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Monday, March 20, 2017

Surprise visit HOME...shock and awe.

I'm getting way thrilled, to say the least, about this wild journey ahead we've fittingly coined  "The long way home" (seems to be the best way to describe it as we'll be finding our next home somewhere along the way.)  Read here. Or watch the YouTube video here. 

planting, watering and growing...in this life...all around...now begins the adventure
(I wrote this a few days ago while nearing the end of our little Texas Spring Break adventure…read on.)

Talk about a long way home....Last Thursday evening about 5pm...after a brief discussion of what we'd do on our upcoming Spring Break we decided to load up the Land Rover and set our sails for Texas (16 hours away) to visit family and friends.  Within literally 2 hours of packing we were on our way.  
setting out on our little journey...surprise

Loaded down! 

You see, getting rid of everything you own (for the journey ahead) just isn't possible without saving some powerfully sentimental stuff.  Hence the reason I loaded our car to the max....to deliver the goods to my sister, Amanda.  Thankfully she said she would store anything we wanted while we're on this year long journey.  Included in my loaded down Rover: Art, china, jewelry, photos, riding boots, saddle, (need to sell it in Texas), silver, books, shells, a vintage globe and my boys' giant growth chart I made.  Barely did I find a corner to stuff the luggage at the last minute (a slight exaggeration I'm sure). 

A twelve-hour drive to Dallas ... straight through the night!!!!.  All without mentioning a word to his family (or mine for that matter)....and not one friend did we tell we were coming.  

After staying a day and night at my Aunt and Uncle's house (they're always uber hospitable) in Dallas we left on a four hour trip to Austin (actually, Buda, just south of weird).  


To say our family was a little taken aback by our sudden surprise visit would be a massive understatement.
We literally just walked through the door unannounced.  

Once the shock dissipated I then headed over to see my best friend (all of which I planned on Facebook Live-ing until I chickened out at the last minute) and blew her mind.
my bestie....Vintage....love her!
We were both overflowing with JOY!!!!  It had been a really long time since we've been home. I also surprised a dear friend with her absolute favorite work of art I owned.....which actually made it ON Facebook live.....check it out here on the Facebook link.

 Finally, I find myself lying on the couch  ...  my sisters new home ... 1:30 AM ... San Antonio .... nestled on top of a giant hill in the middle of a cozy cul de sac overlooking the city skyline.  Captivating views which we fully experienced earlier tonight as my sister, Amanda, took Aunt Sunday and I on a walk around her amazing neighborhood.
middle of the night walk with these two lovies

If I may take you on a slight detour from our vacation experience discussion: Ever since our walk in what felt like the woods tonight, I keep recalling random hiking experiences.  You may already be aware, I used to be super adventurous with quite a few memories involving hiking...occasionally in some sort of wacky non-hiking shoes like cowboy boots, flip-flops, mules, barefoot and even a few what-was-I-thinking moments in heels......  I suppose my motto was, when you see an opportunity to explore new spaces you just take it!  

Hiking at all ages, all terrains, all temperatures, and altitudes …
I found myself constantly exploring the great outdoors.  

Now come back with me to the present moment…..I command my mind to focus on the now....quiet house...middle of the night.  (check out our FB Live giving you a tutorial on washing your face with coconut oil...interesting)
Some things came up tonight while having a deep conversation with my sister, after everyone went on to bed.  Come to find out we're both going through similar situations; experiencing the same frustrations, growth and failures.  So while I’m listening to her lament I was quietly praying for wisdom in what to say.  

I've been praying for many years for the gifts of wisdom and knowledge. Tonight I experienced God speaking to both of us through powerfully pointed words that somehow came from my mouth.  My mouth. Shocking! 
I mean it was just last night …my honey and I were out with friends in Buda …chatting through some deep stuff with an old friend... where my words were far less eloquent and impactful.  I found, in the moment, that my level of thinking and ability to articulate those thoughts and feelings were not lining up or playing well together. 

So basically I flopped!  


Then tonight all of a sudden words and ideas started flowing :: the advice that I was giving felt God breathed.  Why could I not speak with the right words about 26 hours ago to my searching and doubtful friend?

The answer to my question may never be revealed but I will say that being used by God to speak profound words of life in a situation is quite exhilarating.  I’m both humbled and honored.    
having a glass of wine down by the water with my bestie

Now is neither the time nor the place to open wide the wounds my sis and I are only now beginning to come to grips with, repent of, forgive for and heal from.  In time I will share our story but for now can I turn the conversation back to the earlier randomness of a side note? 

…   Hiking   ...

This blog post may or may not be scattered and slightly allusive but ask yourself "how does my brain work after days of minimal sleep and loads of over stimulation?"

Anyway, I'll leave you with this: a hiking story.  

