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Friday, August 2, 2013

moments later: my uber bad day dramatically transformed

When's the last time you had a really bad day?   A day where you go back in your mind to that Calgon commercial ....sing it with me ladies.....”Calgon, take me away!”  

Ahhh, you remember.

That was my day; take me AWAY!  
I try never to tell you (or my other friends Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook) when I’m having a struggle with something because I don’t want to speak negatively.  No one likes to read your junk as they’re scrolling....people want to be encouraged...uplifted....not read your (or my) drama.  So I keep it to myself, my husband and my sweet children.  

Am I alone here? 

Let me unveil my mess in an effort to help you through yours.....transparency is far better than wearing a deceiving mask. 

Standing in the middle of HEB... trying not to allow the hysterical 4 year old at my side to deter me from the shopping that was supposed to have taken place every day for the past 4 days....I texted my Honey.  

"Waiting for pain meds at HEB....happy when they are in my body....
pray for me...
I need miracle”

Breathe.....you can stay focused!  You can handle this....
or can I? 
take me to a happy place.....water always calms me

Allow me a random Heart Moment that actually ties in perfectly:  I’m here to apologize to the bottom of my tear stained heart to all those moms of hysterical children that I judged in my carefree single years.  Really, if you’re reading this and you’ve ever had a screaming fit-throwing little one on your hands and, unbeknownst to you, a quiet onlooker places you conveniently in the “unfit mother” box.  I am so sorry....sorry for ever passing out such critical judgment.   

Yet another side journey I’d like to call.....
The Confession: I was a big fat hot mess today!  HEB, was just the climax of my stress spilling out in my small town grocery store for all to witness. 

Anyone else out there relate to me? 

Please don’t tell me I’m crazy!  

I don’t think I can stand to hear that today:)  

hold up....I never told you the pain meds part:)

Before I can take you there let’s start at the beginning in typical “popcorn” fashion .....
”mommy getup”
Oops...missed the alarm....
No quiet time for God, gotta run
Get kids ready ...teeth, dress, Band-Aids (don’t get me started), shoes, what?!? Why are you naked again!?!  Kids dressed....get the car loaded....water, snacks, ipad.....what else?
Oh that’s right.....Water neighbors plants...
kids found dirt pile to play in...g.r.e.a.t.
Load up
Head the wrong way....turn around...SERIOUSLY
Drop by marc’s office...get something important
Now GO...no need to speed...not late!  (mini miracle)

Eyelash tint....thanks Olga
Boring errands....
Finally a convenient answer to both of our dilemmas:  
food and play: Hi Darling Chick-fil-A

(how are you doing with this popcorn format I love so much? Stick with me....)
Now, enter Mr. Pain....
I call him Mr. Pain in My Mouth.....you may call him The Dentist. 

I’m sure you feel the same as I do about a visit to the dentist.....ooooohhhh man!  However, I’ve been in this pain for a couple months, passing it off as wimpish “I’ll get over it” irritation from my last cavity fill.  
I can assure you, on good authority, I’m not just acting the wimp!   

I did walk away with good news though;
the pain in this throbbing tooth will be attended to next Wednesday.

with my first root canal and crown experience.....
Scripture break:  uplift my spirit

”always be joyful, never stop praying, be thankful in all circumstances...this is God’s will for you”  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

After painting a slipshod mental photograph in your mind of the current physical state I’m in let me splash hot water in your face with the fact that I have two little boys sitting on the floor in the corner of this hush-hush dentist office, with no doors on the rooms, might I add! 
It isn’t working....have I not been training them since infancy?
Do they not hear my voice?  
Apparently not.  AHH....there goes my water bottle pouring all over the floor!

Now I must tell you the honest truth here, my boys are delightful bundles of energy and fun I love being around and spending my life with.  In this moment I find it hard to remember this truth....I just want them to stop picking on each other and behave like gentlemen.  Each excruciating step of the find the problem, fix my tooth, take away my pain process was highlighted with various “happenings” that my children find themselves facilitating:  

oops there go the gold fish,
is he standing on the iPad?!?!,
“stop fighting”
“hide in the hallway while I get x-rays”
“don’t throw your trash on the floor”
“turn the volume down”....ugh!
Where is the dentist already?!?!

....by the time we’re standing at the checkout counter the boys are naptime deprived delirious in the hallway....I’m over it....AGAIN!  

Fumble for my wallet, words cannot describe my deep desire for one of those pain meds listed on that super valuable slip of paper otherwise known as The Prescription.....like, NOW! 

