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My Daddy

Stanley Kent Gaul:

fabulous, funny, adventurous, kind and generous.  He went home to be with the Lord Friday morning...January 27th 2012 (one month before his 60th birthday)... at his own hands at his home in Granger, Texas.  He is no longer suffering through pain but is wrapped in the arms of his Creator.  He will be greatly missed by all who were blessed to know him.   

parts of obituary:
A small memorial service was held at his house in Granger, Texas, Monday afternoon open to all friends and family as a celebration of his life and included sharing memories around a campfire and revving up his car...with the newly installed engine he was so proud of.

We desire this page to serve as a place for people to share stories, memories, pictures and videos.
 It is truly amazing when you hear from people affected by someone you love so much!    So many lives were touched by this interesting, quirky, nutty and loving man.  Here is your chance to share from your heart ... share those prayers, memories and stories with the rest of us.  PLEASE feel free to "comment" for all to see.  We can all have a good laugh or cry remembering my Dad, Stan Gaul.

One more thing: As tears stream down my face I'm reminded how great my God is.... He is so amazing!  Amazing that He can help me put one foot in front of the other and handle all there is to do amid all these emotions and questions.  He is also providing me PEACE in the storm.   We are loved by Him and wrapped in His arms of comfort.  I pray that you are experiencing that same peace.  God bless YOU!!!!  

Tricia (Trish)

Oh and one more important thing:  
If you know anyone who knew my Dad please forward this....


and just one more little thing..promise...if you have any pictures or videos email me at livedecorated@gmail.com and I will post the pictures. Please come back to see loads of pictures I still have to scan and upload....slowly but surely. This project is helping Amanda & I process and refocus:) thanks for sharing in the adventure!
(when Tiernan was a baby Grandpa Stan fed him an avocado)


  1. My strength is gone but when I am weak, He is strong!! It has been the hardest and most emotionally draining weekend of my life! Even though I am a grown woman, I still need my dad!! My dad was a man who liked his solitude. When my kiddos and I visited "Pops" we knew not to outstay our welcome - he could only handle us for about two days before he was ready to send us on our way! I will greatly miss my daddy - I got the call around 3pm Friday afternoon and my life will never quite be the same. God is holding and comforting me. To HIM be all the glory for He is good all the time! ------Amanda "Mandy" Gaul Bernal (Stan's youngest daughter)

  2. yeah totally Amanda! shocking! Not even a little ready to say goodbye to my Daddy! What an amazing man...so funny & goofy yet equally sensitive and compassionate. I have so many stories to share...like the time I landed his car in a ditch, while he was teaching me to "fishtail" before I even had my license. He told me...you got us in here, you get us out"

  3. Dear Tricia and Mandy,

    I am truly sorry for your loss of your beloved Dad. I just found out the news and I am deeply saddened. I can only say wonderful things about your Dad and how he was a great joy to talk to and how he made me laugh all the time. I will miss him so and I will always miss the wonderful childhood memories I had with your Dad, you gals, Melissa, and your entire extended family.
    I remember when we laughed about how silly I was to not know how to correctly run the coffee maker the last time I saw him at your Grandma Barb's. Hahahahahaha! Wow, that was a good one Jules! That was the cool thing about your Dad, you could do the most silly thing and he would just laugh right with you! Tricia, remember the time when we drove with your Dad to Clarence and you totally drove off the road, in the ditch, and we busted out laughing because your Dad was like " Tricia what are you doing?! Tricia you got mud all in the bumper! " and we were pulling it out and he was so mad but then laughed with us because we were rolling on the ground trying to get the mud and grass out?! Hahahahhahah! Then he took us to the diner to eat yummy pie and ice cream while we laughed some more. Wow! What a cool Dad to reward you with pie just for going in the ditch! It sounds like that didn't stop you from going into the ditch more later on! Lol!
    I will greatly miss your Dad and his humble heart. Your family will always comfort my soul whenever I think of the fond memories I have of them and miss them so. May God's Love Comfort All of You! Your Dad's spirit lives within you both and I'm sure you will see his presence in your children's lives everyday to remind you that he will always be with you in spirit and to keep the momentum alive <3 May God Bless You and Your Entire Family! All Our Love, Julie and Rachael R.I.P Stan, Barb, Ken and GG

