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Thursday, March 29, 2012

15 tips: staging your bathroom + some healing truths

Tonight I mentioned to a couple friends how behind I am with some things I have to blog on.....staging tips & pictures being one of them....so here you have it. 

Our Master Bath quick fix---staging for sale.

OK, lets dive right in.  MESS, right?!? 
I mean for starters the color is boring "builder beige"
1.  always leave the toilet seats down....if your home is on the market "always" means ALWAYS
train your husband as you go--(consistency in training really does make a difference)
2.  always close closet doors....just get in the habit now
3.  too much on counter tops--never have brushes, tooth maintenance type stuff, anything personal or yucky to anyone coming in---"neat and tidy"

 Clean up---Just after paint process is complete....Marc decides to join in....observe...then leave:) 
thx Babe!
more TIPS:
4.  clean clean clean folks....get in the habit of always wiping down your mirror, closing the shower curtain if you have one, empty bits of trash & tidy up each inch of that house
5.  use 100 watt bulbs in light fixtures but leave 40-60 watt in all lamps (which will be on when buyers arrive, right? yes!)


Finished...somewhat...still need to paint base boards, remove favorite scriptures from the mirror, get one more white towel to match others, change out shower curtain to white and of course deep clean

and yet again...TIPS:
6.  use this opportunity to buy new towels for display, yes, it really does make a difference
7.  paint is usually a great, cheap way to change a room.....so do it.
if color scares you get some help
selling your house is BIG so put some thought, time & money behind it
8.  did I mention toilet seats down?  GOOD!
9.  keep counter clutter to a bare minimum
10.  I recommend leaving all your lamps on for any showing---the house just shows better with mood lighting (not just overhead)
I bought a vintage hanging lamp at an estate sale last year---fits great in this space & takes up NO counter space.  Think outside the box---notice the lamp in the before pic took up space--see tip 9:)
11.  flowers add such a soft touch, especially for this space---don't overwhelm the space though
12.  an artsy display of things you love becomes an interesting focal point without being too distracting from the home's features---I may surprise you with some things I'm doing in some other rooms....more to come on that.
13.  clean out your linen closet as well...fold towels neatly, organize toiletries & personal items...see video for hands on examples
14.  use baskets, bins, plastic containers, even cigar boxes (houses my makeup) work great to hide stuff
15.  use a neutral shower curtain...one of my to-do items is buy a new shower curtain for this room.  Now that I painted a muted plum this blue one no longer fits....go with the style of the bathroom.  Target has some pretty fun yet sophisticated shower curtains.  Myself, I'm gonna hit Tuesday Morning where I buy a load of my linens...better brands, great prices as well....white is good for us because the window is hidden by the shower curtain & white allows more light to stream in.

Things we SHOULD do but don't have it in the budget:
  • replace the sink to a double vanity
  • paint the cabinets white
  • add garden tub
  • change light fixture
  • add bulky frame-out to the mirror (may still do this one)
Just a few staging tips from the laundry list of tips....don't have time to finish them all so step back into my world in a bit (a day,a week or a month later) & I'll  have much more for you:) 

Remember, this is a journey, right?  
Our journey called "life"....so let's decorate it:) 

Joyce Meyer has a daily devotional book out "Love Out Loud"  I've been trying to read it each day (at the breakfast table in my perfect world).  I admit, I just now read today's message... "Let God do the Healing".  It tells the story about how President James A. Garfield in 1881 was shot in the back (after only 6 months in office).  They probed the wound to find the bullet but couldn't.  He died 2 months later, not from the wound but, from the doctors messin' with it.  She goes onto say "when you have a 'wound' of some sort, whether it's a disappointment, a betrayal, being abandoned or rejected, or some other hurtful situation, don't keep probing it.  Go to God and ask Him to heal you in the way He knows is best for you.  Then take your hands off.  Don't try to "fix" yourself, but do follow the Holy Spirit as He leads you into healing & wholeness."  Thanks Joyce!

