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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sweet ni-night cuddles

Last night I went into Tiernan's room to kiss him goodnight & he said "hold my hand".  So I stood  there (he has a loft style bed) & held his hand for what seemed like forever.  Then I thought I want him to have sweet memories of our relationship at an early age.  So there I stood.  "Lay your head on my shirt" he says.  Ahhhh.  So I lay my head on his chest.  What an amazing time with my son!  After our goodnight kisses I left his room. 

Dozing into my colorful dreamland I hear T crying & rise to revisit this little wonderful man.  Apparently he just wanted more cuddles so I invited him in our room for our first ever sleepover.  Not sure how we can have a king size bed with only had about .5 inches between my bottom & the end of the bed.  About 20 minutes after he quietly jumps in our bed I thought he might be asleep so I opened my eyes to watch him sleep.  He looked right into my eyes & we just lay there smiling at each other for several sweet moments....then a little giggle, kiss & our last "ni-night".

Miraculously God provided my body with the rest it needed and who needs sleep when you have little boy cuddles?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

we renewed our vows this weekend

 Betsy mentioned Friday when we arrived that the entire weekend was inspired by our wedding...what an honor!

Let me give a glimpse into the ceremony:
Ceremony to start at 8.... Koen needed food and since the ceremony hadn't started yet I excused myself into our room for a quick nummy;  Just as I started I get a knock on the door from Chris saying "ceremony to start in 2-3 minutes.....HA!  I quickly started expressing milk into sweet Koko's mouth & after a couple minutes he came up for air.  Ignoring the fact that he wasn't finished I packed 'em up, fixed my dress & ran for the door.  I was the LAST one down to the water  (forgot the camera...poopoo pants).
Marna comes down looking as lovely as she could be and everyone patiently turned to the door awaiting the bride's arrival.  What an entrance she made! As she took your place with her groom Tiernan was quite restless & had no understanding of the importance of the moment.  Then Koen's "bababababa" ensued ....my cue to exit stage left.  It also gave me a great excuse to run & get his paci & my camera (which I spent all afternoon charging for this exact moment which I would have to miss).  Upon returning I stood in the back near the wall so as not to disrupt the ceremony.  Tiernan stopped running in circles around me to tell me in a whisper "I have to go peepee Mama".  OH BOY!  So I turned my back to everyone and with him in front of me I watched the sunset while he relieved himself.....THEN the wonderful news comes that they're allowing all married couples to renew their vows!!!!!  "Tuck it in.....let's GO!" I yell in a hushed tone & make a run for Marc's side.  With Tiernan at my heels & Koko in my arms we renewed our vows to each other through laughter and a bit of Koko spit up on my shoe:) 
Overlooking the lake & the most wonderful sunset God planned just for all of us, we created such a great memory I will always cherish ....Thanks Betsy & Chris~

the most amazing weekend wedding ever

Congrats to Betsy & Chris Tye!  This weekend was the most amazing wedding adventure on Inks Lake at the Circle H Lodge.  Entire family stayed in this breathtaking lodge and it was just a 2+ day celebration of love & live.  So many memories to recall.  My journal was burning up on the way home just to make sure I remembered some of them.

Last night after the wedding Marc & I layed on the gigantic deck with another couple (Marna & Michael) and watched the stars till after 1am.  We saw 3-5 shooting stars (depending on who you asked) and laughed to the point of pain several times.  One time it was because I was telling them how much God loves us & I turned to them & said "God loves you" and Michael said "this I know" right off his cuff in such a tone that all of us cracked up.  30 minutes later we were laughing about something entirely different but through the tears all I could say was "this I know".  An hour after that "this I know".  Oh, to hang with hysterical people & enjoy God's Creation!  What an awesome God we serve! 

I haven't laughed so hard, so many times & for so long in quite a while.  Laughter is great medicine & I love to medicate often! 

