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Friday, September 30, 2011

changing gears...turning the focus from selfish to selfless...a good goal to have.

We women wear MANY hats!  Would you agree?  Well tonight...only moments ago I was coming in from the garage to get something I needed to work on a project when I stopped, turned back around to turn off the garage lights, and locked the door.  A little earlier than normal considering that when the weather is right I could live in my garage working constantly while the family recharges for the next day.  God please let me survive on very little sleep each night and maybe throw in an afternoon nap a couple times a week. 
Back to my story- I came in to refocus on what’s important.GOD!  Then family.  Then business.  Selfish to Selfless. I want to remember to put others before myself.

Now back to me: allow me to share some of today’s adventures:
Marc kindly took Tiernan to school today (thank you Honeykins) so you can imagine the work I was able to pump out while Koen took his first nap. 
-I painted a coat of paint on Louis Shank chair (loving it!) 
-Found the purpose for the drawer---a way to display jewelry as art

One day soon I hope to get my act together & post pictures each day of the projects we’re working on or have completed.  I took some pics today but by the time I can get to the computer to type all this up its too much effort & the cords are in the master.  Not a good idea to wake my Honey. 

Back again:
-Drilled the holes for the coffee table art & the photo to install on it- going to be wonderful IF I can created something that looks like the vision in my head! Decided on what to do for the sidesspray paint.  You’ll love it!  Or not.

-Sanded a few items to prep for the next phase of fun.  Table top---may end up being wall art.  Legs for chest turned linen closetnot sure what I called it last night.
-Sprayed a few interesting finds.will see them at the partyreally really affordable so everyone can go home with something!

There were so many things earlier I was thinking to tell you about but right now they’re not coming…must be tired.

Oh, here are a couple new projects that were born tonight as Marc & I stirred creativity stew in the garage:
We’ll make a table out of an old metal box that looks like it used to house parts for a hardware store but I can’t be sure of it.  The legs from another table we took apart were a perfect fit but we had to strip them of some nasty veneer laminate.  Now we just have to drill the holes in this metal case....easy? we shall see!

And there was one other project we decided would be a good idea but I can’t think of it & normally I’d get up & go check out the garage to know for sure & add it to my blog.  But NOT TONIGHT!  I’m finished, at least in that room.

Although I always enjoy keeping you up to speed I'm rather sleepy so I shall sign off.  The last 3 nights I've gone to bed without taking the time to talk with God & prepare spiritually for the next day.  So tonight I'm not putting my relationship with God second to sleep or work for the truth of the matter.  I love when He is the last person I talk to & the one I wake up withafter only ONE snoozeby faith!!!
side moment: My Pastor just told a story about one of the big faith preachers that wouldn’t let more than 30 minutes go by without meditating on the word of God.  No wonder he was a faith giant.  Oral Roberts?  Kenneth Hagin? I’m sorry, I don’t recall.  I have a LONG way to go but the good news is nothing is impossible & I love seeking His face.  Amazing, this caring, loving God we serve.  We are abundantly blessed!!!

Ok.really I must go now!  Beddie-Bye...t

Thursday, September 29, 2011

God is blessing me more than just this party

The past couple days, despite being very busy, I've been so heavily blessed with a fresh outlook.  My boys are amazing (well I've always known that) and I've been enjoying more quality time with them even cuddling or kissing.  It bears mentioning that yesterday was Koen's first, second & third kisses.  Tiernan was the first to receive a juicy, baby slobber kiss which almost turned into a very red nose.  Then Mama joined right in this fun experience of a milestone & Daddy was quick to follow.  Afterward Koen celebrated his accomplishment with an ear to ear smile and several strong hand claps.  What a special moment!