    1. was just talking about that same trip...we laughed so hard & he always had the best way of handling me....after all he was teaching me to drive like he did:)

  4. By Amanda -Feb.2 2012 3:20pm
    I knew one of the things I wanted of my Dad's was his Bible. Trish and I scribbled in it when we were young and at the time it happened, Dad was mad but years later, he told us that he treasured those scribbles. I found a list of the things he was thankful for in his Bible..."my children, my friends, AA Program, my job, my car, truck and trailer, for grace, the Holy Spirit, patience, your love for me Jesus"
    Dad had a puppet he got years ago when I was about 6 or 7. Way back then he put on a puppet show for Trish, me and cousin Gabe and Grandma Barb's house in Tipton. Well, I found that puppet in his travel trailer and brought it home for my nine year old, Josiah. He was SO excited! I told him it was from "Pops." He played with it ALL day!

    I have so many great memories with Dad - God was faithful in answering Dad's prayer to "help my girls remember the good things about their dad". He took us camping and read lots of stories to us aloud by flashlight in the tent at night. He could made up entire chapters of "craziness". Then we'd say "What?! where does it say that?!" And he would reply, "Just seeing if you were paying attention!" I try to copy that now with my kids but I am simply not as imaginative as Dad!
    He never had the opportunity to meet my newborn, Jeremiah (now 2 months old). He would frequently ask how I was feeling throughout my pregnancy and ask how "Suzanne" was. :)
    I am so thankful for this blog!! I have found that talking about Dad has helped me with the healing process!! Just got back from Dad's house 30 minutes ago and had to come jot down some thoughts...Amanda "Mandy"

  5. Today at Dad's house was surreal. As I swept out his house & shop tears streamed down my cheeks. Why didn't I visit more? Stupid questions & feelings like that do nothing...for anyone!

    I want to celebrate his life & the fact that he's in heaven. He & I would always say "won't it be great when we're in heaven, we won't have to eat anymore." Food, sometimes it can be such a waste of time. I'll bet he's sitting down feasting with his Maker...enjoying every bite!

    Tough looking at all his things, his mess, his method of organization....sad to say goodbye. So Amanda & I were talking & we're going to sit with the land for a while...I would LOVE to put money into it getting the plumbing, sewer and electric up to code. Wonder what that looks like:) He did an amazing work with this place, shame to see it go.

  6. Tricia and Mandy,

    Please message me your addresses thank you!
    I think that is a great idea about the house Tricia and I enjoyed the story about your Dad telling you girls stories...I glad your Dad read to you two and mixed up the stories...so sweet and funny! You both are in my thoughts! Julie<3

  7. Mandy I enjoyed the story ....I left out Mandy in my comment

  8. So sad to hear of your loss girls..Your dad and I had and lived a life full of fun..I still have the bible he presented me in 1974 with his signature..I don't know how to post the picture,,but did post it on my facebook page...he will be truly missed,but in the meantime is enjoying many of our friends that our already there waiting to see him... Frankie...

  9. I am honestly amazed at how strong people can be during such hard times! You and Mandy, are prime examples of this. I'm sooooo thankful to have such amazing and strong women in my family that I can look up to. You both truly inspire me in many many MANY ways. Both of you will get through this with friends, family, and God. As each day goes by you obviously grow stronger and stronger. I'm so honored to have you guys in my family. I'm sad that I wasn't able to share as many memories with Stan as I would have wanted, but for what I remember, he was an amazing man who inspired others. I also remember him as being independent which I feel is such a fascinating trait that not everyone is blessed with. I will forever cherish him as my uncle and I will know that he made a huge impact on others. Thanks for sharing this blog Trish... isn't it amazing what writing can do for a person? As Grandma Barb says, "I love you too too pieces" --Aubrey Gaul

  10. P.S. Found this quote--"But the struggles make you stronger, The changes make you wise, And happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time. Life isn't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride." <3 This is so true! Something to keep in mind during the good and bad times life throws at a person.

  11. You're right Aubrey...this is most healing for me. I felt weird at first but now realize I must do this. I love you all and thank you for your comments. Please spread this site to anyone and everyone. Frankie, I would love to add your picture, still trying to figure out technology on my end:) can you (or anyone looking at this) email me pictures...I'll be happy to add them.... livedecorated@gmail.com
    love & rather than posting a thousand comments on this page...keeping room for others....I'll also be posting on the BLOG tab right next to My Daddy if you care to see.

