  Be real!  Don't make it up to make someone feel warm n fuzzies...tell the truth and say what you normally wouldn't say.  LOVE on people today.....or even just start with one.  Guess where I'd start this week....

Yep...you got it!  Your spouse!  I mean, if you're married anyway.  Your Honey needs some sugar no matter what day it is but this week does happen to be the once a year, in your face reminder, to show someone you care.  It doesn't have to mean spending $100 on some roses...its more than that.....and longer lasting.  It's a real, genuine expression of your love, adoration and respect for that special someone in your life.   You think you can do it?  Men, you need help? I'll tell you how to make that lady in your life feel set-up-on-a -pedestal adored. 

Make a card, plan a picnic (too cold for that one but keep that idea in your back pocket), do something you don't like to do that she LOVES to do, sacrifice, write a silly poem, write a romantic poem, sing a song, write a song (Marc, I'm holding out for this one:), leave a trail of stickie notes with a long, loving message and this list goes on and on and on...maybe just email me & I'll work it out with you but DO SOMETHING WONDERFUL for her!  And ladies, you're not off the hook on this one either.  Your man deserves....a lot!  He works, provides, supports and laughs at your jokes (even when you're not funny, trust me, I KNOW:)  So I don't know what I'm going to do to make my Honey feel the love & respect I have for him.....hopefully something will come to me quickly. 

Now...may I share my evening of love, romance and chicken with you?  Picture it.....Green Pastures.
Now I have your attention.  
Our church, World Harvest Outreach Church, had our annual Valentine's Banquet and it was every bit romantic...lighting, service, food, company and even a fitting message from Pastor...all a perfect fit for my decorated life.  I thought I'd share some pics of my food, friends and even awards....FUN, I know!
 "pause" (inside joke to several of you)

Short version of the "behind the scenes" story...This beautiful lady & her husband shot this rockin' short film to advertise this Valentine's Banquet for our church and tonight we experienced a star studded night at the Oscars. Here is a shot of her awards and hugging me in poor lighting....or is it the camera setting???
One part I forgot to mention about this video..... Marc & I PRANCED!!!  Imagine my husband for a moment.  Now imagine him prancing.  Got the picture?  People were rolling in the aisles. 

Hysterical...best part is her husband making her breakfast with egg on his face...no really....egg face.  Best medicine is laughter & boy are you in for an extra dose when I get my hands on that link!   Did I forget to mention...Marc & I won the Oscar for  "Best Lovebirds"....you gotta see this clip....SOON to come...just gonna update this post so if you wanna see Marc "prance" you'll have to revisit!
Pastor John & Alison & his Mama....what a
blessing I have the best pastors!!!

 So get the idea ladies...men....LOVE!   and LOTS of it!

I even have cool Scottish friends who wear skirts!!!

gorgeous friends o' mine...lovely!!!

High Fashion, for me, always includes a
vintage element.  Tonight, however, I was
vintage overload...clutch, necklaces and coat
oh and great shoes V!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

laughing again

can't sleep...too many things on my mind...so much happening....the last 24 hours have been a roller coaster ride of emotions

Went to Dad's today with Marc, Amanda (my sis) and her family just to mow, clean up & see about tying up some loose ends. Oh, and remember the letters I told you about? Apparently my Dad wrote letters to all of us before making the decision to end his life. even typing that out seems so terrible...all over again...anyway, "Where are the letters?" we prayed many times over. We asked God for "the letters" and our prayers were answered....:) more on the letters in tomorrows blog. Yes, it includes a video so stay tuned.

Now fast forward to this evening....with my mind & heart on reading these "letters" it took primping mindlessly in the mirror for an hour for me to finally shift to this evening's event...10th Annual Kyle Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet. As often & as hard as I've cried in the past 2 weeks I laughed tonight. I mean laughed!!! The Bible says "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine" in Proverbs....well tonight my heart doeth good...mine for sure and I'm certain many of those amazing people that surrounded me tonight. I wish I had my camera crew there to capture the funny. Maybe next time:)

my new best friend--Jessica
brilliant pre-law athlete @ UT
So I sat at this table...the FUN table...otherwise known as table 20...right next to this fantastic gal, Jessica. She was me only 15 years ago and most likely much nicer than I ever was. Oh, and super brilliant. So you'll have a chance to meet her soon as she'll be appearing on my show....most likely about doing what you do with excellence. She's a top athelete with "mad skill" (cause that sounds cool n hip). Not only is she cute, she can get us into the sports places on campus...not sure what that means but it sounds fun, huh!?

