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Friday, January 27, 2012

lets talk good music

Doesn't everyone decorate their lives with music they love?  What about you?  What kind of music gets your juices flowing?  Well, I've been hankerin' for some goooood music.  I love some jazz, funk, soul, even classical & instrumental tickle my fancy.  I tried to pop in some Ben Harper today & while I love his sound & miss it from time to time (along with India Arie, Manu Chou, Floetry and many others)  while listening to the words I had to jump to the next song several times.  I simply don't feel comfortable anymore with the negative.  Gone are the days of depressing country tunes where the wife left with the dog in the rain.  Make any sense?  

So I'm asking anyone interested in helping me out to send me some good music leads.  Add praise & worship to the list above.  I did find this great song by one of my favorites... Mary Alessi.  Pressing On  See if you like it.  
Mary Mary, Nicole C. Mullens,  Binions  & Toby Mac are currently top on my list but I've been listening to all those cd's for ages now.  Time for a fresh library.

I'll also attach an amazing worship video but I warn you...watch it in your home...tune out everything else & just meditate on God, His love for you and nothing else.  I promise you will be blessed....watch this...

Live Decorated by listening to good music without bad words or negative confessions.  You're filling your mind & heart with anything you allow in your ear gate or eye gate.  Guard the gates:)  check out Proverbs 4:23 to better understand my ramblings.

love and hugs


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The poodle found his home:)

Just received a knock on the door...a man 2 doors down looking for his dog.  What a sweet reunion! 
He said some weeks back one of his three poodles was outside & someone drove up & stole his dog right in front of his eyes....shame!  So to see his face when he found his dog was a true blessing. 

Decorate the life of someone around you by helping them even if it is a stranger.  You will be blessed more than you imagine!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eat More Pie...and pray for someone...maybe not at the same time:)

After a really long day I nearly went to bed just nowthen remembered I had some things to share with you.  You see, you’re part of the family & I must share with you the little nuggets of the day.  How are you living decorated today?  Have you written down your vision yet?  Takes some time, eh?  Well, as long as you’re being honest with yourself & moving forward no one can give you a hard time, least of all me:)
A few things I want to share about today... but let me rewind to yesterday briefly to tell you about a great lady who lives decorated by doing what God has truly gifted her to do & surrounding herself with things & people she loves.  Julie owns Texas Pie Company in Kyle, TX and if you haven’t been you MUST go.  We went yesterday & I was immediately inspired by the Eat More Pie signI mean HELLO.totally my motto.  Maybe you can add ALL desserts to that tag line then it would be more “me”.  Anyway, she had just made this funky chandelier out of utensils (how fitting) and the unique guitars I guess she made as well. There are loads of write-ups about this place featured one one wall & the other is filled with pictures of her family...inspiring! So check her out & you’ll certainly be back for more.  Say hi to Shana when you go!

Now I jump forward to my “today”.  I received a voicemail that my dearest best friend just lost her Mimi & is in San Antonio.  I loaded the kids in the car as soon as I unloaded the groceries (and played with the lost dog who wouldn’t leave our yard) then headed her way.  My friend is one of the kindest women you will EVER meet with such a heart for God, Jesus & her family.  To see her hurting is nearly unbearable.  After catching up on each other’s lives she asked that I pray for her. We put the kids in front of the TV (no worries, it was wholesome programming) and we headed to the car with Koko. I thank God for answered prayer! 
I was inspired to share for this reason; someone may have asked you (or will ask you) “pray for me” and what better gift than to stop everything you’re doing and pray right then and there?  Time doesn’t always allow but when it doeswhen you MAKE time I promise when you see prayers answered.  there is no greater gift or way to beautify your life by sacrificing for someone you lovesomeone God loves!   She has VICTORY TODAY.by faith she received it!!!
Thanks for letting me share that very close-to-my-heart story from my day’s adventure.  And a road trip is always a great way to shut everything out & touch base with your Creator.  Watch the clouds roll in (or around) as you chug along.
Jumping a bit more ahead: remember that cute dog?  Well while driving to SA I prayed & asked God to have His perfect will with that curly bundle of love.  SO.sure enough when Marc got home he was still herejust as adorable as can be.  I gave him a bath (with Tiernan’s help, of course) and now he’s waiting for me in my bed.  Even as I write this I have tears peaking in my eyes. Do you know how much I miss Paisey Poostill?!  This may be an answer to prayer (even though I promise I did NOT pray for another animal)
Did I steal someone else’s dog, you ask?  NO!  I went door to door in the cold trying to find his home (even though I admit I hoped against it).  I left my card on houses, left flyers near both mail centers.now I pray he will be in the perfect home for him.  Sorry for the length of this one but you’re probably already signed off & I’m all alone hereoh, well.  I LOVE HIM! 
Disclaimer:  I would NEVER want to take someone else’s dog (or make a little kid cry) so I have to do all in my power to find his home but he acts as if he’s been here forever.  Hopefully he’s potty trained:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

