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Saturday, June 2, 2012

week's recap :: girl's night out tops it all off

What a night!  What a day, really.  What a week, actually!

After a LONG week of working on the new office I was invited to an impromptu “Girl’s Night Out”... for a “mommy chocolate fix” HELLO:?!?!?!@??  “Of course!!!!  Uh, I mean, let me ask Marc.”  Well get this....after a LONG day at work my sweet Honey generously said “yes” so I bounded out the front door followed by naked, freshly bathed bums (my boys y’all).  What a dear, kind man who loves me so much to do the night-time routine on his own....thanks Babe!!!!!  

Ya see, I’m the kind of mom....woman....who needs a break occasionally: time away to recharge.  The best way for this mama to recharge (other than my toes in the sand of some quiet Caribbean beach) is to socialize with friends, tell stories and laugh over a mouth-watering, dessert. ... 

Uhhh, I mean JUICE!!!   A BIG glass of healthy, good-for-me juice! But while we’re on the subject I have a bone to pick with Joe Cross, the Mr. Wonderful of the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead movie.  His website has nothing for the sweet tooth in me.... so I must improvise the diet from time to timeJ  love me!

Back to my night of adventure story:  Yummy key lime pie, sweetie-cake (can’t use “pie” twice in one sentence, oh wait, I just did:) waitress, amazing conversation and healthy belly laughs all set outside, on the patio overlooking the river with the sound of rushing water in the background....now that’s a  perfect night out if you ask me.  Actually.....”perfect” would’ve included live jazz music, but who’s complaining?   
I hope you’ll enjoy a recap of this week’s adventures...well actually, the few I remembered to film.  Remember my promise to you in my previous post....here?

RANDOM::Another reason I need a camera crew: hehehe... there were so many memorable, funny, off the cuff moments that needed capturing tonight with my new girlies (did I mention I only knew Ro, the friend who invited me?).  What is a girl to do?  Stop the funny, grab the camera & say “could you repeat that please?”  I think NOT!  So the funniness kept rolling, without record, in a thousand fleeting moments....all gone....never to be shared...ahhhh! 

One day you’ll be able to join us as me & the friends God sends me share ideas, jokes, adventures, silliness and profound-life-changing thoughts...all “for the cause of Christ.”  I took that line from Mary Alessi’s song Pressing On.  Oh do I love that cool, laid back vibe she throws out there while her words give the mind & heart something to chew on.  Listen.    

Live Decorated this weekend 
with lots of LOVE, laughter, silliness and hey, don't forget prayer time with your Creator....He LOVES YOU!!!!!


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