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Monday, August 26, 2013

first day of school....ever!!!

can you believe tomorrow is the first day of school?!?

I'm in a strange place with all this.
So much is happening in my life as if a speed train is at the station about to take off on an amazing page turning adventure I'm flying through the train station, hair blowing in the breeze, luggage in hand (light as you go).... trying to make it before the doors close.
summer days coming to an end as school begins
spray SPF brings my family such joy

You see, a local gal with whom we share

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family Fun Activity Idea....try it with us

Change: the only constant
I find myself walking through a lot of change in my life.  Change as a wife,   a church-goer, a friend, a worshipper, a daughter-in-law and a mother.  My oldest faces his first year of “school” and has no idea what awaits him in less than 3 weeks....nor do I, for that matterJ.  Life is about to change forever for all of us. 

Additional Side Journey ....a wee bit further away from our functional wall art discussion: As we embrace this change with joy and a bit of naiveté I ask

Friday, August 2, 2013

moments later: my uber bad day dramatically transformed

When's the last time you had a really bad day?   A day where you go back in your mind to that Calgon commercial ....sing it with me ladies.....”Calgon, take me away!”  

Ahhh, you remember.

That was my day; take me AWAY!  
I try never to tell you (or my other friends Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook) when I’m having a struggle with something because I don’t want to speak negatively.  No one likes to read your junk as they’re scrolling....people want to be encouraged...uplifted....not read your (or my) drama.  So I keep it to myself, my husband and my sweet children.  

Am I alone here? 
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