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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Tiny Town Iowa

Hey y'all.....

What did YOU do for Thanksgiving? And a happy one at that....to you.
enjoying our queen size bed and sleeping in till 7 (sometimes)

Are you doing Black Friday???

Sitting quietly in our sweet farmhouse amid a land of crops, cows and future bacon type products I reflect.  Here it is...the adventure.....just at the start.  We have had one snowfall so far and survived without a  scratch.  For those of you not tuned in to my Instagram or FB, the story goes:  we spontaneously moved from Austin, Tx to Tiny Town Tipton, Iowa.

"Why are you in IOWA", most folks ask.  The answer differs depending on the mood I'm in and the person asking the question.  All answers are just short snippet of the truth of the matter: we needed a wee change of pace and a shifting of scenery.

So we're here on an adventure
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