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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

organizing toys....AND thoughts

Last night I was organizing the house in a mad dash to enjoy the boys before bedtime.  Every toys needs a home, right!?  While my hands were speedily working I was praying, giving my thoughts & ideas to God.  What a fun time I had in those fleeting moments. 
He spoke some very simple truths to my spirit.
·         Get the house in order
·         Everything has a placethen everyone knows how to help clean up
·         Create stations throughout the house -- no matter what room the boys are in there is always something constructive to keep their fingers & minds active
·         And some other more private revelationsJ
He also gave me ideas on how to be the mother He’s called me to beand wifeJ  I desire all He has for me & its big I tell ya!  One day you’ll know just what I mean when I say BIG!  Until that day I keep asking God what does today hold?  How can I please YOU today?  Some days are better than others but never because God didn’t come through on His end!  I’ve missed it somewhere but when I confess my sin He is faithful & just to forgive me & cleans me of all unrighteousness (some days more than others). 
Right now my goal is to spend more time with Him, in His Word & shutting my mouth to HEAR from Him. 
I pray for you today that you hear His voice & that you gain His vision and plan for your life.  It’s always better than anything we can dream, hope or imagine. 
Where does He want you to go? 
What does He want you to do?
Much love & peace to you,

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