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Monday, May 30, 2011

a BIG Wooohooo for God!!!

after our fun in the sun today I realized something; my life is always so much better, with greater peace & joy when I'm on an intimate level with God.  I won't get into any details because our testimony will be shared one day soon but I will say loving God, obeying Him, walking in His will sure does make for an abundant life.  In years past I've turned my back on God more times than I care to count but He’s always faithful to restore my relationship with Him and my life to wholeness.  Well now I’m at a higher level in my life & with God than ever before & its only the beginning….just a taste of what’s to come.  My mind can't even grasp how big this thing is...our lives "on God" instead of "on" some other things it could be on:)

I'm ready to go HIGHER!!! 
A BIG WooHooo for God!!!!

pool party preparations

Getting ready for a visit to the pool and boy how things are different.  I went from a condo in Cozumel, modeling bikinis, riding a bike, with an Art Director position on cruise ships to a house in the suburbs, an interior decor business, a new "finding my inner artist" business, driving a mini-van, wearing a one-piece,
carrying 20 extra pounds & 2 amazing boys with a loving husband.

What prompted such random thoughts?  My hair in dire need of a pick me up, my pitiful attempt at a pedicure and cellulite!  I won't get in the water, that's for sure!  I know there are others out there just like me; others that wear an entirely different suit.  That's not a typo and no, I didn't mean wearing a new hat.  A hat implies ease of on/off action whereas a suit takes a whole other approach.  You must first select the fit, then the brand (or vise versa), then color and size.  Well in my case everything is different, especially the size, although I do tend to still gravitate toward my favorite brands. 

There will be no stress today...so I must arise, MOVE out the door and swim....wait...no swim just play:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

smore's in the closet again

Cleaning day & I wanted a break & some creative motivation.  I headed to my closet with some candles, marshmallows, a fork for a special treat.   T & Ko were down for a nap so who could fault me?  You know you would've done the same thing!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let the RAIN pour down!!!

Driving home last night in Austin it was pouring!  I prayed for safety & protection then I relaxed & enjoyed every second of driving & singing songs with Tiernan.  During one of the songs about "God made Everything" I meditated on that statement & how awesome is the God of all creation.  That thought led to another thought then to another just as you all know happens and I realized this rain is symbolic of the "rain" pouring down in our lives right now!  Provision in a mighty way is at hand & victory is ours!  I'm so excited to share more when the time is right but for now I had to say this is the day for our VICTORY as the floodgate of Heaven are poured out on us!

With great victories come great battles and we're finally coming through that battle!!!!  Oooo yeah it feels good.... Let it rain!

where's my church?

5pm yesterday: Koko fussing for change of scenery from his pack n play, Tiernan in bathroom with MESSY accident, timer goes off for brownies & I'm just out of the shower naked.  Must leave house at 5:30.  Get the picture? 
Robe for me (or did I forget the robe?), paci for Koko & move to chair, wipes wipes and more wipes for T, oh man...the brownies!  Oh well, they'll taste just fine!  Dry hair, CLOTHES, dress T (30 minutes ago we had just ALL taken showers & baths which is a miracle in and of itself consideing our time frame), cover brownies, pack diaper bag, drink for T, slap a layer of makeup on so as not to scare my friends and we're off (5:30)....to the church that is, for a Young Adults dinner.

Driving Process & some thoughts to share:
Calm, peace & joy!!!!
I35 cut off (so says the blinking sign on the highway), its ok I'll take Slaughter & cut over to Brodie then up to church.  traffic....guess I'll take Manchaca up to Wm Cannon & cut over that way....wait....this doesn't look right.  Why do we take Manchaca home some evenings when Brodie is closer?  Oh, it must be to visit Likitty's on the way....YUMmmmmm!   wait...this really doesn't look right.  bling....the light bulb finally turned on.....our church IS on Manchaca!!!! 

oh boy...what a day. 
Three years at the same church 2-3 times a week & I forgot where it was!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raising JPEG babies

Its late & my mind has found an obstacle to the sleep it so greatly needs....PICTURES!  With 2 little ones & loads of "hurry get the camera" and "hold still... smile... don't grab your brother's head like that he's crying" opportunities  that I wonder what I'm doing with all those amazing shots. 
Facebook?  then what? 
baby album?  that means I actually have to print them
scrapbook?  yeah, right!  who has the time for that?
frame for my "family gallery"?  too costly & which ones do I choose?
our website?
the list goes on and on but where do they end up?  in a file on my computer as a JPEG!  My friend Mary Stone said we could lose an entire generations of JPEGs, filed on our computer somewhere. 

What do you do with yours? 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love the Skin you're in!