    Love you too too too too pieces!!!!

  12. Tricia and Mandy, I knew your Dad more through the stories of friends and family than I did in person, but the time I did spend in his presence revealed a kind, adventurous, unique spirit, loved by all. He touched so many lives, and please know there are many up here in Cedar County that feel the pain of your loss and send love your way.

  13. I remember the excitement as a young boy when Stan would bring his big truck over (I would always stand on the seat in the middle of him and my dad Tim) or his Dodge muscle car. Him and my dad were always working on something it seemed. His laugh is something I will never forget. He was tough as nails as well, I recall when he fell from the second story of our house. He popped up as if nothing happened and said he was just fine, yet both of his wrists were at very odd angles and shattered. He didn't even want to go to the doctor at first. Multiple pins and casts later he was back to normal. I will never forget the go cart stories my dad told me about him and Stan riding on their stomachs working the stearing with hands only with absolutely no brakes.
    God has welcomed a truly special individual
    -Justin Luettjohann

  14. It has been a long time since I saw Stan (probably 20 years ago if not more), but I do remember he was a great guy, Always willing to help out whenever anyone was in need. He will truly be missed.. Apparently god was in need of an Angel and Stan answered his call..

  15. Thinking of you all during this very difficult time. As Josh said, I remember hearing the stories of your dad from brad and jill. I hope you all find peace and comfort knowing he is home with his Creator. Sending love and prayers to you all from Cedar County!!!
    Tiffany (Meier) Burmeister

  16. Tim and I will miss Stan's pop-in visits, always with a smile on his face and willing to help Tim with his never ending list of trying to save money and fix an old lawn mower, tractor, car or whatever instead of throwing it away. We considered him a friend and we are glad he enjoyed camping and fishing on the land (and working-he always found outdoor chores to do during his stay.) Rest in Peace Stan-we will miss you.

    Tim and Margaret

  17. Stan was a good man, well respected and an extremely hard worker. This past year in my work I have talked to many roofers in the San Antonio area that had worked with or had known Stan in the early 8os. Everyone would smile and tell a story or say how much they liked him. I will always remember him for his funny laugh, his wit and the funny things he would say. He would tell me often, "it's a good life if a man don't weaken sonny boy" or when I would ask him how he was that day he would say "I'm running on very little sleep." I will always cherish the memories I have of Stan and am glad I had the chance to know him. He is in a better place and I'm sure he and Maylon are catching up on old times. God Bless you Stan.

  18. My Uncle Stanley K

    I've known Stanley K since I was born. My Mom, Sunday, is the oldest of her 4 brothers. Stan was my oldest uncle, only a couple years younger than my mom.

    I remember when I was 7 in Iowa at Gramma Barb's for Christmas. Stan and Sarah arrived with one month old Trisha Lynn. I remember staring at this little baby curiously and touching her little hands, the first little baby to show up in our family..I fell in love. And then when I returned to Gramma's for the summer, Trish was bigger, crawling around, playing with blocks. I loved Sarah and we became fast friends as we spent time in their little house on the edge of town.

    The next summer I remember being intrigued with Sarah's tummy all big and round, growing the tiny, beautiful Amanda Mae whom I didn't get to meet until the following Christmas.

    The accuracy of the timeline I can not track but what i can do is recount tidbits of memories.

    I remember being with Uncle Stan at the open air billard bar in Iowa, on a warm balmy summer afternoon on the slope of green grass rolling down the hill with little toddler Trish. As we left of course Stan peels out spewing gravel and screeching around the corners intent on pushing the pedal to the floor. I learned trust at a very early age, after being scared to death of driving crazy and doing donuts, this was before the invention of seatbelts. Ok they were invented but no one really knew what they were for except that they were installed at the factory and kinda got in the way.

    Somewhere around the age of 5 I completely surrendered as the car would careen toward a drop off, I learned to surrender to the exhilaration only to be saved at the last sliver of a second by an deft and skilled hand and a crank of the wheel to fish tail wildly across the gravel. With Stan I learned to love, surrender and trust all at the same time. I trusted Stan with my life and boy did he take care of Me!