make a vision board or wall...catch some ideas here

So have you heard about the Harvard study done years back about goals?  Roughly from my memory I'll share what I can: they polled an entire class & only 3% wrote down their goals n plans.  Years later they polled that same class & the 3% that wrote down their vision and goals made double ALL the other classmates combined. WOAH!!!  Doesn't that make you wanna start writing down your goals, visions, dreams and plans?  Well, it worked for me.

Check out my first episode of "Live Decorated"   many many more to come folks...hope you enjoy, sorry I ramble a bit, hopefully I'll get better about completing a thought articulately:)

one of the things I forgot to share was some ways you can start your board...I bought that frame in the back for $1 at a garage sale then added cork board to the inside...use push pins to attach pictures that inspire you or reflect your vision for 2012.

Its a really big year and I want you to see all that God has for you come to FULL fruition this year....be bold.  Seek Him & see what He wants for you to do....if it sounds too big for you to imagine doing or having then I'm willing it bet its GOD!!!

Be blessed & DO IT!!!! 
love Trish

Monday, January 23, 2012

book recommendations & yummy yogurt

The other night at craft night with my girls some conversations spun and someone said to me "you always have a good book to recommend...you should add that to your blog."  So here I am.  Yes, I do have many many friends who are experts in different areas so I let them read TONS of books, then I "half-read" their top picks to pick my own go-to help book for whatever the subject may be.

Do you need healing in your body?  Do you know someone who does? This first book I want to share with you tonight is for YOU darling... "How to Live and NOT Die" by Norvel Hayes.(click the name to order the book).  In my world this is the best book I’ve read on healing. Maybe it just spoke to me in a way that some other books didn’t.  Its super easy to read & you find yourself wanting to do everything he says so YOU can be healed.  I actually feel I need to reread this every year to refresh and renew my mind to the Word & God’s plan for me.  Ya know something...it IS His will that you live healed, blessed, prosperous, generous, joyful...so get the book:)

The next book is on raising children & my Pastor’s wife steered me toward this one.  I haven’t actually finished reading it so I’ll also give you a couple book names I have read as reference.  If you want to raise your kids (any age) God’s way then start here...”Guaranteeing Your Child’s Success  Marc is also reading it with me so we’ll both be on the same page.  That’s another good tip...get & stay on the same page (hopefully in the same book) as your spouse.  It seems obvious but not everyone is.

 The third thing I want to share is frozen yogurt.  If you live in Austin or Kyle you must visit Glenda at Chill Out Yogurt in the Target shopping center.  Not only is she a wonderful lady (and beautiful) she’s also genuinely kind to everyone who walks through the door.  I hope to not visit too often (my cup was far too full and I ate every bite) but each time I have the flavors are always different...fun!

So if you’re not already decorating your life then read some more of my blogs & start today...where you are.  How is your vision board/wall going?  How are your relationships?  What about your kitchen & bathroom counter?  :)

My tip for the day: Start a great book!  Not just a great novel for entertainment but a satisfying, meaningful book addressing an issue in your life you need victory over or greater clarity.  I can help you find the right book if you need, I love doing the research. 

Warning: the books I lean toward usually give you wisdom, understanding, some entertainment and always growth in your life:)  Proceed with determination!

oh, tip #2... enjoy a tasty treat from time to time (maybe not everyday).  You deserve it. 

Peace & joy to y’all


Sunday, January 22, 2012

girls craft night--bleach pens on T-shirts

Could I have had a better weekend....I think not!!!  Friday night my Honey decided to take me out on a long overdue date night...Mandola’s style....need I say more?  I would insert the most rockin’ picture of us with the sunset on our faces BUT those were among the pics I deleted yesterday after garage sale memories.

