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Saturday, April 30, 2011

weiner dog day at the races

wow!?!?!  Long & dusty day washed down the drain in what seemed to be the longest shower of my life.  Oh wait, I still see dirt:)   Our booth was quite successful & I amazed to see how many people liked my artwork & the weiner dog clock.  I told Marc if that doesn't sell I'm taking off the dog & revamping it.  If it does sell I'm making more only without the dog....maybe an Arabian horse head or just the funky feel of the mixed media art.
Side note....After thinking for quite some time I've come to some realization on the whole "art" matter.  I spent several years selling other people's art on cruise ships and have myself made many works but I've never been so vulnerable with my work.  I've always created for a specific client and personality style in mind.  I've never just made something to be seen & scrutinized by the public eye.  What a different feeling.  I found myself a bit shy about it all....until about noon when I shed the silly skin of "what if I'm not good enough".  God gave me a gift & the way I look at it is if someone doesn't like it then its just not created for them, someone else will be blessed by that piece.  No biggie, no sweat, no apologies! 
Looking forward....tomorrow is beautiful & successful!

ooooo only 9 hours of sleep in 2 days & still nursing a 5 month old

Friday, April 29, 2011

first post....again

So I tried this BLOG business for the first time a few days ago but I added it directly to our website.  Now I just don't know if that's easy for people to follow...so here I am.  Blogspot.  How to link to my site?  no clue...how to let people know I'm here...no clue.  Actually did have ONE reader & comment already...yay!!!  Thanks Peggy! 
Here you have it folks.  Weiner Dog races tomorrow in Buda.  Our very first showing.  NO one knows what we do yet & Marc's pretty well known in this community (Chair of Board of Directors for Chamber of Commerce:).  So its kinda like our coming out party.  Well I want nothing more than the anointing all over our business & the things we sell and that that anointing gets all over anyone who purchases anything, picks up a card or even simply walks by our booth.  God is so amazing & I want everyone to know....and buy us out!!!!
So many things to do tonight, finish up on 2 pieces of art, Marc has to finish about 5 trays and 10 necklaces, price everything, take pictures of everything for records, pack up all breakables, necklaces, art & furniture into 2 cars & go pick up Tiernan from Mimi & Papa's and here I am talking to myself imagining that other people are reading:)  hehehe....I make myself smile sometimes....back to work silly girl!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are my blinds open or closed???

Today I was feeding Koko looking out the front window.  The blinds were mostly closed so not much light was coming in & as I decided to chage that I had some spiritual revelation.  Our hearts are similar to what I was seeing happen to my son's play room.  Light was coming in.  I've been praying lately, more of you and less of me, Lord.  That's it!  the blinds represent us....our weaknesses, fears, failures, doubt, etc.  As we open them we have "less' of us and more of Him....His light, His warmth, His love.  So each morning as I open all my blinds (I like a ton of natural light) I will pray for MORE of HIM and less or NONE of me.
Sooooo  good when He shows up and teaches you things in the middle of your daily duties!
I added this one to this blog page so I think I lost my comment from my very first reader....sorry Peggy:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weiner Dog Races

so have you ever heard of racing a Weiner Dog?  Well if you live in Buda its a pretty big deal.  Marc even had a client (lovely lady) who moved her just because of the Weiner Dog races.  (not sure where she moved from but it was far....Michigan???)
So we're preparing some really fun new "whats its"  to sell this weekend.  I created a Weiner Dog clock from an old 1920's window.  I'm calling it "Nothing is Impossible" for several reasons: mainly the things we've been experiencing the past few months have forced us to renew our faith in God....that truly nothing is impossible.  We're living proof.  Another reason (perhaps rather silly) is who would've ever thought I'd be making an artpiece out of a weiner dog image.....I mean REALLY!!!  God is so funny sometimes!

First post ever....ever in my life

As I make a go at entering this "blog movement" that's sweeping the globe I find myself less than impressed with the events of my day.  I mean, wait, I have been greatly touched by God in the past 2 days.  Prayer time alone and with Marc has been many things.....words that come to mind: victorious, moving, enlightening, burden removing.  Much more to come as God is launching us into the next chapter of our lives.  If I were writing a book I'd call this chapter "getting in line".  ....  or........  "finally!!!  that next level" ....  maybe even "breakthrough".  anyway, more to come on that

wow....I'm impressed!  I finished my first BLOG!!!!  Who can tell, maybe we'll be tweeting before long.
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