Well my healing process for me has really been this blog....and videos.  In case you have no idea what I'm talking about (you're new to my blog and me) check out My Daddy page.  I lost my father, tragically, only 2 months ago.  God's hand has been on me every step of the way, when I didn't feel I could get up off the couch or stop crying around every turn. 
Let's go back a bit,  the afternoon we found out, (after taking 10 minutes to figure out how to add socks & shoes to my feet while trying to process the news) while on our way to his house, I felt a little nudge to film....can you believe it????   I thought....nope....I'm going crazy....on my way to a nervous breakdown & I want to pick up a camera.....NO WAY!   film this madness???  I didn't listen.  I mean I was a MESS of a MESS of a MESS & I didn't want everyone in the world to see me this way.  So the next day, Saturday Jan 28th on the way to his house (skipping loads of details, of course) I told Marc I had to record.   I knew it was strange, I didn't even a little bit want to record, especially considering the huge chance my husband might find out how truly strange I am:)
teasing..........only slightly:)
So I thought to myself, maybe this isn't for anyone to see, just for me....one day far away.  After talking myself down, I held Marc's iPad in front of my face and hit record. 
Words were impossible.....I tried.   I just wept uncontrollably...for what seemed an eternity.  "What are you, crazy?"  came to mind.....again.............but I kept going. 
I had to record this ugly, angry, unbearable moment for some reason beyond my thinking.  " I know it's God telling me to do this crazy thing......I've gotta obey....but this is hard!"    Then all of a sudden....out of the clear blue (yes, it was a clear & captivating blue sky)....the pain left..... just for a few moments.......... we all laughed (after I gave my Dad a few choice words I'm sure).
Right then  there......God started my healing process.  Through one solitary moment of obedience.
So I tell you....follow Him!
He knows what's best for you & He can walk you through an impossible situation or hurt in your life with victory....and peace....in Christ.  His way is so much better, eh!???
Alright, last night 2:30am hit me hard so gotta get there quicker tonight:)
Kisses n cake balls ....T
(ooooh, come back soon for the blog all about my adventure tonight...meeting my new gorgeous, young cakeball making genius...more to tell...(with pictures)
I feel like I'm missing something....a link or something.....oh well....set this for auto post so you'll have no idea what time I finally hit the land of pillows and crisp white sheets.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

recap of TxSC blogger conference---plus cool pics

You realize after this ancient pause I've been on I have loads to catch you up on....so lets start with 2 weeks ago when I attended the coolest conference ever! A blogger conference:) TxSC  Can you believe it? Yeah!
LOVE the delicate necklaces here 
Whitney is wonderful so tell her I sent you
So rather than use a million words (you know I can do it) I'll tell the story with pictures..... (side note of importance) I found out at the conference that about everyone uses Instagram for funky pictures (I, being so disconnected, had only just heard of it). Without an iPhone to use this rockin' app I ended up spending crazy time playing with these pictures to make them look exactly as I think they should....surprisingly without my close friend, Mr. Photoshop. As if my photo editing obstacle wasn't enough, take my little

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pause button no longer activated---Blogging continues

written Saturday....
weekly project:entertain neighbors via front porch....
a sampling of my art for a local paper
(oops, didn't even make the deadline)
After what seems like forever since we've spoken (err, I've spoken...to you) I thought for sure I'd return with some profound truths that would send a tremor through this fallen world.... boy was I wrong!

Several times the past few days I've wanted to blog....share a special moment with you or a quick laugh. Instead I'd stop and thank God above for my blessings--my husband, kiddos, a home to decorate, cowboy boots, carrot cake, and a springtime afternoon. Maybe it was a fast. Have you ever done one of those? The results can be astounding, really! Don't people give things up for lent?---not sure which religion that is, sorry. Anyway, whatever you call it, He helped me regain confidence in where He's taking me.... and this blog.
So there ya have it....no rambling....just me thowin' it out there.

now its Monday....
Well, well, well.  We have the victory!!!  Yesterday while the boys were

Monday, March 19, 2012

stop running frantic--let's refocus together

Ever get so caught up in the day to day grind that you lose sight of the bigger, more important picture? 
We all have stuff; work, driving all over the place, returning phone calls, paying the bills, making the beds and finding time to clean the toilets.......we get so caught up that we forget what's really important. 

I know, I know you've heard this before...well, maybe you need to hear it again (just like I do) so if you take this sweet little moment with me...I’ll remind BOTH of us of what’s important.