Saturday, you already read all about that.
Today was another one for the books.  Marc’s notes on today’s service (I was serving in nursery & will get the cd next week) were thought provoking.4 questions to ask yourself regarding this year  The first was asking yourself what God has for you this year?  What does it look like? 
Following right along the lines of my first “show” topic (to be posted as soon as I figure out video editing)creating a vision for this year.  Its good so you’ll have to come back for it later.  Create a visionbut not some random pie-in-the-sky vision or dreamget a vision for what God says you’re to do, be or have this year.  He’ll show you if you ask Him, seek Him, praise Him, and ooooohhnow this one gets meLISTEN to Him.   Sounds easy doesn’t it?  Well, all you have to do is get up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow & pray.  Open your Bible and read ONE scripture.  If you don’t know where to start email me about what topic you need help or guidance onI’ll share what I know & ask for help myself if I don’t know.   Hope I can help.
Some of my favorites are Psalm 32:8 and Proverbs 3:5-6meditate on one of those (or both).

Back to my weekend y’allI met up with some fun girlfriends tonight for the first monthly craft night where we were to all bring a t-shirt and use a bleach pen to make a cool design.  All the girls showed up with these cutsie brand new shirts and I show up with a 15 year old Banana Republic shirt that I decided to give new life.  It was already on its way outnow it has a new purpose.telling the world about how to live decorated:)

What a ton of fun with friends & a creative purpose. Today I encourage you to live decorated by surrounding yourself with people who build you up and don’t tear you down.  I left my friend’s house feeling so good about myself because as goofy as I am I felt loved & accepted (at least I tell myself that)and I hope they can all say that because each of those ladies have something special & powerful to give the worldstarting in their scope of influence.  Today, pay close attention to how you make others feel about themselvesare you a builder?  A discourager?  Well, start today being an encourageraffect your world!!!

& visit me again so you can see my show:)
Hugs n love

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Garage Sale Miracle ...I met a local artist

Hey Y'all....

Good news...Marc & I had a ton of fun at a couple garage sales this morning & met this amazing lady named Dawn who sold me a scarf, hat & mittens she made herself...my local artist connection.  LOVE 'em! 
She also had a pair of seats from the old Mueller Airport in so-so condition.  Right when we walked up I fell in love with them...traveling runs in my veins & I've sat & slept in far too many airport seats to remember...some more comfortable than others.  These are quite wonderful and once I'm finished with them they'll have new life.  

I was so intrigued by this lady & her spunk I asked (of course) if I could have a picture with her on the airport chairs while wearing my scarf & mittens.....she graciously agreed & sported another scarf she made....Koen wore the hat without too much protest. 

Bad news--I was just uploading the picture & clicked the WROOOOONNG button....lost not only that one but ALL pictures I've taken the past 2 days...the whole file:(  technology brings regret & frustration in this moment.....I'll recover:) 

So I'm attaching a picture of me on the bench (still in the back of Marc's car) with the hat, scarf & mittens to make up for it.  Maybe I'll see her again one day.

Live decorated with things that inspire you and stories you create along the way.  I now have a piece of Austin history...the traveling kind.  

Love n hugs...Trish

Thursday, January 19, 2012

real life happened today....the hurt will fade, I'm sure

A couple months ago I saw a cat taking a rest in our garden (if you can call it that).  The next day the cat was in the same place facing the same wayuhoh!!  Not a cat nap at all.  After leaving notes on a couple of the neighbors’ homes the sweet lady next door came over and yes, it was him:(  I was so sad for her loss & even though we’ve spoken only a few words to each other I held her in my arms as she wept for her beloved friend. 
Today brought back that memory as I pulled up from a 5 minute trip to the store & saw my husband standing in the driveway with tears streaming down his face.   Oh no!  I didn’t want to believe it at firstI told him “don’t you believe in miraclesgo lay your hands on her and praybelieve!!!”  (I still couldn’t bring myself to walk around the other side of the truck to look at my sweet, loving Paisey Poo. 
Tragic, I tell you!  Marc was outside with Tiernan when it happened & the driver of the car didn't even stop:(
I haven’t lost a pet since I was a little girl and I don’t ever remember it hurting this bad.
Every night for the past 2 years I settle into bed, nestle into my “sleep position” and waitwait to hear the sound of her little bell hop onto the bed and feel her tiny paws make their way from my feet to my side (or on top of my belly) as she would easily find her sleep position.I thank the Lord that tonight when my head hits the pillow I have my Comforter, Creator and His Holy Spirit wrapping their loving arms around me as I no longer wait to hear that tiny bell..thank you for your prayers & love.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

family visit....GIVING of YOU...God will multiply

My Granddad and Uncle Dave from Iowa came to our place today for a visit and what a great time we all had!   I was caught trying to get a good shot of the FOUR generations here (Koko was taking a nap).  Largely less important is that great looking settee we're sitting on.  I encourage you to fill your home with at least one striking piece you love then enjoy using it with THOSE you love:)  Don't treat anything as too precious to be used out of fear of causing damage.  We plan on recovering this one day but I'm in no hurry....enjoy your surroundings.  We snatched this one from a craigslist deal.  and oh what a deal it was:)