And for Tiernan he's talking so much more these days.  He loves to carry on a conversation even using new facial features & shoulder shrugs.  I have to keep from laughing just about every time.  Not only when he's telling a story or explaining something to me but this boy is FUNNY.  just plain ol' giggle-till-it-hurts funny, 
You wanna hear something really funny?  Well, too bad, I'm telling it anyway.  Once I was trying to have a serious conversation with him about something he did that was unacceptable.  Trying being the key word here.  Not only was I unable to keep a straight face I couldn’t even look at him.  I don't mean I wore a smirk.  I mean I was in an outright belly laugh.  Uncontrollable.  Laughing with tears in my eyes.  Ever since then he’ll randomly try to just start laughing when I’m about to discipline him thinking he’ll get me going.  It only worked ONE other time I assure youJ 

What a joy it is to see them both growing & learning.

party details--so many things to finish

How many days until this party?  24?  anyway, I was getting a bit overwhelmed by it all so Marc suggested I approach this as a business woman.  "Make a list of all your projects" he suggested.  So I did.  2 pages worth of projects I'm either in the middle of or on the verge of starting.  What!:!"!:?!:  I need help.  I prayed & as I was asking Him to send me an intern or friend a song bubbled up in me.  I say of the Lord You are my shield, my strength, my fortress, deliverer, my shelter, strong tower....my very present help in time of need.  And there I have it....He is my help!  He helps me in all I do as long as I continually put my trust in HIM according to Proverbs 3:5-6.

So as far as projects I NEED His help on:
coffee table turned into art with old fence wood, sconces and a photograph (drill holes for carriage bolts & mount photograph)
large map artfinished the medium one tonight and have the large one to tackle..Joann don’t worry I have one more place to look for the one element I’m missing.hang in there!
crosses (jeweled or maps)
an amazing Louis Shanks chair --paint & recover
Trunk cabinetpaint & distress legs from side table, install legs, strip varnish from trunk, add shelves inside
Light fixturepressure wash, install lighting inside---IF I get this one finished this will be one for the books
Our Sign!!!  Big pineapple yellow sign needs to be painted & framed out
2 lamps---paint, get lamp shades
Make art from the top of the end table we disassembled
Drawer from the table is a display shelf lined with OLD foreign stamps
Tree footboardmight be able to put this one off since we’re considering using this one for a while THEN selling it.  Would love to show it off though.a real work of art!
Grandma’s bracelet---a few pins & special things from my mom’s mom I want to wear as a bracelet then make a sister to sell---vintage earrings, coins, pendants, awards, pins & even an old small bell to add to the vintage chain!
Key necklaces---Marc does all the jewelryJ
Laptop table covered in an old map---wanna keep this one and would still love to show it as a sample of what we like to createJ we’ll see if it makes the cut
Magnets---already have 6 made & I really love them.  Used old rusted metal with vintage costume jewelry & crystals.so much fun to make these
Faith, Hope, Love Clockneed to add the back for hanging then send to Nino, my clock maker
Love artI guess all I have to do is add the back hardware but its SO big it’ll take 2 people to make sure its on straight. 
5 window art displays---have to work all 5 (if I have the time) on Photoshop to get to the printers..Photoshop better behave!!!!  I worked for a while yesterday & today on thisMiracle from heaven.I’m READY!  Thanks GOD.I love you.

This is just my project list.NOT my to do list for party prep.
OH LORD.please helpplease.  I would love for people to just get a good picture of what we do & what we create.  Everyone wants a unique conversation piece (or 10) in their house.  Trust me!  I’m a decorator & I know what my clients want.   I know the right eyes will see our work & even though not everyone will love it, there will be those that appreciate what we do & the Favor of God on our lives!

Ni-night.I’ll let you know tomorrow how things are looking & how we’re coming along. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

party details


Shopping. Entertainment. Fantastic treats. FUN!
Sorry this event is just for the ladies.....hosted at my favorite tea room, The Motley Menagerie
October 22nd....just read the invitation link above. 

I have some invitations printed (the same as the picture attached) at The Motley Menagerie and will hopefully soon be found at Buda's Red Door.  I hope to see you there.  I'm praying the right ladies will be there & divine appointments & friendships will manifest---no more than 200 is my prayer. The right eyes will see what we do & what we're all about.  The Grey Pear is successful because everything we put our hand to prospers.....according to Psalm 1:1-3.

