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Sunday, April 29, 2012

shake your world :: can you handle it?

can you tell I'm slightly nervous????
This was the ONE day I felt like a princess....
due in part to a little girl saying
 "I wanna go talk to the Princess"... all day
In addition to about 92 Bible truths and 37 hysterical, belly laugh stories Dr. Art Aragon shared some things about this “Princess Ministry” thing he & his wife, JoAnn put on (man, I need more info on this).  
My basic understanding is that they help little girls discover their real worth...making them feel like the princesses they really are no matter what life has thrown their way.  These girls leave knowing they are made & loved by a great & mighty Father.  Fantastic, huh!?!
A story he told today brought my heart to the point of breaking...and again even as I type this out....in fact I don’t even know if my fingers can go through the motions.....
        deep breath...

Wiping the tears away....
for those faint of heart

Friday, April 27, 2012

Love is Kind :: my BIG lightbulb moment

Day 2: Love is KIND  
Boys were picking flowers for their Mimi:)   say it with me....."ahhhhhhh"

I'm here to discuss Day 2 of this Love Dare Book: Love is Kind.... but since you know my conversations never quite go in the order you'd expect...neither do my blogs....so here you have it....random as all get out!

I can tell you this....
I want to please the God in heaven who made me unique and gifted me with all these talents & funny quirks.  Wait a second....please do not mistaken

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love is Patient :: I think I'll start there

My hubby bought the Love Dare book several years ago and hid it in his desk for a special occasion.   I spotted it after he cleaned out his desk (months ago) & left the remnants in my garage.   Surprise....happy special clean out my desk day:) 

a picture we took while being silly in bed years ago....Ahhhh LOVE!
There it sat...on a table next to a comfy chair until a month or so ago after a pretty heated argument when I decided to pick it up.  I read the first day:  "Love is Patient".  I thought to myself boy does HE need

weekend adventure through pictures

I absolutely LOVE the outdoors: camping, hiking, swimming, beach lounging, roller blading, biking, and about anything else outside. 

Here’s a couple shots of my in-laws land we roamed this weekend....peaceful and serene.

Amazing adventures & oh so good for the kids. (Minus the “weeding” of the poison ivy by hand...hello, stupid!!!) 

best sunset picture I could get with my phone...doesn't do the moment justice

Monday, April 23, 2012

They Will Change Nations--Growth Chart

 I finished a new, uh, work of art, I guess you could call it.It’s a growth chart to mark my boys’ height on the wall throughout their life (so I can move it around as my décor or mood change). I’ve been meaning to create one for quite some time but needed to be inspired.

I started with an old cabinet face, I guess.  After sanding I decided to use old maps I found in my Dad’s map stash that he had obviously used repeatedly.  The tape was so brittle it just fell off. 

with such a deep passion for traveling & seeing the world, old maps always inspire me
so here we go....now what?
I used heavy duty spray adhesive  to get the maps in perfect position
(big mess for your fingers)
lay them out before hand so you have a better idea of the finished
product before starting the mess
(see the picture above for detail) I added some old measuring items I found in my Dad's tools so I'm passing some funky, aged, usefulness down from Pops.

I painted these words: They Will Change Nations.

You may or may not understand the power of the spoken word...but I'm here to tell you.....Words have power, my friend!  My children will see this & hear the things we speak & pray over them & I know my boys WILL lead a FULL life of victory, joy, favor, peace and love.  I strongly believe that words shape our lives and the lives of our children. 

I had some powerfully negative words spoken over me as a child that rang in my ears for years....taunting me.  I refused to believe them, I forgave, I released those thoughts and cares to God & have entered into success, joy, peace & VICTORY because God loves me SO much.

And HE LOVES YOU!!!!!  You can affect nations....starting with your neighbors, friends, family, strangers in the grocery store.  You don't have to preach, just LOVE.  Ahhhh man, I'm preachin' right now:)  hehehe.  Anyway, you know what I mean....just love folks. 

and by the way...I love you!  And thanks for stopping in today to my randomly organized blogging ideas and thoughts:)


exterior staging...updates

With a severe case of poison ivy from our outdoor weekend adventures I'm taking a day of rest (with a doctor visit).  It’ll all get done, don’t worry. 
a couple more treasures from
my Dad I've given new life
Staging Update:
  • Finished landscaping front yard with about a $200 (soil, flowers, lining, mulch) and loads of elbow grease. 
  • Painted garage (fun video soon to follow)
  • Hated the color so we painted it again.
  • Finished all trim & cutting in
  • Trimmed the bushes & raked the mess (thanks Leslie)

Still to go:
  • Build laundry room shelves
  • Paint those shelves
  • Touch up paint entire house...interior
  • Clean all windows
  • Paint

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To build a home...

