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Friday, January 4, 2013

Now, how do you say it? {D-ella} ? or Blu or what?!?

Maybe I did think I’d end up with this quiet little lady who didn’t talk back and baked.   I have to think that if little boys, “played house”...which I’m pretty sure I didn’t do...I would have conjured a partner like June Cleaver or something.  (click on through to read more)

And here we are. 

I went and married this knockout blonde that usually shares a little more than I wouldJ and doesn’t really operate on the, “let’s just be polite and maybe it will go away,” principle.  And I’m not saying that is the best way to handle things...but  that’s exactly how I navigated through my first 28 years of life. 

And now this...In your face, show them God’s love, and everything will work out...woman!  TO THE POINT that we were behind two “gentlemen” in traffic and they were screaming obscenities at each other from their respective cars and MY WIFE TRIED TO GET OUT AT A RED LIGHT TO INVITE THEM TO OUR CHRISTMAS EVE DRAMA AT CHURCH!  As I incredulously lock the doors and strong arm her AWAY from opening her door...she looks at me with all seriousness and says, “But honey, they need Jesus”.   Yes, yes they do...and I hope their mama tells them all about Him! 

And I’ve definitely learned how fashionable God is...as He has single handedly led her to some amazing sales and a specific & pricey, albeit stunning, dress.  Any other husbands out there have to maneuver through that one?  “But honey, God LED me to that dress!”  Really?  What do you say to that?

And then, of course, the name change.  OMGosh!  Are you serious?  I’ve heard of that in Hollywood...and in the Bible.  Naturally, God changed many names of people in the Bible...so how was I to argue, when, yet again, He led her to the realization that she should change her name.   YIKES. 
And let me tell you something, you hear all this talk about the stages of loss or recovery...but did you know there are stages that one must go through after a name change?  And I’m not talking about Trish...errr...Diella Wyatt...errr Blu.  I’m talking about Marc...or marc...or MARC.  J 

Stage 1: What the hell are you talking about?
This stage is filled with frustration and total and complete awe.  As in...”You are serious?”  Yup...with a big ole open mouth stare.

Stage 2:  What the hell are you talking about?
                Yes, it takes a while to really sink in on this one. 

Stage 3:  You’re a crazy person.
I sojourned here a bit too.  It was what I knew to do.  After all, I had been polite and this had CERTAINLY NOT gone away.  I’ve grown quite fond of referring to Mrs. Diella Wyatt as, “my wife”.   I camped out here for too long I must admit.
Stage 4: What gives?
And this is where I am now.  As in...what does it matter?  If she wants to change her name, and it makes her happy, then who cares?   I mean seriously, what gives?  And I know there are people that might never call her anything other than Trish...but that’s fine.  She doesn’t have a hang up about it...so why should I? 

I will tell you one thing.  This has been an amazing 6 years.  This woman, she loves God fiercely...she is intentional about seeking Him...and she is unrelenting.  I have no chance of having an “ordinary” or “normal” life.  But...if I think back to that little boy who didn’t play house...I know for a fact that he NEVER expected to have an ordinary life.  Because when you’re 3 or 4 or 5...you don’t dream of putting in an 8 to 5 and then coming home to dinner on the table and the evening news on the tv.  Now, maybe somewhere along the way of growing up I was convinced that normal is good...normal is expected...normal is best.   But...I’m growing into this, “not so normal” life I have here...and I’m loving it!
And I’m so blessed...and I’ll leave it at that.  My sweet Tiernan just walked in the office (half awake) and gave me the best three minutes of morning cuddles a guy could ask for. 
So...from the, “normal,” half of our blessed little family...Go do something that scares you a little bit!  Go step out of your comfort zone!  Go show some one love...and then tell them about God’s boundless love for them.  Go make today a better day for some one.  And as they say...”Live Decorated”!

the husband....Marc


  1. Ahh, I loved reading Marc's side of the story. Just precious! I didn't know the name change was official. I thought it was just a facebook alias. Y'all are the sweetest family and it's a blessing just to know you!

  2. Honey....you crack me up! Sharing the story about the gang guys makes me look a bit crazy though. Next time lets keep those little secrets from the world:) love you Honey

  3. HAHA yeah cause you never post your crazy self for the world to see! -Morgan

  4. I love the Goeblers! And I just saw the picture of the stop light conversation in my mind - priceless!!!!

  5. I love this picture of you! So cute!!

  6. Love this - I love your beautiful family and Diella blesses all of our lives, as do you!

    Hugs to all in the Goebler home!

    Jessica Doyle


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