Melissa (one of my besties) and I decided to hike The South Rim of the Big Bend National Park… 

14 miles total. 
We left knowing we only had about 4.5 hours of daylight ... we thought it might be a tough run until the park ranger informed us there was NO WAY we could make it....then we just saw ourselves a challenge.
He informed us that some of the trail was straight up. And he even heard of rescue crews taking as much as 7 hours top to bottom.

He had no idea who he was talking to!  With no flashlight, pocket knife, proper hiking boots or tent : we set out with a bottle of water, sunflower seeds, and a small packed lunch . . .  we began the gradual ascent at the pace of 5k speed walkers (I'm certain of this fact).  

Along the trek, we kept passing people left, right, and center..... all the while chomping on about 396 sunflower seeds leaving a sizable trail of shells behind us.  I will attest to the fact that the sunflower seed shell tasting, destruction, consumption, and ejection process is an art form that Melissa and I have bravely mastered.  It’s only downfall, carrying a conversation was next to impossible at the rate of speed in which we were processing said seeds. 

We were eating up some major ground and loving life, In our own unique way.  I heard a man comment as we slipped by on a really tight turn "man you girls don't stop to smell the roses, do ya?."  I quickly replied with a heavy southern drawl "we ain't got no time". 

We got to the top in record time and even carved out some time for a mini lunch break.  We ate our sandwiches dangling our legs off the 7500 foot drop off (maybe 3,000 or even 10,000 feet who can remember) with no rail of any kind….


As we sat there in awe, the magnitude of this one of a kind experience began setting in.  We felt like we were on top of the world.  We took it all in in total silence for what seemed like ages. (15 minutes).  Time...reflection…peace.  

I came to a deep revelation that every adventure has it’s own rhythm and flow.   Top speed or snail pace.  Smelling roses or blazing trails.  Stopping for a picture or simply allowing a thoughtful glance in the direction of new found beauty.  

We’re always creating memories.

When we finally and reluctantly began our descent it dawned on us that the sun was setting fast.  No time to stop and photograph the deer standing 2 feet from the trail....we were on a mission, my friends.  (Ask me one day the beginning of this camping adventure story......WILD)

Practically sprinting down the mountain, trying to beat the sun, we passed a whole bunch of people we passed on the way up.  On more than one occasion we heard whispers as we passed "weren't those the girls who passed us a ways back?” “how are they already coming back down?"

Sweaty and out of breath with pain shooting through each of my improperly shod feet, we finally made it back to the rangers staition where he proceeded to bicker with us....he insisted there was no way possible we hiked the entire trail that fast and claim to have made time for lunch.  

The next day we couldn't walk!!!!! 

Now…..I must get some sleep. 

Live Decorated 

Good night, or rather, 
Good morning, 
This is merely the beginning of the journey.  Won’t you join us?  Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Long Way Home

When’s the last time you failed at something?  What about the last time you were rejected in a big way?  Have you ever fallen flat on your face?  We’ve all been there and I’m certainly no exception.  I’ve been down more times than I care to count to be entirely honest! 

Recently I put myself out there…. to be scrutinized, judged and analyzed.  All in hopes that a door that I wanted to walk through would swing open wide.  It came back to me that I didn’t measure up. I had failed.  I was flat out rejected with no explanation of any kind.  

If you’ve heard me speak at all you know how strongly I feel about the power of gratitude so I immediately fought back the tears, dusted off my knees

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Giant Journey...our BIG news

Life is one grand adventure.  Occasionally this adventure seems to take on a life of its own.  When I started traveling in my early 20’s I developed a passion for seeing new places & meeting new people.  The desire for greater adventure and experiences seemed to be coursing through my veins at an exponential speed. I was hooked.

After seven years of pretty much non-stop travel I needed a break.  I needed a steady home life and some sort of normalcy.  Boy did I ever get that.  I finally settled down, got married, had my first kid and I was ….. settled.  Second kid comes along and all of a sudden ’settled’ felt like stuck.   My sense of adventure never left me, I simply shelved it for a period.  

Now, after ten years of stationary adventure my life has taken a recent turn.  You see, one day while driving in our car, it’s as if God deposited the most brilliant idea into my husband and I.  We were so excited we had to stop at a cafe with a notebook just to hash some things out on paper.  
Well after much deliberation and prayer we are embarking on a new adventure.  One that seems larger than life.  One that we want to share with all of you.  We’re moving.  From Iowa.  To …. The…. Road.   Yes, you heard right.  We are getting rid of all the things that tie us down and we’re leaving in a vehicle of some sort to travel the US for a year.   See the video here.

What?!?!  Seems a bit crazy, right?  I can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone taking on such a crazy journey.  Which is beside the point since we’re not looking to mimic anyone else’s lives. This isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’s, nor has it ever been.  We’re blazing our own trail.