Sometimes I have to make myself take time to enjoy the things that matter.

Yesterday, I got home early and spent some QT with Koen.  His personality is bursting through his toddler frame as he "becomes a person".  He's super funny and inherently obedient (which is refreshing!).  Getting down on the floor with him makes him giggle (maybe I should take a hint and schedule some floor time).  And I can't escape the fact that, on a seemingly weekly basis, I am reminded that these days will fly by.  That we will turn around and our children will be grown.  And I refuse to miss it.  I refuse to blow the ONE chance I get with them. 

We have a friend that is in the film industry.  And she's golden.  We film little promos for

Staging Update...lots happening

Only about 45 minutes of cutting in the trim on the exterior along with painting the garage door, front door & window trim (all happening tomorrow) then exterior paint is finished.

Break time:  my boys at the park...
there's.always time for my amazing little guys....
NEVER be too busy for the ones you love!!!!
 I spent 2 nights ago in the closet till 3am making sure everything was facing the same way just like I suggested in my video, decluttering shelves, packing up winter clothes, perfecting my shoe positioning, hanging my hats in a more orderly fashion and organizing my husband’s clothes & shoesJ whew....thank God for the white noise coming from Marc’s alarm clock:)

Staging your home can be a full time job...especially on a

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fast Photo Recap

With a sliver of time to post I’m introducing to you my quick photo wrap up version.  Hang on tight & enjoy the ride.

Food inspired me last week as you can see.....decorating my belly while making my taste buds do a happy dance.
As you may know already I’m a HUGE fan of Chick-fil-A...best chicken sandwich ever (order the #2).  However this Jack in the Box chicken sandwich caught my eye.  I love colorful fresh food and this presentation was superb...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Staging the Exterior...take 1

Previous plan....get our house ready for sale in 2 weeks while still taking care of my family, keeping God first, fulfilling church obligations, juggling the 3 clients I’m working plus staging consultations and keeping you, my friends, up to date....whew! 
The beautiful new plan came tonight, as I was scrubbing the kitchen cabinets debating whether to freshen up the paint. Rather than pushing me past my physical and emotional limits by my self-imposed 2 week window God told me to use my faith to get this house ready & to possess my dream home (which I’ve already picked out...beautiful .....after loads of work & money, that is). 
So as I simply obey Him....His perfect plan will be played out in my life.  WOW!  So I’m doin’ it....following Him each step of the way.  Sound strange?   I’m OK with that....  Ever since the challenge I posed to both of us, you and me, I’ve been yielding to Him each day and now I’m seeing the fruit of it.  WOW, is all I can say!

So I hope you’re along for the ride....staging, selling, buying, and LIFE along the way.  Following God is the ultimate thrill ride.  If you haven’t experienced the rush for yourself jump on in.....the flowing river of Life! 

Oh HI.....Back to staging:
a few things I MUST do before selling:
·         Paint Exterior
·         Paint garage door, front door and window trim
·         Pressure wash exterior --might be fun to learn to use one of those things...how hard can it be?
·         Touch up paint interior walls, doors, cabinets & trim
·         Paint master bedroom & study
·         Stage Master bedroom & study
·         Stage back porch
·         Pot loads of plants in pots & ground
·         General landscapingno clue ‘bout this one...new to me
·         Replace one shower curtain
·         Replace one lamp shade
·         Clean furniture & pillows
·         Replace light fixture in baby’s room
Some things I WANT to do before selling:
·         Build out laundry room shelves --will look AMAZING...in fact I might move it to MUST list...whatcha think Marc?
·         Build side fence to allow next buyers a way to hide trash cans & misc. stuff -- another MUST?
·         Build out dining room entertainment cabinets with side shelves
·         Replace both bathroom lighting fixtures
·         Paint bathroom cabinets (Ha!  As if I have time for that!)
·         Replace laundry room light fixture (already have light)
·         Hire a lawn maintenance guru
·         Hire a maid:)  heheehee...no, seriously!
·         Buy fresh flowers then have an Open House Party:)

The Exteriors: Video 1 is the first of at least 3 for staging videos for the exterior...had to spread ‘em out due to length. not sure if the LOW quality is my fault or my camera's...oh well.