I am praying for each one of you ladies, whether you come or not.  Just the fact that you read my scattered thoughts from time to time.  Ok....can I be real with you?  I don't mean to confess anything bad I just think I should acknowledge that my husband is the only one reading this:)  Not for long honey...I'm hittin' the big time:)   Breakthrough is MINE....its here right now! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lady friends in Austin...READ this important invite!!!!

Please read..all the way to the invite details on the bottomJ

Let me take you back to where it all began.  August:  Marc started raving about this new product that made their entire office smell amazing.  He tried to convince me for about a week to come in & smell this thing.  He finally realized I wasn’t interested or maybe he grew tired of waiting for me.  Either way, he came home one day from work with Scentsy & turned it on in the kitchen while I was in the bedroom.  I was SOLD!  Before I knew what hit me I was leaving the wackiest “I would like to sign up to seel this” kind of message to a woman I had never met before…my new friend, the Scentsy consultant.  She graciously met us at the house & informed us of the process & details but what really stands out for me about our first meeting is that most “consultants” (I’ll get back to that in a minute) start with a “launch party” to let their friends & family know they sell Scentsy & why its so wonderful…which it totally IS by the way!  Now any of you who know me know that I’ve never ever ever been interested in any of those businesses where you talk your friends into hosting a party at their house to tell them all about this “amazing” stuff you sell (whatever it may be, makeup, cooking stuff, purses, etc).  Now, don’t get me wrong some of those home parties are great because they introduce you to wonderful new things you didn’t know you needed until you found out about them and “had to” have them.  I get it!  I love Pampered Chef, Arbonne, trunk shows with random beautiful girlie things!!!  The goods come to you & you can chat with your friends in the process.  Love it & love attending those parties … if I don’t feel pressured to buy.  And there you have it!  The reason I’m not interested in selling anything by asking people to book parties with me:  I don’t like putting pressure on people’s pocket books….I want people to just love the product so much that they keep ordering refills & gifts from me…..constantlyJ

So now let me go back to the term “consultant”, which by the way, thanks for letting me detour here.  I don’t consider myself a “rep” or “sales consultant”!  I am a Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover graduate (fallen off the wagon a few times …. ok a LOT but I’m still here!?!).  A long long time ago I had to cut my candle budget into tiny little pieces of paper dust when I married Marc (my best friend) and we started having a family (amazing boys to boot).  Well a lot has happened since then & I can’t seem to spend what I used to on candles because I’d rather spend money on more important things.  Wouldn’t you? 

Now for the point of this blog entry to be revealed: after a few weeks of putting off the idea of a launch party (feeling a bit cheesy) then rescheduling a few times I finally have a date:  October 22nd.   Here’s the important part….its NOT simply my Scentsy launch party, its also a community gathering for ladies to meet up with some friends, make new ones by the droves,  win loads of fun door prizes (drawn every half hour), enjoy a dance performance from Inishfree School of Irish Dance, shoot some photos with friends in the photo booth (my ultimate joy will be to read the comments, encouragement, stories, memories & overall uplifting messages from you all in the photo scrapbook).  Also, I'm excited to announce that I’ll have various creative types selling their unique treasures and maybe even some great shops from Buda & Kyle will be showcasing their eclectic finds.  Consider this party a "one stop style shop"

No matter your style, we want to see you confident about who God has created you to be...dress up…for yourself.  Take the time out for you!  Currently I’m looking for a great dress & a really awesome vintage hat because hats can make an outfit go from so so to stunningly stellar (that was for Linda).  So I encourage you...if you've been looking to sport a fancy hat then this is your chance to do it without feeling silly.  

Please read..
Come and join me at the Motley Menagerie 602 West Center St. in Kyle
 Saturday, October 22nd from to .

We'll be serving light hors d’oeuvres and all LADIES are welcome.  RSVP would be great (meaning DO IT--please) by October 19th.  Simply email me your email address to thegreypear at gmail dot com so I can add you to the invite list and to make sure you receive any updates.  This is very important because if anything changes you’ll want to know about itJ  IF you do this it would greatly bless me AND if that isn’t enough to entice you…… I’ll enter you into a special drawing just for going above & beyond! 
How about that?!? 