Marilyn---Volunteer of the Year

Wendy...amazing chiropractor

I saw loads of friends & made several new ones. God is so good to me...He knew I needed a good laugh & sent the right people to inspire my creativity....hugs to you all. And to "The Director" who said I won the "Award for Best Dress"....thank you and you can just send it to my agent! xoxo

Pictures & more about the letters tomorrow...or maybe even Monday cause tomorrow is church & our long awaited church Valentine's Banquet at Green Pastures.....yet another perfect evening with friends.

Cyndy--friend with HIT newspaper!
Beverly...pilates master &
soon to be mama of 3

Trish....aka Blu Wyatt ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some ideas for Jewelry Display & Organization

We all need help displaying our jewelry so you can quickly choose your accessories on your way out the door.  Here are some pointers to get organized as well as use your jewelry as art on your walls.

As you well know I'm a tad bit bossy (working on this folks)...so I wanted to encourage you to use this time to PURGE your jewelry collection.  Anything that's out dated, tired or just not your style anymore, take this opportunity to ask God who would be blessed by each & every piece....wrap each of them up, write a generic card of blessing & love then give to the person God puts on your heart to give.  (don't be fussed if this takes some time....weeks even)  
 It really is more fun to give than to receive  (remember my blog about seed-time and harvest?  put your seed in the ground you can start expecting a harvest....like more beautiful jewelry:)

Ok, just one story....I had a really pretty necklace I bought a few months back and the first time (and only time) I wore it I felt as if I was wearing someone else's necklace.  So I asked God who He wanted me to give that necklace to...forgot about it for several weeks then one Sunday morning I had an urgency in my spirit to wrap it up, write a sweet card with words of encouragement & put it in my purse.  At church that morning I walked around with it greeting everyone as I usually do.  After hugging one of my friends I walked away.  Immediately I felt the need to go back & give her that gift (then only hesitated a few seconds).   Well, let me just say that I really love giving....to see someone's face light up & their spirit lift right in front of your eyes is pretty cool.  about 20 minutes later she came back to me & said that 2 weeks earlier a co-worker had a necklace almost identical to this one & she had been complimenting it saying how much she loved the look.  God knew she liked it & had me buy it for her way before she even saw it on her friend.  Isn't God so cool!  He knows everything about you....your needs, desires, hopes, fears, dreams, pain and the list goes on.   So there's my extended version of gift encouragement.  Do it!            GIVE!!!!!  Oh, and organize....

Oh yeah, and decorate!!!              then             email me any stories about your giving experience. 

Enjoy this short video....then email me pictures of your jewelry display/organization...your picture may end up on one of my blogs. 

Another random Tip:  Surround yourself with things you love no matter your taste or style ... your life will feel more decorated & easy flowing when you eliminate clutter & group like items in an orderly fashion....trust me. 

hugs n love

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Take care of your body...start exercising today

usually when I record bits for the show I talk way too much, have a hard time editing & it ends up being so much work I end up scrapping it all and not even sharing the video.  Today was MUCH different.  I had my friend Suzanne record me since she was my motivation for even talking about working out and taking care of your body.  You see, she's one of those friends that not only wears work out clothes...she actually uses them...like EVERY DAY!  She actually loves to work out...amazing! 

So it took some convincing but she came on the show with me (for a few little seconds).  Also, in light of my husbands advice I shorted my commentary.  I had SO much to tell you about but I forgot MOST of it because I was trying not to talk too much:)  Maybe next time I'll find a happy medium. 

Some things I didn't say:  I haven't been taking care of my body much throughout my life and God has been dealing with me on the subject.  Now I've decided to start trying...today.

About my show: I'm shooting for informative, helpful, inspiring, entertaining, funny (in part to my goofiness), and motivational.    I plan on taking you "picking", inviting guests on from time to time, giving you a tour of my art in progress and providing you with tips on how to live a decorated life.

If you stick with me I KNOW you'll see major improvements!  Promise!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I was supernaturally healed last night! Wooohooo!!!!

Yesterday was one goopy mess of a hard day for me is all I can say...thank God I had a couple really good friends reach out & bring me back to the reality that I know and am loved by a pretty AMAZING God!!!

Movie time...last night Marc & I watched a movie we borrowed from a lady at church.

Finger of God is a remarkable movie/documentary of the miracles God is doing around the globe.  Love what Shara had to say about the fire of God's Love.  For a couple hours I forgot about my painphysical & emotional.  God is a BIG God...nothing is impossible with Him!

short background as to why I have been experiencing chronic pain for over 20 years on a daily basis:  I had a ruptured disc with emergency surgery when I was around 14 (hours away from paralization according to Neuro Surgeon)then fractured my skull twice with horse accidents about 10 years apart.  My spine was a tad crooked to say the least.  At the end Sid Roth prayed over everyone watching ... he specifically mentioned someone with spine problems & pain...I stood up right there in our study & received healing for my back, neck & even my right shoulder.  Right here...just accepted the free gift.    

