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Thursday, October 25, 2012

garage playtime

This is a test post from my iPad through a new blog app I'm trying out....learning new apps or programs isn't exactly my gifting but I CAN do it!

I can hear the cold front blowing in now and chills surge under my skin

I'm not getting much accomplished tonight.
sitting in my garage reading the Word while everyone in the house sleeps.  Why don't I sleep?  good question!

Style Feature: lighting

Light is so important when entertaining, working, playing, relaxing, reading, etc. 
Are you setting a mood? or do you need focused light for working or reading? 
I was shocked while traveling Europe (especially Italy and France) that they lighting was so bright & harsh even in intimate restaurants.  Yes, you should be able to see your food but lighting sets the mood and I will most likely never remember the food I've eaten but I always

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Style Feature: Texas Family History

A passion for decorating personal space doesn't require education or knowledge in the field.  It starts with a knowing of how you like to live and what you want to surround yourself with everyday.

My family was visiting the local pumpkin patch for some fall pictures this past weekend and as soon as we were out of the truck T made a bee line for this ancient wagon that looked like it jumped out of Bonanza.  Marc, being the rule-follower that he is (thank God for those), warned us we were treading on private property.  We then moved to the street to take pictures of this beautiful relic.  We weren't there but 15 seconds when

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Buda Fine Arts & Jazz Festival

I love taking in art, culture, good music and interesting people so I was right at home this weekend in my small Texas town where we hosted the Buda Fine Arts and Jazz Festival.  

Here an original work of art in the silent auction we were 

Monday, October 22, 2012

how did it all happen in just ONE weekend???

One thing is for sure: life is a blast and always an adventure.  The past week I've invited adventure by the dozens (up until the wee hours of the morning) so for this overview I've asked my delightful friend, Instagram, to help me highlight those moments.
small town charm I love to share with my friends in the big cities:)

This past weekend is a perfect example.  
click through for loads of pictures...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Style Feature: French Cozy Chic in the Master Suite

The Master Suite:
In case you missed the story of this house and my sweetie cakes friend who owns it (and decorated it BY HER SELF) then click HERE to see loads of fabulous shots and hear the story.
for more pictures of this romantic boudoir please click to read more....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Featured Spaces: french luxe with a twist of cozy romantic

I've been away from the computer a while so I've been inadvertently holding out on you.  You see a couple weeks ago I invited myself over to a friend's house (nothing new there) so I could get my fingers (and my iPhone) into every nook and cranny of her gigantic and exquisitely decorated home in Dripping Springs.

click through to read the story & find more great pictures of her rockin' relaxing style...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Celebrate someone...anyone....everyone!

keep reading to see why this ties into my post.....
We should always be celebrating something, at least that's how I wanna say I live each day:)

So why not celebrate someone who has made a difference in your life by doing, giving or sharing whatever comes up in your heart to do or say, for or to someone.  Let's ACT, my friends.  Act in love, by faith, with boldness.  I think we should start with our spouses or for the singles, your folks.  Here's a little tip: you'll walk away just as blessed as they are if not more so.

Let me leave you with a story to spark your creative giving juices:  read on....

Monday, October 1, 2012

weekend update :: need for camping

Good morning.....Rise n Shine!
How was your weekend?  What kind of adventures did you experience? 

Click through to see some fun pictures...pinterest worthy, I ask???
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