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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Kept Small Town Secret

We've all done it. We drive past a cutie pie place your eyes just couldn't get enough of so you must stop for a look-see.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend my Honey and I were driving back to Aunt Sunday's house in Angleton, TX.  I sat in the passenger seat (Instagramming my last visual catch)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Entry Miss Matched

SO SO SO many posts to enter right now so I get a little overwhelmed...so here are some random shots of my entry....only a couple things to tweak...like the blue mirrors....not my favorite color choice.

can you tell I love color?  I can't really decide what direction I'm going so I just use everything I have....until I can have the exact look I want.....
"Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you can"
unknown author

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh boy....here we go!!!! on a healthy lifestyle shift

No time to chat & dress this up with frilly words, folks!  I'm on a mission!  Actually WE are on a mission.  Marc & I are seriously making some mental & physical changes for our bodies, our family and our future.  No, really!

Juicing starts

Color with Confidence

This post is simply a call to all of you; rise up in confidence and boldly embrace color as your new easy-going, never-offended, always-there FRIEND.
color inspiration can come in the least likely of places: marbles for example
I spent time selecting my favorites from my sons' marble collection.  Then I felt compelled to take a picture.
Hysterical, really!

A little fact about me I don't readily admit (for good reason) is that I sometimes lack confidence when selecting colors to paint a wall and even to create a new work of art.   I may, however, be the only decorator you know who can humbly say "I don't always have it all together" and color is just one of those areas.  The major difference between me and most decorators out there is that I rely on my Maker (the Ultimate Designer of all time....GOD) to help along any process, including each and every client meeting or shopping adventure.

Today, for example, I stood in the center of a community center project I've been off and on for months.  All the selections had been made and ordered aside from ALL the interior wall colors.  The painters need these colors about NOW so I stood there with a color fan and I prayed.  I asked God what He wanted to see in there.   Then I opened the fan and started making selections.  The result: amazing neutral colors (they couldn't stress to me enough how neutral they wanted:) without using ANY beige (thank God), what's more is I'm totally at peace with every selection.
Oooh, look there.... a very important point worth mentioning....always go with the peace inside you.  This is especially true if you trust God to lead you and guide you...even in the simple decisions of life.  This is where you'll experience TRUE confidence!    Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to trust in Him in everything. 

Psalm 32:8 says "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life, I will advise you and watch over you."  I believe it with all that is within me and He always comes through.

Do yourself a favor....pinpoint the colors that make you feel happy, relaxed, at peace, invigorated and even healthy.  What feel to you want to convey in your space?  Don't be afraid to make a mistake....Lord knows I've made my share and then some. 
Now's a great time to get to painting ...right before Thanksgiving!  

So goodnight, sweet dreams'
love n confidence in who you are.....

Diella Blu Wyatt

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend bliss joyfully welcomes my Monday reality

You ask "what does BCBG have to do with anything?" you'll find out
Can this new reality paint a completely different picture than last weeks’? 
The answer is yes!!!!

The showcase of my weekend’s adventures, tears, laughter, videos and the making of new friendships is finally in.  
Like a urgent news flash except NOT....because this flash of fun through photos brings JOY!!!!
Let’s highlight a glimpse then we’ll travel in order of events:

Friday, November 9, 2012

to Benefit Education: I'm all IN!

Clearly my small-potato modeling days are over: that doesn’t stop me from sharing some fun outfits.

nervous laughing:  check the mail, take some random "natural" pictures....nothin' to be nervous about, right?
Did I mention I’m on a journey to find my new style?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

thrifting with a twist : a new wardrobe made easy

Many of you know I'm a big fan of thrifting (shopping thrift stores, garage sales and resale shops).  This form of shopping can be quite eventful and rewarding for a multitude of items; furniture, accessories, decor, vintage ANYTHING, funky finds of all sorts and yes, for the more patient folks, even clothes.

Oh my....is this an outfit post?  Why I think it is!  
time crunch + husband scowling face = quick click at the gas station
"hurry Aunt Sunday!" 

click through for more photos and reasons why....
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