Now for my bunny trail God's way.... I'm still stuck on the subject of "giving" so to tie in what I'm about to talk about I'll say that my Grandpa gave of himself for many years....his time, attention, money, guidance, and much more to have & raise a beautiful family God's way.  Each morning, without fail, he would start the day with the Bible, and 2 daily devotionals at the breakfast table with the entire family.  If you stayed the night you were part of that moment & I wouldn't have traded it for the world.  I now carry on that tradition (or at least I'm working on my commitment level) with my family.  What a gift! 

God will multiply your giving....its a spiritual law.  Think about it...if you give nothing even if he multiplies it you still have nothing.

So give....generously.  You've gotta give Him something to work with....watch it grow & expect miracles...NOW:)

Did you read 2 Corinthians 9:6-1 yesterday?  If not check it out man!  Good one to really meditate on & adopt into your life....God is so good.

and faithful. 

Live generously and your life will decorate itself.

Kisses n love in Christ

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giving....the art of reaping what you sow.....give big

What would you say if I told you that giving generously will decorate your life beyond anything you can imagine? I thought so! You've heard of seed time and harvest right?   The farmer plants a seed, waters it, takes care of the ground and waits for the harvest to come.  Simple.  

I ask you...What have you planted lately?

 Every single thing has seed potential....I mean everything.  A thought is a seed.  Sow the right thoughts and you will experience a greater level of peace and joy with less frustration and disappointment.  A word is a seed, sow positive confessions and you will reap what you sow.  You will see those things come to pass in your life.  

Everything you possess is a great potential as a seed.

  A seed produces after its own kind.  A seed from an apple when planted will not produce an avocado tree....not now ...not ever.   

God put it on my heart to talk to you about giving several days ago but I didn't act on that leading.  Then last night, maybe 2 nights ago, who knows...I had some very vivid dreams about giving then the book by Oral Roberts Miracle of Seed-Faith came up in my dream so strongly that I woke myself up to remember to look for it.  So I started this book and the words are jumping off the pages at me. 

God also showed me a prayer of petition I signed 6 months ago asking God for supernatural breakthrough hasn't come to pass yet but I noticed I didn't tie any seed to that request.  Woah!!!  Eyes opened right there.  I have to sow seed to reap a harvest off what I'm praying for.   So here I go...obeying God and sowing seed.

You've heard it is more blessed to give than to receive, right.  Well Oral talks about this in his worth-the-time-to-read-in-my-opinion book.  The reason? I'll give it to you like he said it... "what we receive is not multiplied, only what we give.". The Bible said in Luke 6:38  "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”.   Hello folks...plain as day.   

Chew on that a while...I'll keep reading his book and my notebook will continue, as it akready is, filling with more to share but I dont want to overwhelm you while you prepare yourself to give....where ever, whenever and to whomever He leads you to give.  Tie your seed to your faith and expect a miracle! This works in every area....maybe you need more time...then give of your time to your church, a friend who needs help, a non-profit organization. Just sow seed...remembering that each seed produces after its own kind;)

This just came to mind as a small example...What if your neighbor has been praying for groceries and not told a soul they are in dire need.  If you are praying everyday for His leading & guidance then He sees you are trustworthy and gives you the nudge to give in that area.  What if you don't do it and no one else listens either....does this mean God is not providing that persons need?  No.  It just means no one is listening to God.  So be someone He can trust.  He may be ministering to someone about making a move that will bless you....do you want them to listen?  Thought so!

Give generously to have a life fully decorated by your Maker.

Homework:  2 Corinthians 9:6-11.  It'll bless your socks ON!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dance with someone...even if you look a fool!

Just dance!  Enjoy your beautiful life & dance to your own beat.
Marc caught me dancing with T & the only reason I'm ok sharing this with you is that you can barely make us out with my carefully planned mood lighting:)  not quite as embarrassing as it could've been.

