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Me & We

Hi, my name is Blu Wyatt.  Welcome to my world....where we all learn to Live Decorated. 
A little about me…. I'm an Interior Decorator // Home Stager // Public Speaker // DIY Lover // Mama // Wife // Christian // Encourager // Equestrian // Adventurer // Artist (that was a fun one to add to my list) // World Traveler // Friend // Volunteer // Life Coach // Comedian (not really, just as silly gal who loves seeing people laugh)
My husband, Marc, is my strongest supporter.  He’s also a brilliant Business Coach.  We have 2 beautiful boys which you’ll hear me refer to as “T” or “Ko” in my blog.  They are delightful and we enjoy leading them through this life with victory and peace.

Our boys were our inspiration for the name The Grey Pear, the name of our unique boutique of off the wall creations, furniture re-glam, art, accessories and bits n bobs we don’t know what to call, which we created in our garage (actually still there). 
What we believe:  We believe in the Word of God…the Bible…the whole Bible, really…..which is pretty much summed up here.  We don’t claim to be perfect…far from it actually!  We simply strive to have a relationship with God (not a form of religion) and grow closer to Him each day.  We strive to love others (not always easy) and show the love of God (since God IS Love) everywhere we go.  One of my biggest goals right now is to follow God’s direction for my life no matter what anyone thinks or where it might take me (fun adventure to be sure).  I make no apologies for the content of my blog…if I offend you let’s just get it out now…a blanket “I’m sorry…I LOVE you….and you don’t have to ever come back here and read what I have to say”…there you have it:) 
When I miss it, fall down, have a bad attitude, say or do something hurtful or disobey God I get back up, dust off the muck, ask for forgiveness, receive it, and keep moving forward…..decorating my life from the inside out! 
I sincerely hope this site will kick start you into living a life fully decorated from the inside out and all around you. 

May God bless you tremendously in every area of your life! 

Love n Hugs  (and sometimes even glitter)
Blu Wyatt


  1. You are a life coach?! What?! Please tell me more.

  2. Hi Diella,

    It was sooooo awesome meeting you Tuesday night. I am telling everyone my testitomy. I feel blessed to have met you and for you to communicate your message to me from God! I hope you had a pleasant ride back home. You are going places. God is going to bless you and your family in so many ways. You really had an impact on me and I know it was God sending me a message.
    Take care girl and I will be in touch!


  3. Diella...

    What a beautiful, exquisite name. I think that it is cool that you legally changed your name. Diella Blu Wyatt is the new you and the Bible says that in CHRIST we are a new creation and I, for one, think it is awesome.

    I can't believe how much the boys have grown!!! T is probably about 4 now, right? And Ko was a baby the last time that I saw him. I am so glad to see that you are doing well. I am also glad to see that your beautiful family is doing well also.

    I read your blog and found it very interesting. It also made me realize how much I miss you and our friendship. A lot has happened in my life. I am going to the same church where Damian and Teresa attend. Not only am I singing on the praise and worship team but I am now playing piano for Sunday mornings. I would play for Wednesday night service but I am going to graduate school to get my Masters degree in educational administration from Concordia Univ. Oh...and you're not the only one who will be changing their name. I am engaged to an absolutely wonderful man who loves God and supports me through everything.

    Congrats on changing your name and tell Marc and the boys that I say hi!!!



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