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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finally our own shop.....

...for a weekend:)

Check out this video & read on....
Grand Tour of Retail Space & The Grey Pear boutique inventory

In order to better showcase a retail space for lease in downtown Buda we setup shop.  It looks a bit like a gallery with the exception that nothing was hung on the walls (can't mess up a fresh paint job).....we didn't move ALL of our inventory in because of time & energy...not to mention SLEEP I need from time to time. 

All in all, today was very successful....seemed to have several very interested people for the space and we sold quite a bit of our creations.  Nothing big yet like the furniture or big pieces of art.  There are a couple pieces I would love to keep in my collection so if they don't sell I’ll take that as an invitation to keep them for a bit longer. 

At the risk of sounding a bit strange (you're reading this so most likely you already know the strange factor I possess) I would love the people who buy the art to send me a picture of them with their art on their wall.is this too much to ask?  I’ve put so much time, energy, focus & prayer into each piece that I feel a strong attachment to them & know the new home they find will be perfect for them.  They’ll be treated with respect & loveJ  Oknow I’m getting a bit silly!  But really just an enthusiastic collector is all I askMarc just wants someone with cashJ 

So in case you didn’t come see us todayand to all of you who did, THANK YOU…please come by for a visit after church tomorrow.  Love n hugs.  Trish

Oh, and a shout to Peggy my VERY FIRST follower of my blog ...I met her today for the first time.  

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