    ... continued below... -Melissa

  19. My Uncle Stanley K

    I remember after they moved and the days of summer when I would go to East Texas and stay for a while with Stan and Sarah in Marshall. Trish was 3 or so pulling pots and pans out onto the floor banging away with a wooden spoon while patient, loving sweet Sarah would feed baby Amanda. This banging thing was a normal occurrence, I couldn't figure how Trish got away with it but Sarah just let her bang away as if were the most natural thing in the world.

    Amanda was the most beautiful baby, I fell in love again, dark hair and stunning big blue eyes and dark lashes (that is until her daughter Julianna appeared on the scene many years later). Trish would jump on the bed and sing the money song, "One little money jumpin on the bed.. something, something, one fell off and broke his head..something something" like a Humpty Dumpty rhyme. Trish and I would play house on the side porch and go out and try and earn the trust of the wild horse that lived in the pasture out back so we could pet it.

    And now here's the part I've been wanting to get to ...

    My most memorable and sacred memories with Stan were when he would take me with him fishing. Now we are not just talking any kinda fishing. We are talking catfishing on Caddo Lake. Caddo Lake was shallow with thousands of tributaries and channels that twisted and winded on forever. It wasn't just any kind of lake you might think of. This was a forest lake. A thick, deep forest of cypress trees growing out of the lake with their bulged base reaching deep into the mud and towering high with outstretched branches adorned with Spanish Moss. It was mysterious, eery, beautiful and intriguing.

    Stan and I would climb into the canoe and quietly motor out to winding through the forest with the lake floor. It all looked the same, no real land marks just deep forest but we'd continue meandering and then we'd come upon these yo-yo's that would catch catfish. Once the fish was caught the yo-yo would get tripped and pull the fish out of the water dangling on the hook a few feet above the water. We pull, HE'd pull the fish off and bait the hook again and off we were to the next one. How he learned to navigate this lake-forest I'll never know but it was adventurous and exciting and soo super cool.

    Occasionally we'd see an alligator which would add even more danger ..what if we got lost and tipped and got ate up by an alligator..
    Once again I surrendered to absolute trust and faith in my Uncle Stan. Who never let me down and with whom I always felt safe..always!! I'll totally skip the part about how he'd skin those fish and try and kill 'em by whacking 'em with a big wrench 10 or 12 times each ..those critters are Tough I tell ya but they were super tasty all fried up in the skillet or rather on my plate.

    You KNOW I got wayyy more stories but I don't have wayy more time at the moment but I do have a few more I'd like to share soon.

    I love you Stanley K! Thank you for being such an amazing adventurous, sweet, sensitive and kind Uncle. I love so much and am so thankful for them young 'uns you brought to our lives. Trish and Mandy Mae you are so special to me and the time we all spent together as kids. I love you!

    -Melissa ..to be continued.. at a later time : ) soon enough

  20. Just found a stack of letters he sent me dating back to 1998 to 2004 as far as I can tell. Marc & I are having a blast going through them:) So in one letter he tells this amazing story (maybe I'll have to write a book of his life someday) about a friend bringing a stick of dynamite over to play when he was 15 (growing up on the farm---maybe about 500 acres). Said no one was concerned cause it was this "little red stick of cardboard and really, what could that little thing do" :) he called it a fire-cracker

    One guy, Mike, spent hours on setting up... a tire with the rim in it...just right while the other 4 guys (Allen was one of 'em) played in the river. With a long wire & a car battery they blew that tire up! It flew up so high they couldn't see it....then the tiny speck came back into view & they all ran for cover...he hugged a tree. said it took forever to finally land (about 100' from the guys out there). and he'd NEVER call a stick of dynamite a firecracker again. Said at 15 he nearly had a heart attack!

    Silly kids!