First, let me go back just a bit: about a year ago God said to me "blog & YouTube"which totally caught me off guard sinceor seen one.  Honestly, I didn’t care what those “self-centered weirdo’s” out there (sorry to my new blogger friends for that stupid stereotype) had to say. 
I had never even opened a blog

Having no idea what He meant with “YouTube” I started my blog! ..... I muddled through the first 9 months or so loathing every minute of it.  Ya see, I was forcing myself to obey without actually seeking Him and understanding HIS timing for the thing.  I ran full speed ahead (as I do with most things)....I left God in the dust.   However, finally.....I slowed down enough to ask God “what’s up?...I’m not enjoying myself here...help me out”.

Back in December God showed me some pretty powerful things about my blog and what’s to come and let me just say WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t miss it....I’m on the right track! It’s gonna be BIG!!! Bigger and better than I could ever dream of doing..... on my own, that is!  However, nothing is impossible with God and I don’t have to do it on my ownI just have to obey & He’ll do the rest. And ya know what? 

I love it now....every minute of it. 

(little bunny trail for ya)
I love sharing my heart with you...sharing interesting places to go...things to do...things to see....staging tips... décor ideas ....really anything I think you need to know or do.... for YOU to live a decorated life.  Let’s not forget my real passion......to encourage YOU.  

Too many people out there tell you you’re not good enough or you’re not going to do that or have that.  I’m here to tell you just the opposite.....you CAN do it, have it, be it! 

On the other hand...... who really cares what I have to say, right?!?  

(slowly...say it with me)  Aaaaahhhhh...but God cares!  He cares about YOU!  He loves you so much that He sent His son Jesus to lay down His life for you...yes, YOU! 
(ahh, back on track...bye bye bunny trail)
Why did I start this post out by reminding you how busy your life is---as if you didn’t already know?  What’s all this talk about remembering what's important?  what is important?
God...your relationship with Him, your knowledge of Him through His word.  For me, this means I need some time to really focus on God, to give Him all of me.... and to be the best mama and wife I can be..... to walk this out with VICTORY...not simply mediocrity. 
I want the greatness He has for me as I yield my life, thoughts, habits, relationships and even this blog to HIM!

So I’m coming to you today with an open heart, transparent as I can be to say I'm taking a bit of a blogger break. (no clue how longwe shall see)
I’ll be taking notes as I go so I can share the bits He wants me to share when the time is right...

I encourage you to join me on this adventure....get alone with Him & tell Him how much you love Him...how grateful you are for all He's done in your life. I know God wants to tell us something....to do something IN us....YOU and ME....right now! 

I pray that we...you and I....as we embark on this journey.... hear from God in EVERY area of our lives.   I pray your life is changed forever by spending time with your Maker.
I pray that when I return to post those tidbits of truths (some deep, some shallow and even those quite random bits) the person reading will get what he or she needs and be blessed....isn’t that what it means to live decorated anyway?!?

I’ll miss you
many changes to take place, starting here & now, so stick with me & we'll do great things!!!!

Hugs n way lots of love to keep you until we speak again,


P.S. here's a little something to leave you with.... didn't even have enough memory tank for the end of the video:) 

P.S.S.  as I read this to my husband we talked about our different writing styles.  I said, I feel it’s a bit “messy”...he just laughed!  He said “that’s just how you talk...you’re all over the place.”  Great!  What am I to do with that?    Maybe my messy is ok....how will I know?
  Alright, enough already, I’m out......kisses!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Austin Chronicle....another chance to be on camera

TxSC Blogger Conference was amazing & life changing for meseriously!  Sound corny?  Well, that’s me!  My world was touched by so many loving, beautiful, fun, confident ladies I have to share some stuff ...even if its only bits n pieces here and there....before time gets too far away. 

Me & my new model friend, Holly at Duo
  in the 2nd St District --Austin

Not enough time to share it all...seems that is a trend these days...but for now here's a video....

A blog/video taken by one of the Chronicle authors who was capturing SXSW activity and found us at Langford on 2nd St.  The buses had just dropped us off from a shopping trip to Savers and I shared with her ALL my finds:)  Ayeesha was gracious and witty.ooo and love the hair!!!  Check it out here

one thing I love more than being on camera is making friends & encouraging people.  Everyone needs to hear something wonderful about themselves that stands out to someone else...that can be physical or just a look, a smile, an attitude (which we all know are visible on the outside too). 

