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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

love entirely

Studying a simple flower at my Dad's memorial service in all its vibrancy framed by a rusted metal background gave me a glimpse of joy & inspiration in a moment of deep grief & hurt.  Looking back now it really amazes me what joy little things can bring into the heart of a person if that person only takes time to absorb the moment.....to experience the LOVE of God in all things, at all times.

God is the ultimate Designer to create so many different colors, shapes, sizes and forms ...even just in the flower family....think of all the other little things He created!  We always think of the sun, moon, stars and the earth...but all the little things amaze me just as much!

I was moved to create something tonight as I'm challenging myself on many fronts.  One would be to go to bed before 2am but I'll start that tomorrow:)  so I started with this simple photograph which speaks volumes to me considering the short amount of time in which God has truly healed my heart from the pain of such great loss.

By no means is this a downer post...just the opposite in fact.  In my journey, my adventure, to Live Decorated God allowed me the forward motion to capture the tiny burst of joy & magnify it to something greater than my grief.

Now all I can see is Him!

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