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Sunday, November 6, 2011

what if someone offends me???

. tonight I learned about being open & honest in friendship.  
I learned that while I was traveling I didn't have any real, come over on friday night kinda right around the corner friendships.  I made friends then left and am blessed to say that MOST of those friendships still exist at various degrees of depth.  So now that I'm living on land ....in ONE town (a very small one, at that) ....at one church making loads of new friendships.  

 I had to ask myself...what do you do when a friend disappoints you ....or lets you down....or frustrates you?  Do you say something?  I believe so, yes.  

I would feel better if a person came to me and (gently) told me about something I did or said that offended them. Its so much easier when its all out in the air...with LOVE and kindness...then you can move forward & all will be well....the relationship grows & the spirit of offense has no where to live inside you:)   yay!!!  I have the victory!

i encourage you to share your heart with your friend even when you don't know how the other person will receive it. WAIT!!!  STOP HERE!
DO NOT ....i say....DO NOT go to that person without FIRST going to your Maker.....God in heaven.  Give him any offense or bitterness or anger you may have.  Ask Him to help you communicate IN LOVE .....He is LOV E & He said we're to LOVE our neighbor as ourselves.  Love them even if they did something unforgivable.....NOTHING is unforgivable....Jesus paid for it all & if you don't know Him, you really should!  He'll set you free, heal you & love you all the way back to wholeness....joy & peace is what you get when you serve Him!  

whooohoooo!  I love this life He has given to me....His grace & favor are amazing

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