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Friday, June 29, 2012

Backyard Transformation : FIGHT!!!

To finish off the week with a bang I thought I’d share this beautiful picture of today’s sunset and encourage you a bit before you head into the weekend.

I have a sweet friend going through a challenge which mirrors

Thursday, June 28, 2012

ROOMS :: focus

Humor me for a second.  
Imagine a big house with many rooms, vast corridors, lush gardens and a kitchen made for

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

transparency :: POWER

Now that I’m back in full swing I’ll be updating you on my latest art creations a fun quickie makeover using only the items the homeowner had on hand.  But for today I want to check in on YOU.  I’m always talking about how to “Live Decorated” so have you been finding anything helpful? 

  • How are YOU living decorated?  
  • What little quirks make you special?
  • What things put a smile on your face?  
  • Have you started thinking of ways you can beautify your world?

This weekend "Live Decorated" took on a whole new meaning for me.  Keep in mind this is the life I’ve created for myself...
decorating each step of the way.  I’ve been striving for
beauty in every area.  Oh, but some funky junk I’ve been sweeping under the proverbial rug of avoidance has come to light. 

Three big things actually....:

Monday, June 25, 2012

FULLY charged with PHOTOS to share

On my way to bed trying to process everything I experienced in the past 4 days at The Sound Worship Conference in Dallas I’ve decided to give you the story in picture form until I can filter through what to share & what bits need to stay private...you know I tend to be an over-sharer (I'm sure that phrase exists...if only for me).    

I know in the next few days or weeks some special words will come 

Friday, June 22, 2012

men vs. women :: my living room tells ALL

My living room came to life the other day! Stick with me & I’ll let you into my head on this one....

Men vs. Women

There are tons of books & loads of websites discussing this very topic.  Without attempting to bore you with what you already know let my living room speak

Thursday, June 21, 2012

guest posts :: CONFESSION

I’m thrilled to have some dear friends of mine joining me on the Live Decorated journey so keep a close watch out for some special guest posts in the next month.  Welcome them with loads of loving, encouraging comments, if you would:)
this is me....keeping an eye out for my guests:)  You know who you are....

Confession:  I've been so busy I haven't

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sleepless Confession

Not too smart....finishing the second coat of my toenail polish at 2:45am. 

So I wait...and wait....hunger setting in now.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Pool, jump, fish, God time, encouraging words--short n sweet

tiny socks - big feet
Weekend adventures spilled over into our week with a fabulous Jumpy Place visit.  This weekend’s fun was mainly held at the community pool where we landed our favorite lounge chairs under the most beautiful shade tree at the furthest corner.  I felt like princess for a day at my very own pool:)  then the crowds arrived. 

We also had an outdoor fishing adventure which ended with a

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Change is GOOD...and its coming soon

Ready for a little "face lift" for Live Decorated?  Well, I am.  Tuesday we had a photo shoot with some amazingly talented guys that you'll hear all about in a few weeks’ time.  What happens in a few weeks?  We're rolling out the new, the fabulous, the anointed Live Decorated website, video & jingle.  Yes, the BEST is yet to come! 

Face lift:
Let's clear something up right here -

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrifting Process and valuable TIPS

even though this is a dress it proves my point: you can get
amazing things at thrift stores if you just take the time
I'm here to encourage all those Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and (sadly) Rooms to Go kind of vanilla bix box store addicted people I know(you know who you are) to venture into imaginative resourcefulness....i.e. creativity.  Today we’ll start a new round of posts that are sure to be as random and inspirational as I am in life (and blogging:)  

I'll introduce you to my world of picking, thrifting, treasure hunting & garage sale-ing (hmmm, my husband will have to tell me how to say that).  Where I find items, each for its own reason & purpose then I'll make an attempt to

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

what's your dream?

Do you have a dream?  a vision? goals for your life?  

Well a random little act we saw at Sea World (the sea lion show) started the wheels turning (you'll have to watch the video).  Now that you've seen the video you'll recall the scene where the young girl is talking to the seal about having a dream to become a detective.  She's driven, focused, ambitious but has proven herself faithful in her current responsibilities.   There are a few directions I can go just with that little 30 second take 

Monday, June 11, 2012

sea world road trip :: scattered thoughts

after chasing T all over the rope gymnasium...."wait for Mama please"
this was the priceless "why can't you keep up?" look on his face
Here's a little unknown fact about moi....I want so badly to write a song...a good one....maybe a jazzy soulful song....to sing out boldly for the One who made me...who gave me all these amazing blessings....arms, legs, eyes, ears, my beautiful family, a king-size bed, my CHI flat iron, airplanes to transport me all over the world, Sea World to entertain my kids....we're actually on our way now:)  

(wrote this 4 days ago on the iPad...in the car...jamming out...

old post....days after daddy died...never published

I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus through all this mess! God is the Source of my strength.
more proof of my mail box fascination.....checking his mail the day ..
no answers there unfortunately
As you may or may not know my father passed away suddenly this weekend.  (January 27th 2012)

I don't know what words to put together to express ... the....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chill Out :: must read info before dessert

Frozen Yogurt Bar...hello...you mean I get to make my own heavenly concoction?  Watch me Live Decorated as I pile my bowl of Mountain Blackberry and New York Cheesecake sky high with cheesecake chunks and toffee bits....I'm definitely in the right place, y'all!
Tiernan's bowl...the colorful balls are just juice that look like candy
and the candy is chocolate covered sunflower seeds...
I'm not as bad of a mom as it looks:)
This super impromptu video

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

love entirely

Studying a simple flower at my Dad's memorial service in all its vibrancy framed by a rusted metal background gave me a glimpse of joy & inspiration in a moment of deep grief & hurt.  Looking back now it really amazes me what joy little things can bring into the heart of a person if that person only takes time to absorb the moment.....to experience the LOVE of God in all things, at all times.