Ciao for now my dear friends


Camping stokes Memories

his last visit to our house....with Tiernan and this truck he's had since I was born
In the midst of staging my house, my sis and I are coordinating a camping adventure on Marc’s parents land for next weekend.  To include a bonfire, smore’s, canoeing, fishing, frolicking in the water with the kiddos....and oh yeah, a waterside ceremony to spread my Dad’s ashes.  I realize I haven’t shared anything lately... partly because I had to get myself together & stop crying for a bit and partly because the indescribable love of God has enveloped me... helping me get through this. 

Grieving the loss of your father is one thing but when you lose someone you love to suicide

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gelato for 2

So here we are.  I've just received an invitation to be a "contributing writer" on my wife's blog.  That does sound a bit fancy..."contributing writer".  Very fun.  I just hope that my other reader (my mother) can find my musings here. 

And since we haven't exactly set up

Bubbles entertain kids while driving

On our journey through Austin we explored some vital topics such as bubbles for use in Child Entertainment Emergencies Relating To Auto.  (Also referred to as CEERTA)
As a bonus I hired Marc as my writer....I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle out of his posts as soon as they grace the screen.  No rush, Honey!

In addition to all this excitement Leslie, my dear friend, and I started

Monday, April 9, 2012

Irritation turns inspiration

More times than not I have to start something or leave something in my way in order to irritate me to the point of frustration which then turns to inspiration which finally pushes me to action.  Huh?!!  Stick with me...I’ll explain. 

OK, so you’ve all seen my take on “Love”, right? (see pictures)  Well it’s been bothering me for some time...each time I see it I’m fussed...over what?  I couldn’t tell you but at one point I told Marc “I need to get this out of my house”. 
Rather than selling something I’m not pleased with, I made a decision to act.  I removed about half the jewels on the cross knowing the cheap feel of the “junk jewelry” was part of the problem.  If I’m going to stay true to my “farmhouse glam” style “Love” needs to make a change.  With the art just sitting on my wall torn to bits I was finally irritated enough to take it down & start the recreating process. 

A little about the final result:  I used several bits I found on my Dad’s land and in his travel trailer after his death in January (see My Daddy page for more info) to add personal depth & real life examples of love.  Rather than hording these treasures for a down the line project I wanted to infuse this piece with important (to me) parts of life and love.  I framed out John 3:16 better so it’s more of a focal point and added the bird to represent the Holy Spirit descending like a dove on Christ.  To the one who eventually buys this piece I’ll share more:)
Twistie Tie:

A conversation with a friend turned into a desire for a deeper revelation of the love of God.  You see, I’ve always had loads of people (men & women) I call dear friends and as I continue to meet new people (now just women since I’m married) I find myself drawn to the beauty, sense of humor, kindness, or any number of other attributes in a person...and I immediately want to add them to my friend list.  I thought “how can I be a true friend to anyone when I have a hard time juggling the MUSTs of life....God, husband, kids, church, clients, blog, show, art, furniture and so much more.”  So as you dig deeper into what a true friend really is you find the One and Only TRUE friend is Jesus....what an example! 

I’m still sifting through all this so I expect a whole new level of understanding ....stemming from that one eye opening conversation. 

We’ll see how I go...I’m also growing leaps & bounds as a woman, mother & wife as I learn to get a hold of my attitude & WALK IN LOVE at all times (even when it’s not so easy).  I encourage you to inspect your “love walk” and surgically remove any bitterness, resentment, anger or frustration seeping out of your mouth, tone of voice or body language...hello---ME!!!!!.  Check your attitude and leave the funky junk outside that soft, moldable heart of yours....and I’ll do the same:)

This work of art, to me, represents the love that God had for us, you and me....that He sent His son Jesus to die so that we might live. 

Many big hugs and mushy kisses to you..