Today I've been doing all sorts of things trying to get my emotions, body & house back on track through this grieving process (check out My Daddy page if you're here for the first time).  Guess what folks....I have not felt one twinge of pain anywhere!!!  Did you hear me....ALL DAY!   Hopefully you didn’t know about the pain because I made every attempt to NOT complain & to keep my words in line with His Word. 

So let me say it one more time...HEALED!!!!  Get that movie...watch it.  Also, read How to Live and Not Die by Norvel Hayes...you will be blessed.  The awesome thing is God wants you healed...it IS His will!  We must come to the Kingdom like a child.  Believe that He is, that He loves YOU, that healing is yours.  Ooo man I could preach!

How can I even be ashamed about Jesus...look what He's done for me.  I want you all to experience His love, peace, joy, healing & provision.  Big things this year my friend!!!  Kisses and love....thanks for all the prayers! 



Friday, February 3, 2012

life continues

it seems life is supposed to go on....

but how?   in this moment i can't see it.   i'm supposed to though.  rise above.  

i am strong....  when will i feel that way again?  my strength comes from the Lord!  Strength COME!!!!

decorate...after the storms of life hit...just start

So.live decorated eh?!  I asked Marc the other day how do you decorate your life, your world, after a “hurricane” tosses everything to bits? 

Dad gave this to me ages ago..said he found it just like that...
with no idea what it was or how it was created. 
It is now in front of my house:)

You know how I’m doing it?  I’m rejoicing every day that I have a Fathera Daddy in heaven who loves mewho made mewho has a plan for my life.  Jeremiah 29:11 says “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and to give you hope and a future.” 

Rest in knowing He loves you...He has great things for you.  So start right here, where you are.  Even if the storms of life seem dizzying or unbearable.  He will life you up...guide you...love you...and anything else you need of Him. 

Yaydoesn’t that make your heart sing????  Mine does! 

Praise be to God!  Nothing will decorate your life more than giving praise to God above.  Nothing!  (that doesn’t mean I can skip out on cleaning this disaster zone of a house...maybe later)

flowers make a room dance

flowers from friends & my Daddy's hat that bought with him years ago
he was always making me wear hats & now I have his to sport!!!
Thanks to my wonderful friends for the beautiful flowers....I LOVE fresh flowers....they add such life & color.  God has truly blessed me with not only a wonderful family that obviously comes together in times of need but my church family....which is my family as well.  They have been lifting us up in prayer so greatly that it’s tangible.  I can actually feel their prayers....not to mention the great food they've been bringing to the house.  I mean, really, who can think of food in a time like this? 

You see that book...How to Live and Not Die...funny story.  We were to meet at the funeral home Sunday after church so I asked the ladies from church to drop by 3 copies of this book (I love giving books to people who I know will be blessed by the content) so the whole time we were meeting with the funeral director they sat on his desk, in front of me, with my name on the top.  My sister & Melissa both wondered why this man passed a book out to his clients about how to live and not die!  Bad business they thought:)  I laughed so hard when Amanda asked me about it with that sweet look in her eyes!

Bottom line is if you need healing in your body get this book...and read my other blog post all about it...by Norvel Hayes.

Random share:

Last Thursday afternoon....24 hours before the news....I opened this gift from my dad which he must've sent at Christmas time (maybe I should check my mail more often).  My last conversation with him was Saturday before all thisI didn’t even say thank you!  What a thoughtful man he was.  He knew how much I loved "picking" rusted treasures ... I am my father’s daughter! 

(Marc made the matchbox cover...I love that man!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Visiting Dad's house again....keeping my eyes on Jesus

On our way to Dad's house.  Numb.
Dark sky.  Rain. 

Listening to the Binions worship music...."oh how He loves us."

The love of God....the peace of God....prayers....getting me through with VICTORY!

I pray God uses me to reach other people that might be hurting....that need to know His grace.
Sorry if I seem somber...if you don't know...check out "my daddy" page.

Understand God is doing a great work in me and that brings me great JOY.  And I'm not receiving any feelings of guilt, though they come, over what I could've done or said differently.  My dad knew I loved him and I know he loved me. 

Side note: Important
Do you know what He has called you to do this year? Step into that calling using the gifts He has given you.  Don't allow fear of failure to stop you in your tracks.  You are created to be great.  No matter where you are, who you are or what you have.  You have greatness on the inside of you!

Hugs n love
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