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Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 STRONG...life changing lessons

yesterday I was a part of a Secret Sister event with some ladies from my church.  I showed up at 10am, all the while thinking I was going to be a few minutes late.   I called my girlfriend to ask where she was (although I didn't see anyone else I knew either).  Standing in her pjs finishing breakfast cleanup she informed me it was at noon...I was TWO hours early....then she said the restaurant we were meeting at was actually 12 miles away...I was at the WRONG PLACE!  After deciding I was simply too far to go home now I prayed...and I drove...and I called a couple people.  I had the best time doing nothing.  I wished I would've had a better plan & accomplished more while I was out without the kids but I wasn't exactly planning to get it all that wrong.

that story to preface this question: Do you ever get it wrong?  like, really really wrong?  ever feel as if you've just regained your composure & strength after a left hook from the devil just to be caught off guard with a sucker punch?  Well I'm over it!  I took authority...the authority given to me by the shed blood of Jesus....over the "caca" I had been facing. the past little while...all the time after my party till last night I've been getting "it" wrong.  That is, not doing my best or giving my all.  

3 messages came to me this weekend & I changed my course. I will give you the cliff notes version for your reading pleasure. 

Lesson #1
remove the quit option from your life...Pastor Alison taught us about this using a poignant story about a Navy Seal who was the sole survivor of a battle in Afghanistan. Don't quit! Remove the option at all so you don't even have a thought about it...so much more than just that, it was really touching. He was shot but told his body to shut up...move! so he ran to excape the enemy...then he had to jump over a cliff and upon landing broke both of his legs...he MADE himself get up & NOT quit...he RAN until he was rescued. He removed the quit option & didn't give up...we can too.

Lesson #2
John gave a wonderful talk today at our greeters ministry meeting at church. he told of a time where he was corrected about his attitude. about serving God with your whole heart. Doing whatever you do with excellence. (side trip: which reminds me, it was really strange not being on stage this week--praise & worship) Guess what?!?! I'm grateful for correction....gently given:) when you get "it" wrong...ask forgiveness...from God & the one you hurt or offended...be forgiven!

Lesson #3
faith & thanksgiving go hand in hand
if you're standing in faith for something make sure you're being thankful for what you have right now. let your words say what The Word says about you & your situation
I am thankful for my husband, my kids, my house, my car, our businesses thriving, our debts cancelled, our bed, my backyard, coffee, good lighting, furniture & art, my cat, MY FRIENDS!!!! our Pastors, anointing, paint, candles, a dryer (in the name of Jesus!), speaking of....I'm thankful for clean clothes! dozing off yet?

ok okay...i'll sign off. not sure if jumbled & incoherent grammar patterns bother you but they will certainly bother my honey...he hates reading poor grammar:) sorry babe! I didn't get too bothered with the shift key either, did i?!? hehehe

love ...some kisses....a big hug to you

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