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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

another new beginning....seems they are coming at me left and right.

I love beginnings.  Movies, books, days, vacations, friendships ... ice cream cones.  The only exception could be learning this dang guitar....it's not an easy task, if I might say so.
the beginning of the garage wall mural started with the green grass

This is a new beginning for us.  A totally new, fresh,
invigorating chapter sure to be filled with adventure and newness.  I can taste it.  Mainly I think its the dust that comes along with digging all the stuff out of closets and storage to get ready for this grand estate sale….getting rid of it all.  But you already know that, don’t you?

As you start something new the unknown can be quite scary.  It is really.  I don’t know where we will be staying (other than the vague Air BnB plan) or what we’ll be driving off in (aside from my faith hanging onto a miracle story of us getting an RV).  

This is truly where faith comes in.  Faith in a God greater than anything I can dream or imagine.  He has my life in the palm of His hands so I trust beyond measure that it’ll all work out.  He’s got the details.

Is there anything in your life you’re starting fresh?  A job, new eating habits (I need to embrace this one myself), a relationship, a book, a hobby, a hairdo (come on this is an important one).  The unfamiliar can hold a certain level of fear as well as introspection. 

Here’s the thing.  If I can do it….conquer fear and grab onto trust….then so can you.  I’m not anyone special other than the fact that I’m loved by a God who created the entire universe….ain’t that COOL?!?!.  Guess what?  So are you, my friend.  You’re special.  Powerful.  Blessed.  Able.  Equipped.  More than enough.

Tell yourself this.  I speak the truth in love.  In fact, let me go a little deeper, if you will….in the light of new beginnings:

I'm reading.  
I’m on a mission to read 2 books a month and I’m currently on track with number 12 right now.  I just finished Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (the book and 8 week daily devotional) and I mean to tell you….it rocked me.  It helped me understand The Wall I’m facing right now and how to move through it rather than side step it or try to jump over it.  (yes, I’m facing a wall and NO I don’t talk about everything so that’s why you haven’t heard this before)

This is a tough one for me.  I’m a runner.  
Not in the sense of putting on my Nike and jumping into a 5K although that sounds great as well.  I’m someone who runs away from problems, I always have.  I ran away from everything that proved to be difficult including my parents, boyfriends, jobs and friendships.  It was easy.  I moved cities or got a new job or just stopped calling and blocked the number.  I’m sure someone out there relates with this.

Well now is a time in my life where God wants to do a work.  It's a beginning.  
A work in my heart….in the deep places in my soul and it’s TOUGH.  It runs deep.  Hurt, fear, anger, bondage….it’s all there carefully disguised behind a smile.  Part of this growth is major self-awareness.  

Self-awareness.  Being aware of ones strengths and weaknesses and overall makeup. Who are we? What are we called to do, to be.  What road are we called to take and when.  It’s a process, that’s for sure.  Are you going through anything like this or have you already been through?  Or are you still hiding out behind your smile or your things or your sense of humor?  

I can no longer hide.  I can no longer fake it.  I am learning me and its not all rainbows and cupcakes.  I’m a hot mess to be totally honest.  I’ve endured a lot in my 41 years.  I was not only diagnosed with Bi-polar depression but PTSD.  UGH.  I don’t tell you to complain.  I tell you because I know if I can become self-aware and begin a deep healing process then God also has really good things for you.  

I highly recommend the book I mentioned above…get it….read it….become real with God and yourself and see your life take new shape.  
You may love your life.  You’re on top of the world.  You still need this.  Embrace the beginning of something amazing and life altering. 

Ok, enough preaching….you didn’t come here for that.  
On a lighter note, my mom and sister are coming for a visit next week.  They arrive Saturday and I’m beyond thrilled.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @livedecorated for some fun pics and instastories.  

Before I go let me ask you one thing.  Please, for me.  Would you leave below something that I can pray for you this week?  Are you going through a tough time?  Are you believing God for something big?  Are you wondering who this God is that I speak of?  Are you at a crossroads with a big decision to make? Do you know someone hurting.  I’d love to pray for you and stand in faith with you.

Bless you, friend.


In case you haven't heard the news...we're going on a year long adventure to find our next home.  Read about it here.   or watch the video here.  


  1. Please pray for this emotional roller coaster I'm on. I'm struggling to feel that I have value to anyone in this world.

    1. Oh darling one...I pray for you that you will know just how valuable and LOVED you are. I know the feeling...the ride...the doubt....the hopelessness. But that's why I came to tell you...there IS HOPE and no one can question your value. I pray for peace in your mind and heart. I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit with how to move forward. I pray for your eyes to be opened and enlightened to your value and calling. NO ONE can do what you do or fill the gap the way you can. This comment is anonymous so I can't reach through the computer and hug you but know that I'm doing just that....Terri Savelle Foy has a CD called Broken, Mended and Made Whole that might be a good start....bless you!!!!!

  2. Where does one begin when the darkness seems to have swallowed you whole... when the very light within you is gone... snuffed out by the hands of others. You know what to say... you know what to think. You've been down this road before... yet this time the chains are harder to break. Your mind is tormented by the very thoughts of... you got this!! No you don't!! Which way is up... am I facing down? Why is a constant. Heavy wears on me like a badge awarded during battle. Alone I drag my feet... is this Your plan? Surrounded yet silently alone. The mortars are real... they endless explode around you... I am deaf to the sound... it's just a numbing pain now. Mute to the world... where is my voice? Oh yes... stolen years ago. I let it happen... trust came in and said it was theirs. Expression is all I have left... it soothes yet sears my flesh. Truly how deep the dweller lies within.

    1. whoa!!!! that is WELL written...such vulnerability wrapped in poetic artistry. Thank you for sharing this...should be in a book somewhere, really!!!

  3. Please pray for my family to conquer the unknown laying ahead of us emotionally, physically and financially.


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