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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Tiny Town Iowa

Hey y'all.....

What did YOU do for Thanksgiving? And a happy one at that....to you.
enjoying our queen size bed and sleeping in till 7 (sometimes)

Are you doing Black Friday???

Sitting quietly in our sweet farmhouse amid a land of crops, cows and future bacon type products I reflect.  Here it is...the adventure.....just at the start.  We have had one snowfall so far and survived without a  scratch.  For those of you not tuned in to my Instagram or FB, the story goes:  we spontaneously moved from Austin, Tx to Tiny Town Tipton, Iowa.

"Why are you in IOWA", most folks ask.  The answer differs depending on the mood I'm in and the person asking the question.  All answers are just short snippet of the truth of the matter: we needed a wee change of pace and a shifting of scenery.

So we're here on an adventure
for a year (or longer, no telling right now), oh yeah, did I mention my 88 year old grandpa lives a couple miles from our cozy little farmhouse?  Now you know the draw to Iowa as opposed to Oregon or France (who were certainly on the list), not to mention cost of living in middle America beat out the latter.

A slower pace of life (see picture above) is surely one of the perks of the 1,100 mile move up the country.  As if time is preparing for the winter ahead.  I have much more time to get with God in the morning ... and even throughout my day He draws me back.  SO cool this God who loves us so.

a few other perks: My closet is way big enough to turn into a prayer closet (which I only just discovered tonight)....
neighbors are quite a distance away ....
we have a barn & workshop....  a dartboard .....
2 little farm kitties ... big picture windows that actually OPEN ...
trash service (which is a big deal in these parts) ...
a BASEMENT  ... and loads of storage!

since I have yet to capture a stunning Iowa sunset here is one
I'll cherish from the island of Rangiroa. 
The sunrises and sunsets are so vividly colored every single day and I actually get to experience both of them, in the same day, for perhaps the first time in my life:)  Apart from the few times I spent summers in Alaska, sunrises have usually eluded.

Seeing as how this is my first time back with you in over a year I don't want to go on too long and run you off.  One thing is for sure: this Iowa thing was a God thing!  I'm having the time of my life and I even baked the sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving dinner which is saying loads if you know me at all.  Come back, I'll try to keep you posted in short spurts.  

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Hugs and Thankful Love,

Blu Wyatt

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