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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer camping

Hiding under the covers
It's lights out
20 girls in bunks all around me

The day flew by
Food, pool, chapel, bubbles, games, color wars, leader meeting, devotionals, speed walking with Pastor.... and topping it all off ....s'mores!!! 

I love church camp!!!!

God is doing a great work here.  This is exactly what I love summer church camp.  Little hearts learning to love and be loved is life changing and that's exactly why we're here.

Today marks the untimely death of one of our girls' dad.  He died saving two boys from drowning .... right in front of her little four year old eyes.  Heartbreaking, to say the least!  She came to camp very angry and on the defensive.  I didn't like her attitude by I understood she was going through a tough time. 

However, today she took a spoken word breakout session (that she absolutely did NOT want to attend) but totally caused her to open up.  It even brought a new light to her eyes.  Now she's writing poems non stop....with greater joy then I've ever seen her experience. 
I also took the same workshop and may have some things to share in the near future.

My boys (ages 6 and 8) are here too and boy are they loving this new found freedom!!!  Roaming camp with their friends, drinking cokes, eating junk, playing anything and everything, not showering. What am I gonna do for the rest of the summer..::I simply can't compete with camp. 

Ok my thumbs are tired (from slappin' this out on my iPhone), my arms are sore (from holding it up), and I'm sweating (hiding under these covers) so I'm signing out till next week.  Please for us as we experience God in new ways that we might her clearly what He wants to speak to our hearts. 

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Our power walk is scheduled for 6am and since I only slept 2 hours from last nights icy freezefest, I should sign off! 

Goodnight and sweet dreams...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Message to The Best Friend

I used to fly through to-do lists like no one’s business!  Check after check….finished.  Bi-Polar highs allowed me little sleep and an exuberant amount of energy.  Not so much anymore though.   I’m medicated…..and boring.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Warning: bullets in use

Preparing for our new life on the road … I’m a teeny bit overwhelmed by all the work that must be done...collecting like items together, taking pictures, and posting them to the garage sale sites—giving—selling—organizing.  However, on a much-needed side note; I must say, I’m wildly displeased with my responses on this Facebook group…..unimpressed!!!
So this gal might try the new Let Go app.  Have you heard of it?  Everything MUST GO!
We leave these corn fields July 28th.  (Colorado for a week, then Vegas for a week, then Oregon for a month…then….hmm…I guess California somewhere, then San Diego for a month, then Phoenix, then Texas and so on all the way down to Florida by February and the northeast by early fall of next year)
A new life is just beginning.

In honor of randomness, today I’d like to bring you to some seemingly structured, intellectual, thought-provoking, life-changing bullet points.  This post looks as if it makes perfectly good sense and reads easily enough.  Paragraphs, sentences (for the most part…sometimes I go a little heavy on the dot dot dot dot dot form of continuing a thought while pauses fill the air….. but that isn’t even a thing, eh? oh back to the sentence I’m in the middle of—thank God for parentheses), punctuation, and even bigger fonts in places.  These tools are meant to serve as a false front.  

Below you actually have a slew of ideas, statements, thoughts;  disconnected and mostly unrelated.  Although at times I allow my bullets to morph into each other….but there are NO guarantees.    A bullet will do what a bullet does....point out the thing that it's so ardently pointing out.  Making sense?

Please excuse this new style of writing….My experimentation takes me to new heights (and even depths from time to time... but hey failure is a part of success, am I right?  Not that this is a failure, by any means, but if it is I’m ok with that.  I’ll own it.  Am I really still typing inside the parentheses?) 
 Let’s move on:  