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lighting n Adventure

Lightning speed, blink of your eye, glimpse into the sweet funk of Wimberley starts off with a deep conversation over kids & outdoor activities.  Ro & I are big into the outdoors but I noticed I’ve not been as horse or hiking active as I used to be before my 2 little blessings came into my life.  So I start asking her how having 2 kids affects her outdoor experience.
This is just a small taste as we drive home from a day with the horses & kiddos (Ro & I share similar passions as you’ll hear).  I apologize in advance as I would’ve had MUCH more footage had my memory tank not given out on me (yet again)....when, I ask, will I finally invest in more memory?????
The charm of the sweet little Texas river town goes beyond words....though here I try to shape some just for you. 
Antiques, high end fashion, décor, bath products, one of a kind gifts, art and the list goes on and on. So basically, if you’re looking for a funky addition to any décor and/or wardrobe you’re in the right place.  The adorable boutiques sprawling through downtown Wimberley and along the river will keep you busy for hours if not days.  Grab a coffee, take a stroll.  Bring your lunch or pop into a local café.  Artists and entrepreneurs make Wimberley their home where peace and joy and unique flair abound. 

 The store I tried to share with you is Star Antiques.  My battery ran out (go figure) as I was traipsing through her garden so I didn’t even get any footage inside the shop but I guarantee her website doesn’t do her justice.  They sell loads of fun, one of a kind items and specialize in vintage lighting.  Since vintage anything usually catches my eye and good lighting is one of the best investments you can make into your home...the pair is perfect.  I just might make a special trip back just to get it on film for you but I can guarantee my next client willing to launch outside the big box retailer world will have a story to tell with their new lighting acquisition. 
Twistie Tie: 
If you have kids you must introduce them to your world of activities and fun at a young age so they can share your sense of adventure.  On the same note they pick up more than you think they do .....attitudes, tone of voice, your habits, etc.  God has been majorly dealing with me about my attitude/frustration....so I’m bringing that to you.  Let’s all check our hearts before we expect our kiddos to check their hearts & attitudes.  They will mirror what they see you do so make sure you’re a GOOD example for them.  WOW.....I’m learning that first hand RIGHT NOW!!!! 
The one thing I’m grateful for ...His unconditional, faithful, never-ending, POWERFUL LOVE.  When I mess up I can ask His forgiveness & know I have it.  I then have to ask my son to forgive me...and the sweet thing is...he doesJ  What a great opportunity we have to shape our little ones and draw them closer to the Father...who LOVES us all sooooooooo much! 

Love n cuddles.....and Happy Happy Resurrection Day to all of you amazing folks out there!!!! 

Oh and please remember to teach your little ones that Easter is NOT about candy, hunting eggs and a cuddly bunny (although all that can be super fun)....it’s about the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  It’s ALL about HIM...and His love for you...and those little ones....please tell ‘em!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thrifting Finds: meet my Local Cakery & Boutique

My new blogger fashion friends inspired this post: I'm adding a new (random & infrequent) facet to my blog...my style.  Bear with me here....I’ve never done this before & honestly felt a bit goofy asking my husband to take a picture of my outfit.  Especially considering we were pulling up to his parent’s house (yes this is their land...amazing on its own:) 

So here it is ... my first ever outfit to share with you and the reason I've gotta share it. 
My skirt I took a floppy sweater (gift from my cousin) and cinched it up with a vintage brooch and added a vintage purse (can't have enough of those) with sparkly Enzo ballet flats
This is a better shot of my skirt....the bottom has this gorgeous see-through pattern which moves the light through quite nicely.  ready for the shocker?  It's a thrift store find....YEP...$6 to be exact!

I know all my friends take a few shots to get the whole look but let's be real...this is the only picture Marc didn't slice off my feet....gotta go with what I can get:) (NOT complaining)

Little style tip from moi: don’t be so prideful or afraid to shop thrift stores. Yes, you heard me, hit your local thrift store, Salvation Army or Savers (not a fan of Goodwill even a little) for some new garb. You see, I used to be a thrift queen (my girl Mariana taught me the ropes) & would end up with the best brands and great buys (before my new “mom body”and lowered--but rising--self esteem).
During the blogger conference is when I had my “ahhhhh, I’m back” moment.  We were all bused to Savers, served snacks and coffee, given tips from the experts (Pamela, Jessie, Jentine, and Elissa) then let loose....that is when I regained my thrifting confidence. Thanks ladies! 

ow that you know what I wore last week (yes, I'm a bit behind blogging)...lets get on with it.  You see, one of my favorite boutiques, housed in the small, quaint town of Buda, along the beautiful tree-lined Main St. is Buda's Red Door. They had a little party Wednesday featuring my new favorite Cakery, Wild Flour. which is due to open SOON. 