Love n dark chocolate,


bareback with Story

these kids loved their horse experience

Today's Horse Adventure:
Can I share a bit of random stuff first??
Horses have been a passion of mine since birth, really.  I learned bareback & western at the Cedar Valley Stables back when my uncle was owner.  When I moved to Texas (Corpus Christi-ish) I was welcomed into this amazingly beautiful family of equestrians---hello, perfect world! 
My girlfriend Morgan, then 10, and I would ride at least once a day but usually more like 3 or 4 (talk about passionate).   With sprawling roads to the left & right of us we were sure to find adventure.  My favorite was to find the longest stretch of grass along the road (‘bout a half a mile long) and announce a “dream canter” or a “race ya!”.  
There was the rare occasion (ok, not that rare) we’d take a midnight ridealone or with the whole family.  We’d randomly jump on whichever horse we found into while roaming the pasture and ride along the beach after a long night of dancing.  What fun we had!  Those horses were so patient! 
saying a special "thank you" to Story

One time I was riding Kaanzthis beautiful teenage-boy-kinda-mischievous grey gelding---when we decided to stop off and chat with a friend.  While chatting I had one leg over his neckchillin’ (like an idiot)and sweet, goofy Kaanz bit the hot wire (electric fence)!!  I held on like gluethat is until I came to grips that it was nearly impossible for me to swing my body from under his neck (can you picture that) to the top of his back while at a dead gallop.I let go..he trampled my legs:)  That’ll teach me!  I still have the dents in my shins.   (huh.did I have a saddle on or not?  No clue!)
Might not seem like a real funny story but I assure youI laughed!!!

Time for one more story? 
Sometimes just for kicks Morgan & I would each jump on a horseno bridle, no saddle, or anything else to hold ontoon a black moonless night, lay down on the horse’s neck (to avoid being clotheslined by a tree) & KICK!  We’d run them all the way back to the house ..practically blind:) 
now that’s trust!  
Uhhhhor stupidity!

Well with 2 kids at my side, today wasn’t quite so adventurous; however, ANY contact with horses these days is pretty exciting :)  Here's today's adventure:)

love those little donkeys....quite friendly & perfectly sized

love n hugs (soaked in the best aroma ever---HORSE)


Thursday, March 15, 2012

keep your JARS!....corn dogs vs. salmon

my tip for the night:
Think of everything you use on a regular, even not so regular basis….  Does it function for you? Does it hold visual appeal?  If it doesn’t look good make sure you stow it for goodness sake!  Hide the clutter or the “uglies”.  That should go without saying:) 

My point?  I save all jars that come my way. 
I use small ones for spice mixtures (ok, Marc’s spices), buttons, sewing supplies, toiletries, and other things I can’t think of right now. 
I use large ones primarily for paint—a jar is way easier to open than metal paint can & I can see the color straight away….I also keep a stash of jars above the stove so Marc can use them for kitchen type things…spices, sauces, dressings, etc. 

That leads me to tonight’s dinner:

Facing dinner time, Marc went to the freezer.  Having been presented these two delectable options, he considered our weight loss goals and opted for healthy...salmon, salad with feta & pears.   What does this have to do with reusing jars???  the mason jar in the back you can barely see (looks like a dark piece of wood:) is used to house the balsamic dressing creation my Honey made for tonight's dinner:)

What a delightful dinner presented in the most glorious way.... decorated plates with food of not only color & texture but also taste…..mmmmmm (forget the fact that I'm still hungry...let's focus on my shrinking waist)  

Way to go Marc!   He’s the spitting image of the husband I always imagined during my single days:)  Go ME!!!

healthy hugs,


breaking up with cookies....finally

Look at this old post from May 2011 I found that I never published...never too late to share a laugh with friends:)

I'm not sure just how long ago it was...a month...maybe longer when I had my first (as far as I can remember) noteworthy interaction with cookies....yes, that's right....cookies.

I was walking by the pantry one afternoon knowing I only had a few hours before I was breaking into that bag of cookies (after boys' bedtime). 

----------no limits. 
----------no one telling me how bad they were for my body or echoing my weight loss goals (as if I really established any of those since Koen was born). 

Here it is...wait for it!

I winked! 

Not only did I wink AT the cookies, I gave them a little "I'll see you later" kind of grin across my face.  Just as I made my way from the kitchen to the living room it dawned on me what I had just done & I burst out laughing...."I just winked at the cookies" I rattled off to Marc. 

Laughing-tummy-pains followed.