Notice I tried to recover my dignity (who needs that anyway) by dancing "normal" after realizing I was on camera anyway.  Silliness!

I assure you dance lessons are in order so as soon as I can convince my husband to join me we'll be doing the Cha Cha all over that living room!

You can have a great life...don't believe the negative you here...you are GREAT!!!

Today I’m inspired to encourage.  It’s kinda my gift.. 
So I encourage you to cast a vision.a vision for a great life.  We talked about this before didn’t we? I’m all about decorating your life, living decorated, making the world you live in a more beautiful place.  Well one way is to write down your vision.   Seek God for what He wants you to do, to have and to be this year.  I know this is a BIG year...for YOUif you step into God’s perfect will for you specifically.  We can’t look at someone else & say “I want what she has” or “I wanna be like him”.  Yes, there are people in this world better looking that you, wealthier and smarter with greater talents than you.  Who cares?  God made you special. No one can be YOU like you can...so I encourage you to be the best God has made you to be and that starts with getting a vision for where you’re going. 
I remember there was a season I was traveling so much I only saw my home about 3-4 times out of the year...I knew I couldn’t go on like that forever & couldn’t start a family on the road.  So for about 6 months (give or take) I sought the Lord... I told Him...”I can’t travel like this forever...I’m burned out...what have you called me to be?  What in this world could I do?  tell me Lord...PLEASE!”  So one night I was on a plane going who-knows-where looking at a decorating magazine I picked up in Australia and it hit me...I’m called to be a decorator.  I had been doing it for friends & family (those willing to listen to my elaborate plans for their house & actually DO them) for years...maybe since I was 10 or something:)  It seemed absurd I didn’t think of it earlier.  I don’t know how many months it took (not many) until I quit Princess Cruises (right after 3 months in Tahiti & before a scheduled 3 month stint in Asia) and started my own decorating business in Buda (a town which I had never even heard of before buying a house there).  I didn’t know ONE single person.  But I knew what God called me to do.  I had faith He would see me through & boy did he?  I had my first client within 3 weeks & I was off & running. 
I tell you that story to say there is NOTHING you can’t do with the grace of God.  That grace comes by walking in His plan for your life.  You can’t just do whatever you feel like doing & expect His hand of blessings to overtake you.  Am I making any sense to you?
Do it!  Find out what He says...it may take hours, it may take days, or even months but open your heart...your ears...your eyes...and your BIBLE!  Oooothis is a great year...not just for me but for you too. 
Habakkuk 2:2-3 is so good...you should read it.  In fact I’ll give it to you...
2And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may [be able to] read [it easily and quickly] as he hastens by.
    3For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.

I leave you with this…
Pastor John, speaking on vision, gave an example of a GPS in your car ... it can’t help you get to your destination until you tell it where you’re going.  Duh!  How can you get where you need to in life without a vision?  Turn left here, go 3 miles, turn right, etc.  A favorite scripture: Psalm 32:8 “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will guide you and watch over you.”      
Before anything comes into this world it has to be incubated… Examples:
A chick is in an egg
A tree is in a seed
A baby is in the womb
Your future is in your vision!     
“a seed must grow down before it can grow up & out” and before it can be seen

Get it?  Good!  Now this is important….don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do it…you’re not good enough, smart enough, you don’t have enough money to do that….don’t even let your own mind put limits on you…God didn’t put them there so don’t allow them to keep you down!  Really, folks, I know this sounds elementary but we all have to break free from some limiting beliefs placed on us by our mind, family, friends, the media ….there are NO limits with God and if you know Jesus as your Lord you are His child….ooops…sounds like I’m preachin’ :)  Well there you have it…the TRUTH…maybe popular, maybe not but I’m not here in this world to please you…I’m here to live out my calling:)…and oooo boy it’s BIG!!!!  You’ll see!
I send you loads of love n hugs & I pray you receive these words with an open heart:)  Ni-Nite!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Have a Great Life...start here...

Finally!  I woke up!  I mean not right away but that was to be expected.  6:15 I was in the middle of my first snooze...which means the third song on my Binions praise CD ...and Marc brought Koko to me for a feeding (doesn't he know he's supposed to wake up at 7:30?--still working on that one).  So I didn't get up the way I had hoped but after putting Ko back to bed I went into the play room & started my muddled -"I love you"-wakeup talk with God.  