Delectably Red Velvet....cake balls coordinating with the "everything shapes us" art
Amanda and her sister are opening Wild Flour Cakery & Boutique next door to Buda's Red Door...soon

 Waxing Poetic is one of my all time favorite jewelry lines
this is just one of their displays....come to their store to see and buy more

 this is where Marc buys a lot of my long shirts...
what I love is they only buy a few of each style so I don't see
anyone else with my shirt:)
Good Works bracelets are all over the media (or so I hear)
they give 25% of their proceeds to charitable organizations
 Salon One12 is located in the back of the store....Rebecca is great!
love her vintage salon chairs!
Unique clothes, shoes, accessories,
cards, household items, decor and art

Finally, let me explain my "Twistie Tie" approach.  I love to "twist" everything back to God, my Maker, the One I owe my life to then "tie" it in to what I'm telling you about today.

If I get a bad haircut Marc is usually the one who hears about it...he actually told me last time...call one of your girlfriends:)  Well I was thinking about it (while steaming) and thought if God has every hair on my head counted (and who cares about that detail, right?) then doesn't He care that I'm happy with my hair?  The answer is YES! 

He cares about everything that concerns you. 

"Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
Dude...I've used this one for LOADS of cares....He's kept me in everything:) 

Hugs n love with yummy cake balls and pretty earrings...


Monday, April 2, 2012

Paint a Sign....tell the world about LOVE

While driving to the carnival Saturday something profound happened....we passed this family painting the sign outside their neighborhood. Marc suggested I interview them....then I could hardly sit in my seat....I just had to find out why they were doing this. 
Clearly there was a story to tell & there we were...ready to get it.....thanks to my brilliant husband!

 While simply asking if I could interview them they told me they were doing this to show the love of Jesus! Immediately I was brought to tears.....

"the LOVE of Jesus" she said.

enter camera crew (my husband)

Wow!  $20 may not seem like a lot to you but for those folks driving home after a long day seeing this cheerfully painted sign, even possibly experiencing the love poured out by this family...by God, I venture to say the faces and hearts decorated with smiles and joy are worth immeasurably more than the monetary value of the paint or the time it took them to complete the work.  People making a difference!!!

Along the same lines:  Last night we had Life Group at our home and one of the ladies shared this.  She told God some time ago she wanted to honor Him even in the little things...to show His love.  So one day she and her daughter were at a gas station when a lady came in frantically needing jumper cables.  No one had any...even the gas station guys.  My friend’s daughter felt led to go to the back of the store and there on a low shelf she found a $7 set of cables for sale.  (even the workers didn’t know they had them)  However, after urgently counting all her change the lady came up short.  My friend, who saw it as an opportunity, stepped up and bought the cables.  Talk about sharing God’s love on a practical level!

Now, if you’re on this adventure with me then you’re already seeking God for who He is and what He’s called you to do in this life.....to fulfill His plan and purpose for you.

 So here’s the “Live Decorated” challenge.

Find some small way today to share the love of God with someone.  just a few ideas to get the wheels of your imagination turning:
  • Buy lunch for the person behind you in line at Chick-fil-A (or any fast food but this is my favorite!) and have the cashier give them a note that says “God loves you” 
  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn (don’t forget to edge) 
  • Take a meal (with yummy dessert) to that person you know that just had a baby or came out of surgery 
  • Send a note of encouragement to a friend in need 
  • Post something on craigslist for sale and when they try to pay GIVE it to them for free and tell ‘em God loves them (that’s one of my favorites)
  • Offer to wash someone's car (or give 'em $10) without insulting them of course
  • Offer to babysit someone's little guys (for free) so Mama & Daddy can have a date night:)
  • Take someone's grocery cart back to the cart caddy in the parking lot....tell 'em how much God loves them.

 Don’t limit yourself (or expect anything in return)!  Being generous and using your imagination to do it (like Alicia & Paul in the video above) the effects of your kindness and generosity are limitless and ever spreading. 

Ask God what to do then DO IT!!! 

God loves YOU and wants YOU to decorate your life from the inside out....then ALL AROUND!!!! 

Many hugs n painted signs coming your way:) 



For those of you waiting for something I told you I’d be blogging about....hold your horses...I’m just a tad behind:)

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