My latest incident was last night (5/21) after spending cuddly time with my honey on the porch in the rain storm.  I went to the kitchen (11pm) to have ANOTHER cookie, which could've been my 8th but who was counting, and I exercised self-control for perhaps the first time in 10 years.  I wrapped up the 2 remaining cookies & 2 brownies (what!?! only 2 left?  I couldn't have eaten that many, surely Marc’s the guilty party there) and told them I was done with them.  I broke up with my cookies!  Then, now here’s the wacky part (as if the rest is balanced & centered:), as I placed them in the pantry I told them I'd see them tomorrow!....

Really.what is my deal???

So there you have it....my cookie break-up.  Now if only sugar probation existed -- where I had to answer to someone for my sugar weakness.  Marc is no help because if we're out of sweets in the house he'll beg me to go to the store regardless of the hour or the activity I'm wrapped up with.  No help from my Honey! 



Mind...shut UP!!!

photo booth madness

I'm a memory-makin-mama I'll have you know.  Here is a great memory I made with some of my girlies from this rockin' blogger conference....Holly & Kara.

the moment was captured by the Austin Airstream photobooth
 I have every intention to hiring them (or swaying a sponsor to hire them) for my next Shopping Extravaganza.  Super cool element to any party...and a MUST have for me as we all know!

I've shared how much I enjoyed this evening & overall weekend but here's my message for the day:
use a photobooth as inspiration to capture the moment with friends or family..
especially the silly ones to enjoy years to come.
I love to take random pics any change I see a photo booth then frame the teeny bits of joy in a simple black frame.  I use white card stock as the backing & simply stick the image off center using "tacky back tape" ( or 2 sided tape)

simple n silly


kitchen table top turns wall art....see final results & video progress

Finally finished this one yesterday....such a fun process for me since I'm learning all about creating each time I pick up a paint brush, or glue stick, or glitter:)  fun stuff ya'll!

My message today is:  think outside the box and all around the materials in your world.  I turned this kitchen table into a work of art by simply removing the legs & hardware and letting my creative juices pour all over it.  I knew it would sport a word but allowed God to move as I put the brust to work.

1st video

Introducing the Truth in the making
2nd & final video
 I had a blast working on this piece ....would've gotten more action video during the process if my camera man were avaiable every time inspiration hit....he's a realtor on the side:)

my first "professional" photo shoot for my art
Marc's idea to take all the lamp shades off...brilliant!
Notice: the old artillary trunk I turned into a cabinet
(haven't added that to website yet so this is your first look)

I've already prayed it lands in the right home that will bring joy & fun to the right person's wall....
maybe even Gweneth Paltrow:)

yes, I used glitter!  My TomBoy side had to give way to the GirlieGirl in me....
yet again.

Trust:  trust encompasses a wide array of meanings...at a minimal you trust things like a chair to hold you up, a door knob to turn in your hand, your car to start each time, your kids to listen to you (maybe that falls under "hope").  Let me be more pointed here....Proverbs 3:5-6 says
"Trust in Him (God) with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."  that means He'll lead you like Psalms 32:8 says
"I will guide you along the best pathways for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you."

My hope for you is that you'll trust in the God that created you just perfectly YOU....and allow Him to do great things in your life.  He wants you to succeed & prosper---if you're not so sure then read this to find out for yourself.

love n hugs soaked in glitter....


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

some amazing products with strong CAUSES...affecting change for this world

I'm not behind...oh no I'm not.  When I accomplish my task is precisely when it needed to be done.:)

I'd love to share with you some vendors at the TxSC Conference that really left a lasting impression on me.  Most likely this is one of several posts I'll be adding about the conference because it rocked my world on so many levels.....I thought here was a good launching pad so come along now....

I'll be contacting these and other remarkable companies to hopefully join my next annual F.O.G. Shopping Extravaganza....TBA
In no particular order...other than the order their cards fell on my desk in front of me....please click on the links to learn more about these awesome companies, how you can get involved and add them to your collectoin....start today!