How? This does involve me home schooling my two little boys through a program we found through K12 online learning. (By the Lord’s infinite grace) Marc will be able to work remotely so there’s no issue there.
What?  We have not a clue what we’ll be driving off in.  I’m sincerely hoping for a cozy RV to hook our little Volvo up to.  Now, I’ve never driven something as giant as an RV but that’ll come out in the wash.  details!
When? Hmm…that’s a good one.  We know we’ll stick around to see to the mundane details pan out and allow the kids to finish out the school year.  So, we’re honestly thinking June/July-ish.  
Where?  Marc has an event to attend in Vegas in August so we’ll have to work that into our plans but other than that it’s all in God’s hands. 
Why?  We’re not sure where we want to move next so why not tour the US, educate the kids (and us) and find a place to fall in love with and go from there.  

So what about you?  How do you fit into this equation?  We would LOVE you to come along for the ride. We’ll be posting videos, pictures, stories and even Facebook Lives all along the way.  Would you please share this with a friend?  A family member?  A neighbor?  If not, cool, just keep up with us for motivation, inspiration and education.  

Have you ever had a dream or a goal so big you’d need a major miracle for things to line up so that dream can become reality?  That’s where I’m at.  I need a few miracles to make this happen!  An RV….equipment….funds….nothing that’s too big for a mighty God that’s placed this big desire in us.  
We’re forging ahead.  Taking one step at a time.  We hope you’ll join the journey.  

Go in Peace,

Blu Wyatt & family

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One word for 2017...what's yours?

We’re one month into 2017 already and I’m curious as to what you’re experiencing so far.  If you were to give 2017 ONE word what would it be?  Check out the post from the beginning of the month.  As a refresher: Mine is FREEDOM!  Freedom from insecurities that have had me bound up for most of my life.  Freedom from fear of other people’s opinions of me. Freedom from doubt and unbelief.  Freedom to be the woman God has created me to be. What’s your word?

Words contain so much power.  If used the right way we can paint the canvas of our lives with bright vibrant colors or we can use black and gray only just by the words we speak.  Are you speaking life, hope, love, optimism or doom and gloom, pain, fear, and despair?  

What about the people you choose to surround yourself with?  What are they speaking over themselves?  over you?  Will you permit negative people to speak into your life or will you silence the naysayers?  

I read on a bottle of Synergy KambuCha tea once “The world is only as colorful as the paint you allow on your palette.”  I thought this to be profoundly true.  I’ll take it one step further and say your world is only as colorful as the words you choose to speak over yourself.  

Self-talk is a big one.  You know this because I’ve said it a hundred times.  What are you speaking over yourself?  
In my case, I’m not as guilty anymore about speaking negative things over me as I am about staying silent.  I don’t often speak out the positive things I’m wanting to experience in life.  For example: I want to be speaking: I am full of confidence.  I speak with wisdom and kindness.  I am a force for good…a force for God.  I am alive and full of energy.  I attract God inspired ideas.  I spread love everywhere I go.  

Do I say these things everyday?  Unfortunately, no.  Do I say them once a week?  Embarrassingly, no.  So when I talk to you about increasing your self-talk I’m also preaching to myself here.  We can excel in this….in life….in love....through words.  

I pray that this year exceeds all your expectations and hopes.  Dream big.  Help people around you.  Keep your eyes focused straight ahead and don’t be moved by negative things that come your way.  Your future is BRIGHT no matter what it looks like right now...but you've gotta start with the right attitude:)  

It’s gonna be a great year…I can feel it in my bones.  Check out the YouTube video here.
God Bless and talk soon,


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What are you feeding?

faith or doubt? future or past?
Whatever you starve has no opportunity to grow.  Without food something surely dies.  What are you spending your energy on?  That’s what will grow and flourish.
My past is littered with pain, constant change, failures and on the other hand, major adventures and travel.  As you may already know, I was diagnosed with

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 things to do if you're in transition

Thanks Transition is no easy thing.  Passing through one season of life to another takes effort, focus, patience, direction and most of all….time.  How long does transition take?  It all depends.
It could take days, weeks, months and even years to move through a transition into the next phase or season of life.  It can’t be rushed.  We’re all so very different and each situation presents new challenges.  

Why are you in transition?  Are you in crisis mode or simply moving up in the world?  Maybe you’re not here by choice.  Any number of situations could’ve brought you to this point.  Divorce, marriage, having a baby, losing a child, kids going away to college, you’re going back to college, ending or starting a relationship, moving jobs or starting a new career and even physically moving locations.  There are countless reasons someone could find themselves in transition.

Here are some tips to getting through a transition as smoothly as possible.  Now, this is by no means a be all end all list of do's in order to avoid failure or decrease the amount of time in this sobering process.  Maybe sobering isn't the right word here but I think you get where I'm coming from.  Don't rush the process.