So many more facets of this weekend to share that I'll have to break it up.....that is, if I get to it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

laughing through a lowercase "c"

Pilates mat class. 6 weeks (ok, I missed the first week) of pure bliss for my bottom!  Bev (my instructor/friend) didn't break a sweat and I'm not convinced the other 9 women there did either.  Me, on the other hand, was not only sweating profusely but grunting, moaning, crying a bit & yes, laughing.  I couldn't control it, I just giggled.  The harder the movement was the more I had to fight off outright laughter.  Bev yells "hang in there, Trish" from the front of the class.  Thanks Bev! 
At one point we were doing some "tapping" of our toes; front and back, one leg over the other.  She so perfectly demonstrates how we are to make a "C" with our foot.  My giggles increased as I thought of how my c resembles a lowercase c (at best) in comparison to everyone else's perfectly formed capital C.   And most of these women were mommies of little ones just like me.  Maybe everyone else came out of their "baby bubble" before I did.  (I have some serious catching up to do)

I sure wish there was a guarantee with this class; something like "flatter abs or your money back" kinda thing. 

Only 4 weeks left....maybe my bottom will thank me when this is all over by treating me to Likitty's:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

He has given me a gift

Pastor John said something yesterday in service (well lots of noteworthy things really).  He took a quote from someone else but I can't write fast enough to have taken down who was the brilliant mind could've been.  "He gives us a gift to bless others...we need to cultivate those gifts".  A lot of people live their entire life and never realize & cultivate the gift God has placed on the inside of them. That isn't God's best.  God has good things for you if you allow Him to lead you. You know, He loves us SO much that he wants each & every one of us to use those gifts to bless others.  --  So if I don't step into my calling & use the gift he's given me then you may not receive your blessing.  Or He may have to find someone else willing to obey so you can receive that blessing you've been praying for. 

I don't know about you but I want everyone around me blessed, in abundance, to the full, till it overflows into someone else's life.  Then it flows into another person's life, then another and it grows like a downhill snowball growing faster & larger.  Wanna start a snowball blessing?  Start giving!  Give to a neighbor, give to a stranger, your mama, your daddy, the person behind you in line at HEB.  What if you gave the cashier some cash & a gospel tract to hand to the next person in line at checkout?  How would that feel to share Christ with someone who may never see you again?  I'm going extreme here folks.  But isn't that what Jesus did....extreme living! 

ooo, I just got myself all worked up and both boys are down for a nap:) Time to fly through my house in record time: laundry, dishes, floors, bathrooms,and maybe some time for art....anything I can accomplish in an hour:)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

going higher

My faith & my relationship with God are on a whole new level where I've never been before & with my husband & kids at my side.....I'm honored to be so loved by such an awesome FATHER.....  He loves YOU so much.  You are created perfectly in His image....I believe it was David Binion who said "Worship is simply love responding to love" on this video... http://youtu.be/km80hINkydw 

Tonight Marc & I had the most wonderful time with each other; time worshipping God & praying out His will for our lives & the service tomorrow.....God is so good at blessing me!

Happy Father's Day everyone!!!  Written to my only follower, my biggest fan.....LOVE YOU Honey!!!

Never Going Back

David & Nicole Binion have an amazing song that has ministered to me since I first heard it at Trinity Christian Center in Angleton last Sunday & have been listening to it ever since.  I recently checked youtube for the video and have been wowed.  Talk about a worship team that knows how to usher in the Presence of God!  My aunt & uncle live about 10 miles (maybe less) from their church.  I have family revival in the name of Jesus!!!  I pray God will get all over my family & saturate them in the LOVE of God!!!  Every branch of our families!!!!!!

 "I believe it, I receive it, I have it, I take it, I thank you God, I forgive."  Kenneth Copeland

and back to never going back....