So email me,  save the date and shop for a hat.  See you there!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

gymnastics for my boys

Tiernan's first experience with gymnastics today was beautiful.  He had such a great time but secretively I had the BEST time.  I watched him jump everywhere, bounce off padded things, roll on the floor, run on the training trampoline, fall face first into the foam cube pit, all the while Koen watched in amazement as he fought off sleep (had to skip his nap to go).

I have 4 videos and I was able to get ONE on YouTube so I might be able to share it here.  Working on sharing more videos & pictures; only problem is everyone's in bed by the time I get to it & all the electronic stuff to accomplish this task is in our study with the computer....can't wake my resting Honey!

So I will get it together.....technically speaking....one day soon, I hope. 

"Your house is Pinterest on steroids"...best compliment ever!!!!

Pinterest on steroids

I can’t believe I’m only NOW sharing this…my friend Julie came into town (Monday) from Arizona, where her & her husband live.  Now, I must admit, Julie & I were never very close.  She had many close girlfriends & I had a new marriage, a thriving business, church activities & a baby on the way when we really spoke for the first time.  Its pretty safe to say I was a bit consumed …. I certainly wasn’t my “normal” friend-making kinda gal.  

What started our friendship?  We spent a short time sharing an office at the real estate firm where my husband worked (and still does).  It gave me a place to meet clients, lay out my sewing projects & work the marketing & bookkeeping end of business while also giving me a chance to have girl chat.  I was privileged to hear all her wedding planning details as they unfolded.  I mean, what woman doesn’t like to share the joy of a friend about to walk down the aisle…..not me.  I love seeing my friends blessed & walking out God’s plan for their lives.  Well Julie is no exception.  I’ve seen God do some really great things for her & it makes me smile.  Its just the beginning Miss Julie!  Then we introduced them to Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  Totally life changing for them just as it has been for us.  So the bond was strengthened.  She then planned a diaper shower for Marc & I while we were expecting Koen.  Her attention to detail was remarkable & I’m sad she isn’t here to help me plan this big party for October 22nd!!!!  Her husband has his 10 year high school reunion far away from here on Friday.   Its ok folks, it’ll be great.  Mark your calendars ladies.  Invite to follow via FB or evite if I have your email address. 

Well I gave you a little (ok a little too much babble and side winding) background story just to share that she was able to drop by the other day (Monday)  & see the boys, Koen for the first time, and have a tour of the house in progress.  Now mind you, when she called I had just finished painting my new dresser --gift from God (free & gorgeous)-- and had only JUST placed it in the study.  Ok….do you know what that means?  I had clothes, jewelry, and just about everything else you can imagine strewn all over the study & spilling over into the bedroom.  Disaster!  I tell all my clients, it’ll have to get worse before it gets better…but when you have to take your own dose of advise its not so fun.  So with minutes on the clock until Julie arrives I’m flying through the house picking up…staging….making it all picture perfect for her first impression.  I even wrote “welcome home Julie” on the chalkboard just as you enter the front door.  Over the top?  I think NOT!!!  If you know me you know I’m the type that likes every single thing in its place, tidy, neat , totally & flawlessly decorated (although this house is still a work in progress as I’m sure I’ve already  mentioned).  Well the part of the story Marc enjoyed telling her when she arrived was that when I was running around cleaning (still in my painting clothes from the dresser project) he said “you might want to change” and I retort off the cuff “it doesn’t matter what I look like, she’s seen me cute, she’s never seen the house!”.   I mean am I right?!?  First impressions are so important & you never get another one.  “ok…could you come back again in 3 months & take another tour?  Pretend you’ve never seen it before.”  That doesn’t exactly work, right!? 