  1. Evaluate:  An honest look at where you’ve been, what you’ve experienced and where you're headed or would like to head is pretty crucial.  Ask yourself what you want to, or are supposed to, learn out of this.  There’s always a lesson.  Don’t stress out about this step.  You may not even learn the lesson until you’re at the end of your transition.  It just helps to be totally honest with yourself and lay it all out there.  NEVER beat yourself if you’re here because of a mistake you made or poor decision or failure.  It's in the past…receive forgiveness and let’s focus on moving forward….it’s the only way to go.
  2. Pray:  DAILY (it may seem like a no-brainer)  This is the foundation of this entire process.  How can you discover your full potential and purpose or even your next step without asking the One who made ALL things….including you….in all your uniqueness!  Ask God specifically where to go, what to do, what to let go of, what to start doing and ultimately what is His will for your life.  
  3. Read:  Get a good book that will open your eyes to a new perspective on your situation. I’m reading a great book right now that I would highly recommend at any stage of your life.  I Quit by Geri Scazzero.  There’s also Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  Another good one is Life! By Design by Tom Ferry.  These are just a few ideas but I know you’ll find a book that’s right for you.  The key here is to get out of your head and acquire a new perspective.
  4. Goals:  Write them down.  Seriously this is a big one.  Where do you see you in 3 months? 3 years?  Write it down.  Then find a way to make your goals bite sized.  I heard from a wise woman, Terri Savelle Foy, during one of her podcasts about how to build S.M.A.R.T. goals.  Specific. Measurable. Action-oriented. Realistic. Time-line.  write them down and put them in front of you.  This is the step I’m learning how to do as we speak.  This is a tough one but we can do this!  (she even has a book about this Dream It, Pin It, Live It) 
  5. Help:  Help someone else going through something.  Maybe you serve in the local food pantry.  Perhaps you drop off groceries on someone’s door-step.  Maybe a single mom who you think might be struggling.  Make dinner for a neighbor one day.  If we take our eyes off our own problems and concerns, even if only momentarily we can gain a clearer perspective.  Everyone struggles and we all need a little help at some point.  It doesn’t have to involve food but you get the idea:)
  6. Journal:  Writing down thoughts, ideas, fears, weaknesses, strengths, plans, dreams and even questions running around in your mind can be wildly beneficial to your process.  Getting something down onto paper is key.  No matter the phase of life we can all benefit from this tool.
  7. Guidance:  Seek wise counsel.  At some point in our lives, we realize we can’t do it all on our own.  We occasionally need outside support from someone we know makes wise decisions.  If this person is someone who prays, even better.  The power of two people joining together to pray is indescribable.  Could be a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a pastor or simply a close friend.  Someone you can trust.  
  8. Silence:  Each day sitting in silence and solitude can be therapeutic and even help you come to an answer that’ll help you along the process.  Most of us don’t allow ourselves the downtime to be quiet and to just sit.  Still.  Time to think and ponder without anything tugging or pulling at you.  This could even be a long soaking bath with the door locked.  (moms you know what I’m talking about…even bathing can turn into a family affair when they barge in with questions or problems)
  9. Self-Love:  Take care of YOU!  No one else will do the job you’ve been designed to do on your own.  Take ownership of your current health condition.  Are you hydrating?  Are you eating right? (this is a TOUGH one for me) Are you exercising? (ouch, this hurts) Could you be taking more time (even if only 30 minutes a day) to focus on your body?  mind? soul?  You’re a complex being and there are so many facets to who you are, if you’re neglecting a part of you then the rest of you can ultimately pay the price.  It’s all tied together and you can’t just gloss over this one.
  10. Enjoy:  Remember life is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy this process.  Learn to be in each moment, finding the good along the path of this journey.  Life is meant to be lived now…not tomorrow or 3 years from now.  You may be like me and in a seemingly constant state of transition so enjoying the journey is essential.  Learn what you can, mourn what you lost and rise up….this new and improved YOU.

Love yourself each and every step of the way remembering that it's not perfection we strive for…because that would be downright ludicrous …. its authenticity we’re looking for.  Embrace your authentic, creative self and life will shine through the ashes.  

You’re gonna make it!  You were created for greatness, don’t you know?  It all starts here and now…..or it may have started yesterday but you catch my drift.  Call this a fresh start.  And don’t be overwhelmed by these 10 points…they’re simply ideas to help get you on track.  Use the ones that fit, scrap the ones that don’t.    Make it your own cause this IS life.  Live Decorated!

If you have a suggestion, idea or thought you want to share regarding your transition (either now or times past)….PLEASE leave a comment below.  I seriously love to hear from you.

God Bless and tootles, 


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The elephant in the room

I’m a firm believer in getting out of your cozy little comfort zone of limiting beliefs and insecurities.  This is more often than not, easier said than done.  My case is no different.  

I recently enrolled in a speaker challenge through a
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