  21. I was saddened to hear the news of Stan's passing.
    We had lost track of each other over the years. I think it has been 20 years since he stopped in and we visited on one of his trips back up to Iowa and Wisconsin.
    I met Stan in the early '70's when he would come to Wisconsin to work on the farm. We spent a lot of time together both at work and at play. It was a time in our lives where our future was before us and we would talk of our dreams and our wishes.
    One day while working on the farm we talked about leaving work at the end of the day and just driving to California. By the end of the day we were both so tired from farm work, we had no energy to go anywhere. Stan was always looking for a better place in those days. California seemed like the land of opportunity in those days.
    Stan saved my life one day while working on the farm. I was riding the elevator up to the hay mow to start working when my foot got caught under the rung of the moving elevator. As I would grasp the sides to pull myself out the elevator would move and I could get no leverage to pull myself out. I waived at Dixie who was unloading hay onto the elevator to shut the tractor off, she just waved back. As I neared the end of the elevator where my legs would have been immediately mangled and broken and I would have dropped about 20' to the barn floor, I spotted Stan. He was taking the hay bales from the elevator and when he say my predicament he ran over and grabbed me and with one quick pull he pulled me out of the moving elevator, away from sure severe injury and possibly even death. What do you say to someone who saves you life?
    I remember visiting him in the Tipton area about that time. He had moved into a cabin along the river. Seemed happy with the adventure but was still searching to find himself. He showed me a large ceramic crock that he was brewing his own beer. I didn't know a person could do that. He said that it actually tasted kind of like real beer. He offered me a sip but I declined since I didn't like the taste of real beer, I couldn't see how his recipe would improve on that at all.
    The week before I was to go into the service I called Stan up and asked if he wanted to do a road trip. Stan was always good for a road trip! We just traveled through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa looking at the sites and enjoying each other's company. It was my last freedom before I entered the military and later marriage. It was just such a wander lust for that kind of fun, freedom and travel that I remember most about Stan. After I left for the service we seldom bumped into each other. I miss those days, and most of all I miss you Stan.

    Sheriff Keith Govier
    Grant County, WI

    1. Dear Keith, I truly enjoyed reading this! I could see in my mind's eye the Dudenbostel's farm, the barn, the elevator, the danger, my dad grabbing you and then returning to his work as if nothing happened (not sure if he did but I can assume). I never heard this story before. Blessings to you! Thank you for sharing!

    2. Amanda, You are right. I was shaking so bad that I couldn't hardly stand. But your father went right back to work, knowing if he didn't we would get behind and have to work twice as hard to catch up. Afterward we joked about it in the way only Stan could do. I am sure he knew the seriousness of the event, but he took it in stride. He was so humble and always saw the lighter side of things. He was a great friend. I know it can't compare to your loss but when I heard of Stan's passing I felt a deep loss over a long lost friend and a loss of what could have been if we would have been able to stay in touch. He was one of a kind.
      If God has a kitchen in his house, I believe He would have a picture of Stan on His refrigerator.

  22. vicky skaife march 13 2012
    wow, just found out today about Stan. So very sorry to hear of his passing. I dated Stan for about 6 to 9 months. We met here in Wisconsin. Things I remember about Stan are, the girls about work were so impressed with how good looking he was and that he opened the car door for me. He was the only man I have ever met that was willing to be
    the first people on the dance floor, I remember christmas at his parents and him going horseback riding even though he didn't like it, just because he knew I did and that I would have been uncomfortable going alone ( he looked so uncomfortable I never would have expected him to do that again). Stan talked about me moving to texas, but so soon after my divorce I paniced then said something about marriage (I ment not marriage but we needed more time and as a mother of 2 I needed to know my finachial sucerity) so then stan must have paniced because I don't remember seeing him after that.

    1. thank you so much for sharing:) we love mulling over these comments & appreciate everyone taking the time to do this.

      Vicky if you mentioned marriage I'm pretty sure my dad ran for the hills:) funny....

  23. I loved the video of your dad. It's been more than three decades since I saw him, yet when he laughed on the video I remembered that laugh as clearly as if I'd heard it months ago. My heart broke for you when we got the sad news of his death. Amanda and Trish, I pray the Lord continues to heal and comfort and allow you the blessing of the good memories. - Aunt Carol

    1. thanks so much Aunt Carol....your prayers mean a lot to us! We were blessed with so many lovely letters he wrote since 1971...and wow...what a journey it has been!!!! Many hugs & big sloppy kisses!!!!

    2. Thank you Aunt Carol! The other night I was dreaming and thought "I need to write Dad a letter, it's been awhile. He'll enjoy hearing about such and such." Then I woke up and realized I couldn't write to him because he'd never receive it. He's gone. It is still completely unbelievable. But God is so gracious and has been holding me! Much love to you!!

    3. Amanda i think writing your dad a letter is a great idea i think i will write him one and see if i can get some things off my chest i still have trouble believing he is gone more than once i have wanted to call him i loved hearing him talk about you ,Trisha and all his grandkids give my love to everybody kenny


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