God is the ultimate Designer to create so many different colors, shapes, sizes and forms ...even just in the flower family....think of all the other little things He created!  We always think of the sun, moon, stars and the earth...but all the little things amaze me just as much!

I was moved to create something tonight as I'm challenging myself on many fronts.  One would be to go to bed before 2am but I'll start that tomorrow:)  so I started with this simple photograph which speaks volumes to me considering the short amount of time in which God has truly healed my heart from the pain of such great loss.

By no means is this a downer post...just the opposite in fact.  In my journey, my adventure, to Live Decorated God allowed me the forward motion to capture the tiny burst of joy & magnify it to something greater than my grief.

Now all I can see is Him!

NEW for LOVE :: Do something BIG

Can you think of something special you could do for your husband or wife to make their day or take some weight off their shoulders?   Here's a project I completed in an afternoon in order to bless my husband and take one of the million things OFF his to-do list for a change.   Ahhh....now that's love.  That Love Dare book is obviously doing its work in me:)

 I'm sure he's more thrilled that the nagging will finally stop about those dang shelves "that aren't even a necessity anyway"~my Honey quote

Watch the video...turn of events for sure.  What I didn't get to show you (follow through isn't my strong suit) was that I painted & built the thing all myself and here's the joyful surprise...a month after installation they are STILL standing strong!!  YAY!!!!

some ideas to get your brain cells moving:

  • doing the budget
  • paying the bills
  • cooking dinner
  • picking up dry cleaning
  • cleaning the toilets
  • taking them lunch to work
  • mowing the grass
  • planting some fresh flowers that he/she will see as they come home each day.

So as I've mentioned before I'm a bit behind on my video output...but here's a Sneak Peek:
Not only are you waiting to see Marc's office after the transformation....I'll also be bringing you an interview from one of the owners of the most awesome frozen yogurt "boutique" (that's what I'm calling it):
Chill Out.  You'll find them in the Target & Kohl's shopping center in Kyle, TX.
I have some inside info you'll want to know before even walking into a yogurt bar.  Oh, yeah....keep watching.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

week's recap :: girl's night out tops it all off

What a night!  What a day, really.  What a week, actually!

After a LONG week of working on the new office I was invited to an impromptu “Girl’s Night Out”... for a “mommy chocolate fix” HELLO:?!?!?!@??  “Of course!!!!  Uh, I mean, let me ask Marc.”  Well get this....after a LONG day at work my sweet Honey generously said “yes” so I bounded out the front door followed by naked, freshly bathed bums (my boys y’all).  What a dear, kind man who loves me so much to do the night-time routine on his own....thanks Babe!!!!!  

Ya see, I’m the kind of mom....woman....who needs a break occasionally: time away to recharge.  The best way for this mama to recharge (other than my toes in the sand of some quiet Caribbean beach) is to socialize with friends, tell stories and laugh over a mouth-watering, dessert. ... 

Uhhh, I mean JUICE!!!   A BIG glass of healthy, good-for-me juice! But while we’re on the subject I have a bone to pick with Joe Cross, the Mr. Wonderful of the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead movie.  His website has nothing for the sweet tooth in me.... so I must improvise the diet from time to timeJ  love me!

Back to my night of adventure story:  Yummy key lime pie, sweetie-cake (can’t use “pie” twice in one sentence, oh wait, I just did:) waitress, amazing conversation and healthy belly laughs all set outside, on the patio overlooking the river with the sound of rushing water in the background....now that’s a  perfect night out if you ask me.  Actually.....”perfect” would’ve included live jazz music, but who’s complaining?   
I hope you’ll enjoy a recap of this week’s adventures...well actually, the few I remembered to film.  Remember my promise to you in my previous post....here?

RANDOM::Another reason I need a camera crew: hehehe... there were so many memorable, funny, off the cuff moments that needed capturing tonight with my new girlies (did I mention I only knew Ro, the friend who invited me?).  What is a girl to do?  Stop the funny, grab the camera & say “could you repeat that please?”  I think NOT!  So the funniness kept rolling, without record, in a thousand fleeting moments....all gone....never to be shared...ahhhh! 

One day you’ll be able to join us as me & the friends God sends me share ideas, jokes, adventures, silliness and profound-life-changing thoughts...all “for the cause of Christ.”  I took that line from Mary Alessi’s song Pressing On.  Oh do I love that cool, laid back vibe she throws out there while her words give the mind & heart something to chew on.  Listen.    

Live Decorated this weekend 
with lots of LOVE, laughter, silliness and hey, don't forget prayer time with your Creator....He LOVES YOU!!!!!

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