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Saturday, July 29, 2017

letting it all hang out there

This road that I'm on I know it so well
(The road to Grandpa's) 
the twists the turns the bumps
The acres of corn and beans
They decorate this moment for me 

Gravel roads lead me every which way
The sun sets behind the silk of the corn
The not so subtle aroma of the hogs across the field ...
bring me home 
Ahhhh country perfume, nothing like it 

Wildflowers everywhere 
The north breeze blows 
I'm here 
In this moment 
More alive than I've ever been 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

a place for everything

Leaving it all behind
9 days
We’re at a point where we have to figure out what fits in what container in order to be packed into the car….errr…..correction….MINIVAN!  Getting the right bag, sack, box, bin, or case for every single thing that goes on this huge journey is like successfully marrying your sister off to the right man…which by the way, I get to do soon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Butterfly Wings

Hey Y’all … I missed you this week.  Really, I’ve thought about sharing with you several times but each time I put the brakes on.  I didn’t want to break my Wednesday post schedule….as it’s the ONLY thing I’m consistent with in my life right now….that and brushing my teeth …. well sometimes I slip through the cracks on that one.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4 weeks to launch...what's up?!

A table...
A lamp...
A couch...
A map on the wall

Bare bones living at its best.  Shoot, even the queen size blow up mattress is serving as a couch in the TV room.  So here I go...from collector of all things to nomad in a day.  So to speak... I have a month.

My love for travel and adventure have taken over and I'm kinda along for the ride.  We leave for our yearlong gypsy excursion in mere moments to find our next home and I'm knee deep in, we'll, blessings, I guess you could say.

The Deets:
We found a physical address service where they will receive, open, scan, email, shred and/or forward any and all of our mail. Not only that we'll have a Laguna Beach address:) as if God is decorating my life each step of the way.  

Looks like the cats have found a new home.....major stress relief there.

The boys have endured a mock packing day with flying colors.  I'm still in the process of mine...mainly fighting denial that I can't take all the shoes I've so carefully collected. Plus the scarves, hats, office supplies, and mostly just clothes in general.  I think I'm allowing myself 3 suitcases but I can't figure out how to pack it up.  Fall clothes are already packed in an under the bed storage bin I pray fits into the rover. 

That brings me to my next update... as of now it looks like we'll be driving off in our Land Rover and shipping our Volvo back to Texas to sell there.  We do not have an RV yet but I'm leaving it in God's hands.  I have come to grips with the possibility that it's not meant to be just yet...I'm totally ok with whatever He wants for us cause I know it's His best.  
My faith is certainly being stretched in this process.

Leaving stuff, friends, grandpa, and yes, normalcy behind as we embark isn't as easy as it may sound.  Four weeks seems like forever but it'll fly right by our noses as we're  checking things off the mighty BIG To-Do.  

Our moving sale went so well and we're planning our final one for the end of the month  to really clean everything out.  Then we'll sleep on the floor (with borrowed linens most likely) and eat pizza off paper plates for a week until we leave August 4th for Vegas

Now that you're up to date on some details let me go a little deeper.  Many things have been bouncing around my heart and head lately.  First, the importance of being content in any condition or situation.  Sounds cliche? 

Well, I'm learning this one on a deeper level as we speak ...  
things seem perfect ... 
but under the surface there may be a war going on...
one never can tell.  

Secondly, even when I face my greatest challenges there is always hope around the corner. Hope for a brighter tomorrow and a deeper understanding of where I am in the moment and what is required of me.  Sometimes I can't figure out why or how ...
 in fact more times than not ... 
alas ... I'm not supposed to figure out the details or even how the story goes ... 
I merely need to be obedient ... 
and show up ... right?  

Food for thought ... not ready to dive deeper on these topics yet, but I appreciate your comments below telling me what you're learning in life right now.  Could be anything from guitar and French to patience and humility...share away...this is all about you anyway. 

I totally wanna bring you, neighbors along for the ride of our lives.  But I need to know something...what medium should I focus on getting the word out to you???

Videos? If so
Facebook live?
Instastories (fav)

What about...
Facebook? (Ugh)
Linked in? 
Any help you can give would be great but take a sec and share with us below your life lessons that are decorating your life right now.

Go in peace my darling neighbor in life and live decorated in every way you see possible...or even impossible for that matter. :)

Love ya

Blu Wyatt

Thursday, July 6, 2017

it's followed me ALL MY LIFE!!!

what do I do?  It's everywhere!

  • it’s fragile
  • powerful
  • practical 
  • messy
  • fancy
  • obnoxious
  • personal
  • functional
  • necessary
  • informational
  • entertaining  
  • useful
  • artful
  • and sometimes confidential

It’s followed me around 
all my life
everywhere I turn
more paper

what’s my problem with paper
you ask?  as if it's an abnormal thing to have a strong distaste for something so.... ALL OVER THE PLACE.
Well, it makes spaces look messy, for one reason...sticky notes come to mind.  strung about here and there.  and the MAIL....IT KEEPS COMING!
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