Beauty with a Purpose
the picture says it ALL

Since the pictures don't speak as loudly to this cause as they do to the company above I'll quote:
"your purchase can put girls through school in Uganda, restore dignity to abandoned women in Ethiopia, and empower communities in Ecuador."

who doesn't want a cutie pie purse to show off??
buying one of these helps provide jobs to the poor:)

Are you inspired to add to your wardrobe & cosmetic collection???  I hope so!  Watch out for some more great creators, designers & products....coming soon!

hugs n love

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Final pics of Staging my boys room...finally

It sure was a big weekend for Mama learning blogging stuff & meeting loads of interesting women.  As I collect my thoughts, get in touch with a few new friends (totally behind on this and the next), change up the look of my blog & hang with my boys (#1 priority) I found a few moments to finish the room.  Take a look:

overall feel is way better, huh?  Hopefully you saw the terrible pics from my "smartphone" in an earlier post.
Marc snagged this bed (originally in barbie pink) at a thrift store for just $5....quick coat of paint & some old rusted metal door knobs to top it all and there you have it!  My message to you:  don't be afraid to replace some BIG bulky or out-dated furniture with some newer, slimmer types to make the space look & feel more spacious.
Bought the side table at a garage sale for $5 as well & slapped on some white paint for a fresh look.
 These shelves were a gift from a friend....on their way to the trash:) 
the 3 vintage trucks we bought for $30....great find but a tad more than I would usually spend:)
message:  look for some random items to showcase or group a collection together rather than family pictures on the wall

This dresser is very special to me....I was asking God for a low dresser to replace the tall boy that stood here last week.  A friend called & said she found a great dresser in some one's garage & she wanted to buy it for me....yay!!!  I accepted gladly!  It didn't come with any knobs and the lady had just sanded it completely down.  All I had to do was paint it and add some really old door knobs for the top drawers (I love to keep bits like this in my collection for such a time as this:) and some drawer pulls I found while "picking" my dad's place---in his old RV.  My sister picked up 2 more for me during her last visit (hence the funky bottom knob less drawer:)  message:  keep top of dresser & tables "neat & tidy" and clutter free...always
 a cute angle showing off my quilt...a gift from Aunt Sunday---you may have a problem with my wall mural but it's ok.....I don't:)  There is usually something the seller isn't willing to do to their house usually because of money or time....mine has nothing to do with either.  Have you ever been into one of those model homes that has some interesting wall treatments?  The reason is to achieve a focal point for a room, give it a boost of character without making the space too personal....there, my friends, is my reason for keeping the funky "love tree" on my son's wall.  It just may sell this house:)

T's artwork might just stay up while the house shows....its a cute touch when not overpowering a space.  Don't be afraid to show off some of your kids artwork even if your house is on the market....just a touch gives a sense of whimsy.

the look of change...as it progresses

like the change?  It feels more clean & ME:)  that was 2 hours of work now.....for the hard part.  I must figure out the whole side panel craziness.  You'll know what I mean after the change...for now just sit tight & wait for the final staging shots of my boys' room....on their way.

enjoy & be inspired:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

change is a comin'....BIG....watch out world:)

Its been 5 nights since I've slept like a "normal" person & I'm exhausted beyond imagination! 

Hey...wait!  Now you know I'm not a negative nancy...just spouting off a bit....let's reflect: Texas Style Council (TxSC) Blogger Conference set me into inspiration overload ...and yet I run to a show where more inspiration floods my mind:)...Shark Tank  I make myself laugh sometimes.

I met some truly amazing amazing lovely beautiful ladies this weekend....all touched my life in a unique way and I can't wait to share my experience with you over the next week....for now....

I can quickly give you a taste of what's to come:
    TxSC Symposium: one of the panel of experts who taught
    me some good bits....will share as time allows:)
  1. Total change of the "look" of my site or my brand or my overall feel because it doesn't really reflect my life/world/outlook/message and I need to learn more about this limiting Blogger avenue in order to do this....google search & lots of time in front of the computer
  2. better flow or you may say "focus"
  3. more of the Staging Series I've been working on ..loads of interest in staging from multiple sources so I'll certainly provide my readers MORE!
  4. WAY more....of my show.  more guests, interviews, decor tips, inspiration, encouragement and LOVE coming your way
  5. a diddy...or a jingle I guess you'd call it.  Its in the works & when I get my voice back I'll be recording it...and it'll play at the start of all my episodes...woohoo!
  6. last but not least I'm going to introduce you to some great stores, artists and bloggers and why I love them. 
  7. ok....really this is last one....LESS words!  Can you imagine I could convey a message with less than 10,000 words:)  I know, right!
love, hugs and ni-night

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