So there you have it….now I’ve arrived at the point of my story.  I have to share the most amazing compliment I’ve ever received on my home: 
“Your house is like Pinterest on steroids!!!”  The tone of voice & body language actually placed about 17 exclamation points on the end of that statement.  WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Best ever compliment & coming from someone who is confident in her own style.  Bunny Trail: One thing I think is so important is once you find & identify your own unique style (call me to help if you don’t quite know yet) then stand strong there.   I have a LOT of friends that have a very different style than I do & some even laugh when they come over & see something new (which 90% of the time they hate….I mean strongly dislike) but all that makes me do is laugh…never getting offended because I’ve been around enough homes & different people to know everyone is unique & what I try to do for my clients is pull out their style & lead them to a successful palette & concept for the space to really work for them.  Change is sometimes hard but a healthy change must be welcomed & embraced  change must come  On a small scale, as an examplem what’s in now won’t necessarily look so wonderful in 10 years.  There comes a time to redecorate.

I didn’t plan on going into all of that but it must’ve been for someone out there listening.  Change is good….embrace it & move forward.  Read Jeremiah 29:11 for a little food for thought……

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  (NLT)

 love to all....and ni-night.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nursing acrobatics mystery finally solved

Over the period of the past few weeks I noticed when Koen would nurse he'd move all other the place, calm down then move again several times in a row.   It was only today my eyes were opened to his exact sequence of moves during each session. 
He starts off the second he sees me or hears my voice.  His chin juts out, his body stiffens & jerks then he lets out a sound that starts as a wining laugh, excitement.  At this point it doesn’t matter if I’m in position in 10 seconds are 10 minutes he lets me know he’s not pleased with the rate at which I’m preparing myself or him for this joyful encounter. 

Finally….The Latch! 
an attempt  
release n roll. 
back as far as he can looking as far away from me as possible. 
cuddle mama. 
then back again. 

another attempt. 
roll….back, back, stretch, kick and all over again.  

Tonight I counted 5 times before I finally let down the nummy goodness he was waiting so patiently for (in his own unique way). 

Today was amazing….I mean truly amazing.  Not sure what all I can share at this point…due to the hour & my sleepiness I guess I’ll just leave it at that. 

I will say that I cherish the special time I spent with each of my boys today.  Tiernan’s love languages are touch & quality time…so tonight was perfect for him.  Not sure what Koen’s are yet but they will reveal themselves.  I’m guessing touch as well.   Also the time I spent with friends & the amount of work I accomplished all in God’s grace….so good….so fun….so surprising…..so unpredictable &  SO SO SO wonderful…..His love for us!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

chores with an old time twist---saves energy too!

Our dryer went out a few days ago & it finally came time to put a stop to the ever growing pile of stinky laundry lying about.  After checking craigslist for front load fancy-high-function machines I had a memory flash through my mind.   Summer!  My sister & I spent them split between family who owned a locally renowned stables, our grandparents in the city (population 5128), & other grandparents had a farm.   At the stables (400 acres of amazing land on the river) I started the day before the sun by walking out to the lower creek crossing to get the horses for daily trail rides.  Sometimes I’d have to walk all the way to the Big Meadow to find them but to save time on the way home I’d jump on the lead mare & ride her all the way back to the corral while all the other horses (about 20) followed close behind.  Then feed them, halter them & tie them to the hitching rail, brush them all, pick hooves, saddle then bridle ALL the horses.  All the while, listening to 40’s & 50’s old time country music (some I hadn’t heard since they sold the land).     We won’t go into the fact that for years there was never a real toilet….just an outhouse.  Well several outhouses to accommodate all the cabins & the lodge.  Interesting fact, they don’t always have to stink…..my family apparently used a lot of lime & they never smelled.  Wow…wonder if anyone lived with outhouses!

In town, Grandma Barb loosened the reigns.  Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch and dinner (afternoon snack was Little Debbie Swiss Cake rolls) during an entire summer.  I played with Julie (my best friend who lived 2 doors down) all day & night pretty much.  We roller skated, ran every night at midnight one year (in the rain), walking to Dairy Queen, the park, and just about anything 2 girls can do in a one stop light town.  FREEDOM was my favorite underlying theme of summers in Iowa. 