A baby & a todder....does that have to mean a decrease in showering?  I mean a decrease in the frequency and quality!!!  Is this normal?  Today in the shower (who knows the last time I had a REAL GOOD scrub down) I started singing "love the skin you're in" and God spoke to me again today---similar to yesterday ....which I haven't even added that blog yet----I should be taking care of this body o' mine.  Yesterday I hit a turning point in my weightloss attempt; I actually started it!!!!  So after a 4 mile walk around town lake with my girlfriends from church I came home, put the boys to bed & detailed my car....I mean every inch of that thing, well at least as far as Koko's nap allowed.  While washing the car God told me it was also important for me to take care of the things He had given me.  my car, my house, my amazing family, etc.  I pray He'll help me to fully grasp what this means regarding daily duties, habits, reactions, etc. 
So back to the shower, while signing my new "love the skin you're in" tune I decided its time to take care of this body for really the first time in my life.  Having always been skinny all my life, having 2 little wonderful boys has really put my body into a funky spin.  I have no idea what I weigh because I don't have a scale:)  I don'e believe anyone really needs one, you know if you're fit & healthy.  You feel good.  Back to my point: when I get back into my size 6 jeans I'll know I've turned a point.  This point I speak of is actually dying to self.  Giving God control & choosing to discipline my flesh....actually saying NO when my flesh wants that entire bag of cookies!!!!  or GET ON IT when I walk by our borrowed eliptical machine (I did it today by the way:).  Ok, so you get my point....take care of what God has given YOU.  It is still His really, the way I see it is everything I have is seed.  If He tells me to give it, its gone.  I only ask that He tell me who to give what to...ya know?  Then I know that seed is blessed & returning a great harvest. 

Oh, so really back to my point....shower!  everyday!!!! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

listen....if you can

Prayer is such a hot topic with me right now.  Its not just about praying for praying for things you want, prayer is a dialogue with our Father.  Notice I said "dialogue" not monologue.  Its not meant to be one sided as we so often approach the subject.  The most rewarding prayer time I have is when He speaks to me in such a way that my life is changed, my outlook is changed, my direction or path is changed, or any other facet of my world is changed.  "Cause lets be honest, when God speaks it changes you!   If you're willing and IF you listen.  I guess that means we can't do all the talking and at least for me that's a challenge in and of itself. 

Worship Him. 
Tell Him who He is to you and what He's done for you. 
Share your heart with Him. 
Lay your needs, cares, & concerns at His feet. 
Thank Him for doing all that He's done and ALL that He's doing.
Shhhhh........now Listen.

Psalm 37:3-7

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Driving to Play

Driving to a "girls night out" fellowship with my church lady friends last night I started singing praise to my Creator and had a great time with God.  Along the way He showed me things about my business, my marriage and my walk with Him.  Words can't describe my joy & peace at this moment.  I showed up to Cafe Monet 10 minutes late and almost sorry I was there because of this amazing time with Him.  Then it was as if He released me to go play, like a child at recess.  And what a great time we all had making our unique pottery...thank you Cafe Monet staff for all your help!!! 
Driving home from my night out I picked up right where I left off with God.  We had the best time together on that drive & He gave me the grace that I needed to finish my nightly responsibilites with my family. 
Story's not over yet....at 1am my 5 month old son woke me up and after 1 hour of prayer in bed I decided God was trying to speak to me.  When God wants to spend time with you there is no time like that moment to drop everything (even if that means precious sleep) to honor Him.  Well He rewarded me richly folks....I read a part of the book a friend asked that I read in order to join in the prayer of agreement on a certain subject, I prayed, I read some more, I cleaned the living room and finally at 5 I felt it was time to go back to bed:)
Sweet Koen woke up at 6:30 and I'm not altogether sure I fell asleep during that time.  Well I'm not surprised that ALL DAY....ALL DAY I had energy, strength and joy!!!  God is so faithful.  If you miss out on sleep to spend time with Him you will be rewarded for sowing that seed of time!  (Now my disclaimer here would share the not so beautiful truth that I don't always obey.  Sometimes I ask Him if we can do it another time.  Not my best foot forward, I tell you.)

On that side note, I sure love getting to know Him more & more each day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shake Up to Wake Up

Reading a great book by Lisa Bevere that I would recommend to anyone: Out of Control and Loving It!
Whatever chapter I'm in, I can't be sure but Lisa talks about when sometimes God will shake you a bit just like a mama eagle shakes the nest to make it uncomfortable for the little babies....flight lessons.  So this chapter spoke to me in so many ways, in fact, I'm reading this book which tells me right there that the Holy Spirit is trying to show me something.  I firmly believe God has been "shaking" us to prepare us for that next level which we've been praying for & desiring.....MORE of Him and less of us.  Wow, its not at all easy to be here and I have to stand firm knowing God has great things for us & growth sometimes comes with growing pains:)  God is so good & He is showering us with His love more & more & more.
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