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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Someone needs YOU!!

Bluer than blue skies speckled with fluffy whites all across the sky....it's my view. Surrounded on 3 sides by corn so big I'm drawing the conclusion it was injected with some growth hormone.
Anyway, the family is taking a wee Sunday snooze while I soak in the sun;
Britt Nicole's music filling the breezy airwaves.  God amazes me to say the least.

My last post.... to have that one off my chest and out into the world....Such a relief....the weight has lifted. Literally when I clicked "publish" my heart felt lighter. It almost felt as if I had been holding my breath all those months....Freedom swept over me. 

I don't know what I expected....perhaps I had no expectations. My job is done; I hit publish!  One surprise that hit me like a feather pillow upside my head: The overwhelming words of encouragement I received.  Several times I was brought to tears by a comment.  So many people are suffering in darkness.  I know part of my calling is to share the hope that I now have.  I'm filled with indescribable joy and gratitude.  Walking the path of healing with God at my side.  

Well I thought it appropriate to talk about the importance of encouragement....lifting someone else up with our words and gestures.

In this crazy world we face a barrage of criticism, judgement and jealousy.  So and so is smarter than you, the girl on TV is more beautiful than you, that guy got the job you've been waiting for, the jones family has it all...why can't I have that?!
Stop it!!! You're perfectly made for this day and hour.  You have a call and a purpose unique to you.  No one can fill your shoes. 

When we compare ourselves to others we're literally robbing ourselves of joy, peace and focus on what we're called to do on this earth!  Each one of us need to allow our light to shine brighter and brighter in this dark world.  Now even more than ever!!!

Acknowledge someone's success, beauty, style, ideas, accomplishments, brilliance ......fill in the blank.  Be generous with compliments, encouraging and uplifting words. It won't cost you a thing and here's the bonus: the more we compliment one another the better it makes us feel in the process. 

Be real. Be thoughtful. Don't hold back your admiration because you think they probably always hear it; you just never know what insecurities someone carries around.   I, for one, held onto crazy insecurities for most of my life. People had no idea the depth of it!  Friends, family and even strangers need to be uplifted more than you or I realize.   

One more thing, I encourage you to get a journal. Write down good things about yourself "I am beautiful, I am wise, I am healthy, I am worth it, I'm pretty amazing." Just do it!  Write on your mirrors with dry erase markers and change them out often.  Allow positive words of LIFE to soak. your. soul.  You'll see a noticeable difference in your dealings with others as your confidence improves.   "Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." Matthew 12:34b

Let's just create a movement of lovely people trying to spread joy, hope and love...I'm onboard....what about you? It's just one of the many ways I choose to "live decorated".  

Someone needs what you have to offer.  It may even be a matter of life or death. Give Hope, Bring Love, Change Lives.  

Hope and love,
Blu Wyatt


1 comment:

  1. Amen! So true! Words to live by.


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