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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3 Summer Me's

I’m about to embark on a journey.  A journey northward to farm country.....Tipton, Iowa to be exact.

While leaving one of my famous 5 minute messages for my cousin, Aubrey I had a realization.  I have 3 me’s when I’m back in Iowa.  In order to understand the 3 me’s let me start by saying I spent my summers in Iowa for most of my childhood, if not all.  Who can remember all the little detailsJ
So my summers were split between 3 places:
1.  At the farm: my mom's parents raised cows, pigs, grew corn & hay and about every other fruit or veggie imaginable.  This was a place my sister I spent hours and days running through pastures, climbing, driving tractors, helping bail hay, work the corn fields and muck through the huge mama pigs pen.
2.  in town: my dad’s parents had a cute white house just blocks from the city park & pool so this was a really fun place as a little girl.  We could walk just about anywhere in a matter of minutes. I spent teenage summers rollerblading, riding bikes, adventuring, sneaking out (let's not talk about that) and even midnight running in the rain with my girlfriend Julie.
My cousin Melissa leading me around at the stables before I could walk perhaps
3.  at the stables: my dad’s uncle had a gorgeous
place (my whole family took part in building) on the river where we would ride horses from dawn till midnight.  If we weren't riding we were catching the horses out on The Big Meadow, feeding, grooming, saddling up, or roasting marshmallows by the campfire.  We also played flashlight tag at midnight, corral tag after lunch, and numerous plays set to music (imagine that!)
I’d have to enter about 84 more blog posts to let you into this world of the 3 summer me’s so let me just focus on the here and now....I’m going there in a matter of days and I have not prepared in the slightest! 
·         I thought about packing ONCE then got sidetracked

Did I mention we’re moving Marc’s office this week?  And we’re moving into a different house on the 25th????  HELLO!

·         Moments ago I contacted one of my best friends all through my life to tell her I’m coming into town....um....hello!  Last minute or what?!?!
·         I did happen to book well in advance my hour ride at the stables on Sunday after church with my cousin AubreyJ  Can’t forget that!
·         I will have the beautiful opportunity to interview my Granddad on video ...not to mention about 4 other people who may or may not wind up on my YouTube accountJ
·         Oh and the main event....my uncle’s wedding on SaturdayJ 
o    One thing I will say is I have been praying fervently that if this marriage is the will of God that my uncle will have a solid confirmation and peace that only can come from God.  And if it is not, for some reason, meant to be that the Holy Spirit would clearly speak to him and her because the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can EVER do in your life is walk in God’s PERFECT will that He created especially for YOU.  Well, that’s how I feel about that. 
Will you pray in agreement with me?  I pray that He will schedule my time there....that He will orchestrate my steps and my interactions.   
I pray that He gives me words to speak and boldness to speak them... in LOVE.  I pray that not a moment will be wasted.  I pray that I will see the people God wants me to see and bless everyone I come in contact with.  I pray that He will keep my husband and my boys at home in PEACE , joy, LOVE, health and prosperity!  I pray for family revival....a revival in our hearts to know Him more. 
It starts with me...now...here.....I receive revival in my heart.
I don’t want to just say this to you because I’m in the mood to type and it sounds good...then forget what I was even talking about...nope.  I pray that it’ll all sink deep in my heart so my trip out of town & away from my family will not pull my focus away from God but closer to Him. 
How does this all tie in to my silly 3 summer me’s story?  I have no idea....it’s just where the story took me today.  Who says a blog has to “flow” or make any sense”?  Not this gal here! 

If I had an assistant that traveled with me there would be at least one blog a day...until that day you’ll have to follow me on twitter @LiveDecorated or Instagram @LiveDecorated  then we’ll all be connected

Watch out for pictures from all three of the places I spent my little people time becoming a big people.


  1. Aww thank you for putting me in your blog story:) Our summers were so much fun! Lots of laughter! Looking forward to seeing you! Lots of Love<3 -Julie

  2. Praying for safe travel. Standing in agreement with you in prayer. Send my love to everyone! Have a wonderful time and I will see you Tuesday at the SA airport. Call me to confirm pick up time. Much love! - Amanda

  3. Flashlight tag!!! Many good memories doing this growing up!

    Hope this weekend is everything you hoped it would be. Welcome (back) to Iowa!

    Was great talking on the plane.

    1. Hey Cory, how did the move go, assuming you sold the house:)? It was lovely to meet you and hear all about that super sweet family you have. Many blessings to you!!!


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