Days on the farm were filled with mischievous adventures just like the other 2 places but also filled with chores: playing with the cows (or being chased by the bull), bailing hay (climbing around in the FULL haystacks in the gigantic barn were a big highlight for me), shucking corn, snapping peas, eating fresh fruit from the vine & apples from the orchard (rather than coming in for lunch) and always staying out of the way of the men working.

Each had their own appeal… but one memory ties them all together & stands out more than the others this week as I'm reminded of …..LAUNDRY!  The countless hours spent at the clothes line helping snap the clothes, hang, remove, fold & put away and occasionally a game of hide n seek with sis.   I was just like any other kid in the sense that I wanted everything to feel like an adventure (still do actually) and had to be entertaining someone or making something. 
Memory invasion: I just remembered my Grandma Barb washed clothes with one of those old washing machines that had the big metal tub with the ringer that would push the clothes through in order to drain the water from them.  I wonder if anyone actually used those…..I mean anyone I know.  She used to tell me not to get my fingers near the ringer….but did I listen?  NO!  I got my whole arm stuck once & nearly broke the thing.  Oooooo was she fit to be tied! 

 I realize I lived a very different childhood than most people.  Milking cows, riding horses, working a farm, roofing with my dad, detasseling corn (the hardest job I ever had) and moving at least once a year which allowed me the freedom to reinvent myself & start fresh each time. 

How did I get so far off topic...mental road trip I guess. 
Laundry...clothes line.  There, I'm back!  I decided I'd get a couple of the retractable clothes lines and have loved snapping the clothes (for wrinkles), hanging, waiting (I mean accomplishing the other 100 things on my to do list), removing, folding, putting away.  Who would've known an uncooperative dryer would bless me to the point of recalling a simpler time in life....I quiet, chill, moms take care of everything with grace & confidence kinda world.  I just know when I put on some house shoes (or crocs), pick an apron to slip on and put on some instrumental jazz piece or better yet, the Binions in the background I'll feel more stately & grounded as I prepare the perfect home environment for my family.  Like June Cleaver….right!?!

So ….
I love a staged home! 
Not staged for sale....staged for real life! 

Much love & peace.....t

Monday, September 12, 2011

gymnastics: my boys new favorite

Watching Tiernan run, bounce, roll, fall, jump and laugh today in Olympia Hills Gymnastics was captivating.  Even Koen just stared at his big brother doing all these fun things he can’t do at home. 

He ran as fast as he could on the training trampoline to launch into the big red cushy mat at the end.  He “jumped really high” in the foam block pit; Koen & I even ventured in at one point.  “don’t eat  that Ko!”  Tiernan also hung from monkey bars, or whatever kind of bars the gymnasts swing from.  Midway through our romping I remembered to get a picture or video of some sort….aggh!  battery dead!  Thought about charging it yesterday too.  10 minute warning “closing in 10 minutes” comes and I just realize my phone takes videos!  Yay….now I can share the fun with friends & family afar!  (and so I shall….share that is)

I shot about 5 short videos of our day of adventure but can only get one on YouTube so I’ll be sharing that with you.  Funny thing happens late at night when I finally remember to add a picture or video, everyone is asleep and using the computer in the study is a BAD idea….no need to wake my Honey…he has to get up so early.  So here I am again, without the technology to give my readers what they deserve…videos & photos!  Anyone listening? 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

cares....finances, healing, peace...He wants YOUR cares!

Today I was reminded of one of Pastor’s recent messages which taught on “Cast your cares upon Him for He cares FOR you”  He does the caring FOR us so we can have peace & trust His direction & leading.  I say that to say I’ve done it!  I may have to do it again tomorrow BUT I’ve cast my cares on Him…today & even as they come up, because if we’re real with ourselves we’ll admit they arise.  

Some cares that most people have or have had in the past are:

Cares for direction-which choice do I make Lord, both will change my life? 
Cares for finances—how will I pay this bill? How will I get out of debt? How will I have that house? 
Cares for healing—a little boy I know is having surgery tomorrow & my prayers lift up the surgeons hands & minds that they work quickly & precisely with clear minds.  For that sweet boy that he be strong & receive his healing.  For the family that they be wrapped in God’s love & peace throughout the whole process. 
Cares for marriage restoration--nothing is impossible folks.  Even if you know someone on the brink of divorce....I repeat...NOTHING is impossible.  Pray for him/her.  Pray for divine direction. 