 Alright, that’s it!  As if I hadn’t had enough torture....I decide it best to SKIP their nap and take them .....wait for it.....
to the.....
reminder that all summer has been a giant adventure...
focus on the positive, right!
Hey man, don’t judge,
I needed that paper to fulfill its destiny....
Selfishness took over my keen sense of reasoning and responsibility...
ever been there?. 


Well, as you know, it takes a while to fill a prescription so my need to accomplish something worthwhile takes over (again trumping rational thought)...
we’re gonna shop and we’re gonna have fun.  

“This is our adventure”

Mind you “the list” was left this morning on the kitchen counter where it has been beckoning my attention and forward motion response for 4 days now.  

So while the children are bouncing off the shopping cart walls I’ve engaged in a deep breathing exercise.....again.

“Gentle!  LOVE each other”
“He’s your brother....this is your best friend....LOVE HIM!”

Think this can’t get any worse?  
Sadly, you’re wrong.

I pull T out of the cart so I can make room for more food n such. 
Suddenly, forcing them to skip their nap wasn’t such a wise idea....what was I thinking?!?!  Who cares about the pain in my mouth ... being on the receiving end of those hideous looks strangers were shooting at me was far more painful.

oh no!  Worse alert!!   
 “NO!  I won’t move!”  he screams as he plants his feet in the bread aisle

The next 15 minutes tried every morsel of patience I’ve ever hoped to possess.  Seriously.....words cannot find their way from my fingers to the screen adequately to describe .... what I was feeling while standing in the Band-Aid aisle (thankful I remembered at least one essential item on the distant list) 

After placing 4 boxes of Spiderman Band-Aids in the cart I felt a bit lonely on my island of disaster I created for myself.....need a lifeline.  
Hence the “EMERGENCY!!!” text ....

ahhh, but that’s NOT the end.....that’s just the beginning.  When Marc finally made it home to relieve me I shut myself in a room with my new worship CD “Home” by Kim Walker-Smith and her husband Skyler Smith ...you’ve gotta get this CD ..... Start here with Unstoppable Love..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FHbT40exk0 

Get you on your face alright!

So while I’m singing at the top of my lungs to my Lord I hear the unmistakable sound of a choo choo train chugging through my living room....my text message notification on full volume....the following takes place from My Honey’s iPhone to my own.....
 Honey:         If I ask you to do something...will you agree to do it?
And not argue
Me:                 Yes, ‘cause I love you
Honey:          Ok...get dressed
Me:                 I am
Honey:          Take my card
Me:                 ok
Honey:          Go to First Thursday
Me:                 yes! And....
Honey:          And buy yourself a dress
Me:                 what?!? Are you sure????
Honey:          Obey
Me:                 oh my, wow!!!
Honey:          Go play

What a keeper, ladies!  Thank God for giving my husband wisdom
The point of this blog post is not to brag on my Sweet Honey, it’s to hammer HOPE into your heart.....stick with me I’ll get there.

I asked God for peace and help in my time of trouble.....and in an instant my pull-out-my-hair kind of day was turned .....  this miracle is now called Day Flip 180.

one of the cutie pie shirts I fell in love with at
Buda's Red Door....Sunday at church I'll wear my
new dress I bought...come back for the
First Thursday feature post coming soon.
The funny thing is the instant wasn’t when my husband told me to run away and spend his money....

It was the moment I shut the world out to refocus my gaze not on my trouble but on the One Who rescues me from trouble.  The One Who loves me even when I’m unlovable.  There’s something about belting out a tune full voice to the One Who created you and knows your innermost thoughts and secrets.....life changing!

Constant Refocus.

As I reread this post the Lord revealed something.....rather than rising early to put Him first (as I’m trying to get in the habit of) I ran off full speed to “get it all in” and left God in the dust.....whew!  What a hard lesson I’m STILL learning.  Maybe I need to go to be before 2amJ

Learn from my hard lesson....put God first....and trust HIM to get you through the muck and grit of a rough circumstance victoriously. 

So thanks for joining me on this wild ride adventure called Live Decorated....I want to hear from you...how do YOU live decorated???  I must know....

Love n hugs to all my new and old friends,

Diella Wyatt 

 “the rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey would say, comes tomorrow when I feature the beauty of Small Town Texas (in this case Buda) as we celebrate the First Thursday of each month in our own unique way.....pictures and video coming soon....stay tuned and BLESSED!!!!


  1. Totally blessed reading this! Have had crazy overwhelming days--involving kids, parents, crazy people, myself! I don't like to be a downer on FB either, or anywhere really. But keeping it to myself doesn't help either. Must go to that secret place! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. wow.....I LOVE when God uses friends (or strangers for that matter) to encourage you and support you.....thanks for sharing Deb:) I totally love heart-felt comments....and I'm happy you ARE blessed!!!


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