All of a sudden I picked up my journal, reread some notes I had from Pastor John's Sunday service about vision and started writing...it actually came quite fluidly. I could instantly tell the grace of God was on me for my task at hand.   

He showed me some things I need to work on, some habits to change & adopt as well as some goals I'll have this year.    It's not complete but a great start.  

When I asked Marc about his prayer time he said the same thing...he was lead to answer some pressing questions Pastor John posed and he experienced God's grace in doing so.  oooo....cool!    God is so amazing, we were both working on the same thing by the same grace and we're well on our way to creating a solid vision for our lives and family this  year and years to come.

The 4 steps he gave to "A Great Life" are as follows:
1.  Decide what you want
2. Develop the plan
3. Execute the plan
4. Evaluate the progress

So here is my challenge:  take time to praise, pray and wait on God for the vision He has for your life this year.  Sit down with a pen & pad ready to take down all He speaks to you.  

Here are some questions Pastor gave us Sunday that go along with step 2:  (now I'll just throw out there that I missed the first Sunday of this message where he gave all the starting questions for step 1...must get the CD:)

1. What are the sacrifices you need to make? (for example: to get out of debt  you might want to start eating at home more)
2. Who do you need in your inner circle? this could include friends, family, tutors, housekeeper, bookkeeper, contractor... anyone you need to surround you and help you reach your goals
3. Who do you need OUT of your inner circle...who drains you?
4. What do you  need to learn to fulfill your calling?  books to read , conferences to attend, classes to take
5. Do you need to change vocation or career?
6.  Are you mastering what God told you to do?   (example: I need to master photoshop to take my art to a new level)
7. Do you need to get out of debt...save more?  (hello...YES!!! and YES!!!  this is our year for DEBT FREE)
8. What bad habits do you need to stop or good habits? and  what do you need to start?
9. What do you need to spend more time doing?  less time doing?

All good questions.   Get started...

I encourage you to Live Decorated by creating a vision for your life...the one God has for you not just one you makeup in your wild imagination.  Hab. 2:2-3 says write the vision, make it plain.  

Some scriptures to meditate on while you do:  if you don't have a bible check out www.biblegateway.com
Psalm 37:4 (one of my favs)
Mark 11:24
John 16:13
Prov. 29:18

Be blessed!  hugs n love....T

Thursday, January 12, 2012

daily used items on display...Love Out Loud

As I sat tonight to type some great—well, in my opinion greattips for you I just wasn’t feelin it... I was rambling on and on about the cleaning and organizing I did in my kitchen and how you can use beautiful containers to house & display your day to day items...all good stuff, right.  I’ll even include some pics to show what I use for the dishwashing detergent or the homemade hand soap or the trays for the fruit and coffee setup...that’s all well n good but something was off...is off.
This day started a little differently than I like & even though it was a wonderful day, I felt something amiss.  Marc had to bring Koen into bed because even though I could hear him crying my body was acting like dried cement.  After nursing him and getting him back to sleep (cuddled in my arms:) Tiernan comes in for some morning cuddles.  So in my bed was a family cuddlefest at 7am.  Sounds perfect, right!?  Not as perfect as waking up at 6 (I can’t believe I just said that) and spending time with God (yes, getting up at the crack of dawn is amazing when you hear from The Creator).  THEN back to bed for family cuddles.:)   Now that’s what I call a recipe for joy & success. 
My alarm is set & this time I plan on hearing it...and responding with only TWO snooze sessions...then......GET UP!!!  God made some people morning people and then there’s us night owls... what to do?  My advice to you would be discipline your flesh...get up...spend time with God and your day will be greater than you could ever imagine.  It’s time to take my own advice. 
Oh, here are some pics to give you ideas for using containers for housing regular items you use everyday.  First, The coffee station (yes, we have coffee in the morning) a cake plate holds all the goods--a sm green vase full of spoons, my Grandma Barb’s silver sugar dish, mason jar with some baby cereal (not coffee related I realize), a small brass bell, again, not coffee related but I’m a decorator & I must have every inch decorated:) then the butter under the cake plateOKAY it’s no longer called my coffee station, alright!  I guess I just keep stuff I need on hand in front of me but I display them all as a collection which doesn’t give the feel of clutter. 
Then I have my soap holder for my organic hand soap by E’s, a silver sugar dish I use to hold my Cascade dishwashing drops or bags or whatever they’re called, a cigar box in the background which houses anything extra I don’t need out and visible (its currently empty:).  I would look at thrift stores and garage sales for cool containers you like to hold your daily bits n bobs.