  1. Sometimes a dream may seem impossible…far out of reach….too lofty from a person of your background….too many obstacles in the road.  “I could never” 
  1. I’ve never been big on writing things down.  Dreams…goals…ideas….feelings.  Keeping a journal has been a hit or miss kinda thing so when I started this year off I decided to take control of this area of my life.  Maybe I decided, but maybe its more like I just realized I’ve taken control as I’m typing this blog.  Go, Me!  
  1. b.   My honey got me a Passion Planner for my birthday and I got started immediately.  I wrote down some goals.  (I haven’t looked at them since….but Hey!)  I wrote down affirmations. Quotes. Scripture verses. Appointments. Thoughts.  Plans.  And I topped it off with colored pencils and markers.  Perhaps even a little glitter and dried flowers pressed between its pages.  
  1. b.  All that to say this.  (yes I jumped back up to number 1 and just added a “b"…so what)
My dream is big!  
Bigger than BIG!!!!  
Bigger than I could EVER do on my own!  
  1. c.  My hope for you is that you dream bigger than you can imagine.  What are you passionate about?  There’s a reason for it.  What fuels you?   Where would you like to be in 10 years?  Take time to really tune into the answers here.  
  1. Now y’all know I’m ALL about living decorated, right.  I mean Good Lord…..it’s the name of my blog for cryin’ out loud.  Queen obvious.  So let me shift gears and share with you one of the million ways I decorate my life ..... by putting God’s will above my own.  To listen quietly and often.  To practice Silence and Solitude.   It isn’t always easy.  In fact it rarely is.  My brain is constantly going…my world (much like yours, I’m sure) is quite noisy.   
  1.      To be alone…to silence the noise….
learn to listen.
  1. In all honesty, I thought I’d be further along by now.  Seriously.  I mean sooooo many lessons were to be had.  How many of them did I repeat 'cause I didn’t learn it the first time around?  I’ll never be through learning and constantly growing but hopefully I can learn a bit faster as time goes on.  
  1. b.   What lessons have you learned lately?  
  2. What are you learning right now, as a result of your circumstances and attitude toward them?  My attitude needed some tweaking on Monday.  I’m coming out of it slowly.  Funny thing is, I tell y’all to have a positive attitude and at times that same words need to penetrate my soul and take up residence.  Be positive:)  Yep.
  1. Help us start a new life of adventure by supporting our journey.  We would love if you would pray for us as this is the most giant of excursions.  We could also use an RV.  A drivable one.  Know anyone?   Loan or rent or donate???   Another way to support us is follow us on our YouTube Channel, Twitter, Instagram and yes even Facebook.  (But follow my business page because I’m migrating over there rather than my personal page….that just gets the leftovers.)   
Why subscribe?  
Why follow?  
  1. b.  Well if the life of adventure isn’t enough for you just think of it as giving us a wink and a prayer as we depart.  And thank you:)
  1. Next time…brace yourself... we might have to talk about how peeling the shell off farm fresh eggs and how that relates to life as we live it.  I tell ya, anything is possible and it's actually quite fascinating.
  2. Please let me know your story….how you’ve come out of the darkness or maybe you’re going through it as we speak.  Tell your story.  Even bullet points are acceptable in this judgement free zone of love and respect.  
  3. Much thanks for letting me pound this out in a unique, non-author-like kinda way....and for letting me share these real-life pictures (see below) that are far from perfect (almost painful to sift through, really).   I'm stepping far outside my comfort zone to share with you the raw truth....removing any pride left and humbly accepting my mess and its process. 
  4. oh and one more thing:  please share this with everyone you know 'cause they gotta read the next bullet....it certainly applies to them as well.  Share away and you're welcome.
  5. In all honesty: You’re an amazing individual who is the only person ever who can do what you do, think like you think, act like you act, help like you help, and laugh like you laugh.  You're a powerhouse.  So unique and beautiful in your own special "you" kinda way.   Don't just look for the easy way out....look for the underlying lesson attached to this trial or mountain (so to speak).  Stay strong and focused …full of faith (let me take my own medicine here).  

May God bless you with blessings so great you won’t even be able to contain them.  
May you be blessed to be a blessing to others.  

Loving you,

Blu Wyatt

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