Friday, June 17, 2011

my new do: outward manifestation of what God is doing on the inside

Wow...long story.  1st hairdresser I had when I bought a house in Buda (before I moved from Cozumel) was Vanessa Clay.  Loved her but when she left the salon I chose to stay with the salon instead of following her.  Maybe if I would've asked God in the first place He would've said "STAY"!
So I started praying for my hairdresser years ago...that I would find the right one for my hair & my personality (so I can enjoy the 2 hours in her chair).  Last week my "hair envelope" was funded (Dave Ramsey made over my finances...Praise God) so I could schedule a hair appointment.  God told me not to schedule it till next week (this past Monday).  So Monday finally comes & I start asking God for my hairdresser again...."okay God, you said...." kinda thing.  You know what I mean, right? He said very clearly "book your hair appointment tomorrow".  He also showed me many things about my hair....I've always wanted good, healthy long hair with the potential of cutting for Locks of Love.  Since I can remember.  But when I was in college I had it all cut off.  Anyway, God showed me how He was giving me that desire even though I never prayed for it.  That'll send your mind reeling....He cares so much for me that He grants me the desires of my heart.
check out Psalm 37:3-7...amazing to meditate on that one!

Back to hair: Tuesday I reminded God that I had to book my appointment that day & asked who I was  supposed to call.  Finally at 4:30pm Marc turns to me & says what about the owner of V Clay Salon?  Totally totally totally....I called her that second!  What do you know....she's booked.  Said I could come Monday.  Ha, I told her it would work out & when she had a cancellation to call me.  She called Weds to say Friday was open....TODAY!  Yes, you know it....I have a NEW DO!!!  And I love it ....any lady knows the frustration of good hair cut followed by a bad one just starts the "stylist shopping spree" that lasts 4 years.  I'm over it & He answered my prayer just in time....guess what?  It's because I had unwavering faith...I recall something I read in Stand in the Gap by Norvel Hayes.....he was praying for his daughter & God told him he couldn't get it done on his faith because it was wavering.  Well....my faith is wavering no longer.  I am building my faith right now....reading the Word, praying, worshipping my Creator!  He is so Worthy! 

Not much else to share but I will be praying for my new friend Vanessa (who is amazing by the way).....check her out

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

90 day Summer of Transformation Challenge

This past Sunday Marc & I took my Aunt Sunday to a new church in Angleton, Trinity Christian Center.  The entire service including worship was tremendously anointed.  They were launching a summer challenge...to transform your life by spending time with God (revive my spirit by spending time in prayer and bible reading), time with others (reconnect my soul through a small group & time with others) and time with me (revive health by loosing weight, eating better and increasing activity)

I'm taking the challenge.  Last weekend I've grown closer to the Lord than any other time in my life.  God spoke to me more times in a day than I could count and faster than I could journal.  My life is taking a HUGE turn & change IS happening right now.  I'm not waiting for anything or anyone.  I'm floating on this cloud of love.  The love of Jesus is more real to me now than ever before...he showered me with it....soaked me in it and "I'm NEVER going back" 

I desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him more than I desire ANYTHING else.  He is showing me things through His Spirit that I know He wants me to blog and share but honestly its so much & so deep that even though no one really reads this blog right now I KNOW there are those who will be drawn here to receive what God has for them through this vessel...me.  I'm no more than just that....a vessel to bring the LOVE and GRACE of Christ to others.  This is just the beginning, just a taste of what's to come.  Some days I might have 10 blogs and others just 1 but one thing is clear....God told me to do it & I must obey.  I'll no longer put links on FB to this blog.  If someone finds it then so be it but I can't do it out of my own ability or knowledge....it must be God.  It IS GOD!  He is so amazing....the Binions said it best "I'm overwhelmed by You".  That's me, each day, each moment is new & fresh and I'm so excited for what God is doing in me & through me.  I want everyone I know (and don't know) to jump into this ocean of grace.....to truly KNOW Him and spend time with Him.....to feel His love and know His grace & have His power in every area of their lives.  WOW .....  that's all I can say right now. 
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