Have a great night & remember, wake up early with your Maker...there is much to be thankful for ... so start there!
Oooalmost forgot the kitchen tablefruit, napkins (Grandma Barb’s napkin holder just spray painted a cool fun color), and a daily devotional we read as a family at dinnerLOVE IT!  By Joyce Meyer...Love Out Loud...get it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beautify your world...Pray for your enemy

So I received this email from a lady who follows my blog anonymouslywhich is really cool for me to know because if there is one person out there who’s not on my “follower” list but actually reads my stuff.then perhaps there are moreJ  what a trip!
So I mention her because she wrote me this amazingok, I know I throw that word around a lot but we’ll talk about my vocabulary laterback to my “amazing” storyshe wrote me this stellar email.  Not only in the fact that she reads this blog:) but it was filled to the brim to overflowing with words of exhortation, enlightenment and encouragement (all the good “E” words).  So I asked if I can quote her a bitshe said yes so I’m using the handwriting font to show what she saidthen my font to show my comments.please read on
I must tell you too how I have been enjoying your blog it lifts and inspires me.  It makes me really stop and think contemplate meditate on I will even venture to say that it makes me feel like the cobwebs of this 62 year old brain get fluffed and blown and aired Hello.I LOVE this gal...funny!  It reaffirms that my identity in Christ is so much stronger now than ever before  now this blessed me immensely because we should all know who we are in Christ...I’m still getting there myself:)
it makes me wish I was more disciplined to journal my thoughts and conversations that my Creator and I have.  Let me say...do it folks.  But don’t get down on yourself if you don’t.  I’m this way...I’ll journal beautifully for a while (a week, maybe a month) then all of a sudden DRY.  No time to spend writing, my life is on supersonic speed.  So I’ve learned to just be ok with it either way...do or don’t.  BUT, now listen here, if God tells you something...speaks to you in any way...do yourself a favor and record it.  If God spoke it to your spirit then its important!  And the fact that you’re taking the time to hear from Him is equally important...IF you take the time you can bet He’ll speak to you so be ready...back to juicy quotes...
.,..you inspire and encourage me to hold on to truth and not settle for compromise…... .
 Yay!  I don’t know how I do that for someone but God spoke to me months ago to blog & I’ve been muddling through with random thoughts & finally I feel I have purpose.  To share my unique way of looking at life...in a decorated sense.  It should be beautiful & my prayer & hope is to continue to be “light” and “salt” WITHOUT judgment or condemnation (dittoand more ditto to follow)
He has been showing me who He created ME to be and it has been such a revelation of love, freedom, joy, contentment, peace what an AWESOME God we serve.  What an AWESOME LOVE!!!  So simply thank you you are such a blessing in more ways than you can imagine!! 
His light shines actually BURNS through you!!! She went on to share with me a recent victory she experienced after spending time in prayer for one of her “enemies” (my word not hers) and how God turned a situation around so I encourage you to
Live Decorated by praying for someone not exactly on your favorite list. 
I was challenged to do the same today! 

Yaysuper big shout it from the rooftopsTHANKS for the encouragement & for letting me use your words to lift others hearts.  God is a BIG God & He has great things for you!  YOU!  Did you hear me???  You sitting right there reading this seemingly pointless collection of words.  Take ahold of it by faith & lift someone else up along the way. 

Be blessed!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make Someone Smile today

Last night, Marc drew me a candlelit bubble bath with music softly permeating the master suite.  What a delight.  So here’s my tip for living decorated today.  Bless someone you love.  Think of their needs or desires and do something extraordinary to put a smile on their face.  Nothing decorates a person’s face more gloriously than their smile.  
So it got me thinking...I have a friend at home now with yuckies.  She can't leave her house since she's contagious so I really want to make her smile.  I asked God what I can do for her and I plan on taking over a little surprise.  She may or may not like it but I'm sure she'll be blessed. 
So do it!  Bless someone today.  Show them the love of God.  Go out of your way to do it....it can be simple or it can be grand...your call....just move your bootie!

By the way...ALL must know how amazing, and I mean rockin' amazing, this cream is that Erin & Chris make is...Skin Repair Lotion.  You can find them on http://www.naturesorigins.org/ or look 'em up on FB.  Bless them and bless that beautiful face of yours NOW....Marc said my skin is "glowing".  big smile:)
Oh, here's the cool pic from the NB Farmer's Market with Erin (on the right) and Reese (on the left)...thanks Reese:)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

something to meditate on before bed...Jeremiah 17:7-8

Take a swig of this before heading to bed tonight!

