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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Dance

Last night as I joyfully whirled around my house accomplishing menial tasks I was reminded of a dance.  Ballroom? not so sophisticated... Salsa?.... not so booty oriented. Two-Step?.... not so country.  Then what kind of dance was I thinking of?
Mine.  My own special "house dance" as I like to call it.

Right about now a few women are nodding their heads in an "ahh, I understand" kinda way.  The rest of you sit perplexed.  Huh?!? Most all women, especially those who have little ones underfoot, have a certain way they move through their house that could, if analyzed with a creative eye, resemble that of a dance.

Now do you see it?  

Last night was another up-till-3am-accomplish-a-milion-things-and-have-awesome-time-with-God kind of night so my dance ranged from a quick step to that of a waltz.  What an amazing time I had redecorating my living room, adding a new dining room table (thanks to a dear friend I'm losing to Dallas...insert sad face), reorganizing, recovering an office chair, praying under the stars and all the little things that make a house run & operate beautifully (except floors, not a big fan of cleaning the floors).

 So I hope you'll view your drab chores in a new light with music in the background and a spring in your step.  

oh, yeah....I haven't forgotten about sharing the open house pictures & videos with you but I had a rather rough go of it the past several days.  You don't need to hear about all that though.  I'm back & that's all I'll say for now.

 Hugs n Love n Chick-fil-a waffle fries to ya (yeah, I'm hungry).


  1. Thank you for your heartfelt writings and this remembrance. I once had a little jig, I think I'll pick it up again with great joy!

  2. Yeah Karen! I want to see you jig!!! Trish has motivated me to dance my way to bed right now:). Glad to see you are back Trishy pooh....since yours is the only blog I read! Love yall. Kimmy pooh

  3. I'm trying to come back...I miss you ALL!!!! Been an interesting 2 weeks...gotta get my head back on:) Love y'all


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