The way I look at it….us caring for “it” will not produce fruit.  His care, more accurately, His LOVE for us is so great He sent the greatest gift of all….His Son, Jesus, so we can have salvation & healing & prosperity & peace & joy unspeakable.  I love joy and I love to laugh so I want that gift….and all the others please!

On a bunny trail if I might:  If this were an article the thoughts would be more eloquently conveyed as well as concise but I’m not a columnist and I won’t mention the number of followers I have because I speak in faith that many people’s lives are changed by reading inspiring testimonies and encouraging stories.

The lateness of the hour (is that even proper English—Marc will be sure to tell me) tells me its time to head for bed.  Uploading the video of T playing in the back yard will have to wait until tomorrowJ  along with the random thought spreading on this page…for another day my friends! 

Ciao & God Bless you in all you do to honor Him & bless others. 

YOU are blessed to be a blessing to someone around you….do it now, no more waiting!

hair extentions...a HIT with me!

I wore my hair extensions today to church & loved every minute of having long hair...and even the benefit of taking it out as our afternoon nap was approaching.  Unfortunately mere moments later the Rest Plane took a nose dive into the Valley of Restless 2 Year  Old.  After considering the energy stored up in his little boy body (proven in the video below) at least Koen got his well deserved rest. 

Selfishness quickly fades as I reflect on my amazing family & how blessed God has made me to be! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

weeding silliness

Pulling weeds (by hand) for the first time in my life has been, oddly enough, enjoyable.  I like seeing the end result which happens to be a yard full of lively green grass (my bold confession of faith over my yard ). 

I told Marc tonight while sharing the joy of my weeding accomplishments about these crazy weeds that grow out from one centralized spot and grow so close to the ground you can't even see the tiny branches until you see a few little ugly leaves...start pulling & it keeps on going!  And boy are those roots hard to get all the way out!  After an hour of working with bare hands on these nasty guys I grab my "new" gardening gloves (which up until yesterday had only been used for drilling, cutting, sanding and hauling in an attempt to keep girlie hands---lost cause!)                          Then..... ANNIHILATION!!!! I'm certain the trusty bottle of RoundUp will do all it claims to do--kill the roots--I mean what good is marketing if it doesn't work?  IT WILL WORK!!! 

Midway through my project (my boys were outside with me so I made it fun & entertaining).  At one point Tiernan started repeating "weeds, you die in the name of Jesus!" just like Mama:)  Guess all that's left to do now is to make up a little "weeds, you die" dance & perform it in the back yard:)

on yet another side note: although this is early as far as my nights usually go (11pm) I feel that bed calling out to me...."come here, forget it all, just lie down"  as I fight off sleep my pillow beckons "you've worked hard and 5 am comes quickly…get on over here!".   

After reading this post again I realize I should scrap it all & start over but my flesh is unable to continue another moment....and the chores might even wait until tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do NOT be anxious!

Philippians 4:6 and 7
Do not be anxious about anything but in everything through prayer & petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.  And the peace of God which transends all understanding will guard you hearts & your minds in Christ Jesus.

check out the Seeds Family Worship--Do Not Be Anxious song.  This is a great song (fun & hip) to help get this scripture in your head...then let it sink down to your heart.  Tiernan had us watch this at least 6 times today during Praise God time.  I've been singing it ever since. 

God is so amazing!  I mean really!  I've heard so many testimonies lately of what God is doing in the lives of my friends.  I thank God for answering my friends prayers (and for amazing friends)!!!

Another thing I want to thank God for: His grace.  We have some big things happening my friends....BIG things!  Let me tell you something (can you just hear the heavy cuban accent?)--He is so powerful & NOTHING is impossible for Him!  You can have healing, deliverance, peace, joy, prosperity, forgiveness

Anything you believe Him for can be yours. 

I just got really excited....too bad no one awake is willing to make a happy dance with me.  T
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