Jeremiah 17:7-8

 7 “But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD,
   whose confidence is in him.
8 They will be like a tree planted by the water
   that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
   its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
   and never fails to bear fruit.”

may you be like that tree..planted by the waters...prospering in your body, soul and finances!!!!


New Braunfels Farmer's Market

Live Decorated by meeting new friendslet your light shine folks!

What a day!  In more ways than one and in more ways than I care to share.  What I would like to expound on is our random divine appointments at the New Braunfels Farmer's Market on our way to the Children's Museum.  We thought we'd stop for a little exploration of this new market --it was the kettlecorn sign that drew me in.   After first putting my family through a photo minute with the welcome sign ...boy does Marc love those:)
...we hit the kettlecorn guy right out front...yumm.  

Then the adorable "bee lady", Courtney from Round Rock Honey (check her out at http://www.roundrockhoney.com/), sold us some local honey with lots of cedar she says. The taste is delightful & I'll be coming back for more that's for sure.   

 I'm adding the faces & names of those individuals who touched our lives today to give their hard work and products some free advertising.  It should work, right.  We should all share the ins and outs of products we try or people who impact our lives.  Or at least I'm gonna share with you....all those who care to expand their world:)

After I finally settled into our daily adventure I met this warm n cuddly lady who joyfully calls herself "Mom Tart".   While I'm trying to insert photos of my adventure I see that hers didn't turn out.  My phone started throwing a fit right from the start, demanding a charge like an infant needs ninny.  Back to this cool lady with personality brimming over the muffin tins.  She's the mother of the 2 ladies who own the bakery 2Tarts right down the road from the market.   Though our picture didn't stick it out through the phone tantrum you can check April & Ashley out at http://www.2tarts.com/

The journey continued with Erin and her husband, Chris who make all these organic hemp creams, body butters and scrubs.  Oh boy...here we go folks!  For the past few months I had been on the lookout for Climb On! which is an all-natural cream I planned to use at night for my face but haven't seen it in a while.  Enter Erin with all her charm & knowledge of natural creams.  I tried it after washing my face tonight & my face hasn't felt this good since I was stuck on Arbonne a few years ago. visit their newly under construction site at http://www.naturesorigins.org/   While looking for her card among her display I met one of her revisiting clients, Reese.  What a lovely gal!  My phone camera was still having an episode while I wanted to take advantage of this photo opp.  so she graciously stepped in with her phone.  I wait patiently for Reese to send me that money shot!  I just must share these experiences with my readers...both of them:)

The next person I met was Amber, a mom of 2, who wanted to know more about our Beco baby carrier, which my husband looked so handsome wearing today!  I shoulda taken a good shot there.  Well, I hope Amber looks me up on FB cause I can lead her to Lillian, who made my Beco out of Cali.  Sending some business her way because this carrier is the absolute best...yes, better than its look alike which will remain un-named:)

Who was next?  I guess I could look at Marc's camera because after Reese's phone created such an art piece Marc had to take over the task of documentation.  Michael was next with his crab cakes (which Marc cooked for dinner....scrumptious)   What a ham!

Then Scott and his daughter (oops, Marc cut off half her head) with some Beef Sticks Marc and Tiernan sampled and bought for the ride home.  I wasn't even about to cut that open in the car not knowing what kind of juices come from that beefy pouch.  Not a meat lover on my end but they get Marc's taste bud approval.

Next: brussel sprouts with Phil....  
Pause.....Something happened to me while we were getting set for our photo opportunity with this new friend.  Tiernan didn't feel comfortable standing next to him so I realized formal introductions may help.   Can you believe it?  all these new faces & I did not have ONE normal encounter where I introduced myself properly & asked someone's name.  Ok, thanks Lord for this chance to give a little lesson.  Phil totally played along too:)  Thanks man!   Now Tiernan knows how to meet someone new.   Surprising with all the socializing I do these days, getting back to my "social butterfly self" he is just now learning.  I will give him major points for nearly always saying "hi" to passersby at any given opportunity.  That's a step toward friendly, huh?

Today...beautiful experience with my family.  If you get a chance to visit the New Braunfels Farmers Market say hello to some of my new friends & be sure to support their "stores" by spending some money.  

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