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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Run of our Lives

The chilled wind is blowing. The sun is shining brightly.  The ground is still wet from last night’s rain.  Perfect morning for a little run….well, the pace at which I “run” might be better referred to as a light jog but for my world of happy I’ve decided to say I RUN:)   

Yesterday I had an epiphany of sorts while I ran this course.  It reminded me of life.  
Uphill segments, level ground, farms, corn, downhill all the way to the church and cemetery then back again.  Stick with me as I take you through each step and I hope I can relay the awesomeness of this revelation.

As I start out I face a pretty steady and steep (in my book this is steep) incline.  (It wasn’t long ago when I couldn’t even make it up this one hill much less run the mile.)  This hill could represent striving to reach the next level…the challenges or difficulties you face.  Or even a phase where you’re trying to get closer to God and seek His will for your life.  This isn’t easy and doesn’t come without some sweat and effort.  

Maybe your heart is heavy.  You don’t know where God is in all this.  You keep pressing….pushing forward.  Your breath quickens.  You can’t seem to see ahead to the future….you wonder when your path will level out.  

There’s a precious horse farm with perfect white barns and a dreamy house at the top which takes your gaze for a moment.  Could be a distraction in life trying to get you to slow down or get off course…maybe someone else looks to be living your dream.  You keep pressing on feeling the ease of running a level path.  God is here.  Your thoughts are powerful.  You can see far into the distance over the rolling hills into the vast farmlands.  This just feels right. Life keeps moving.  

Slowly, ever so slowly the road slopes down.  Maybe your attitude shifts.  You start thinking negatively or coveting what someone else has.  As you descend the run seems easier but is it really….you’re headed down to a place where you can no longer see the beautiful view, now blocked by some of those rolling hills.  You start doubting yourself…downhill you go, maintaining the steady pace you started with but feeling somehow more confined.  

All of a sudden, you’re noticing the neighbors in the distance.  How successful they seem to be.  You want that.  But wait, they have their own share of difficulty and challenges you can’t even see.  Why would you want what someone else has?  Even if that’s your dream they’re living out “that’s NOT your story”.  You keep on.

Corn fields to your right haven’t yet been harvested.  Everything looks dead and withered…beyond life.  This could represent your dreams, goals, blessings or aspirations.  How discouraging!  Then you realize…wait, this is field corn….it must dry out before it can be harvested.  There is hope.  Your dream can be revived.  It’s harvest time but with that comes a lot of work and effort.  

You come across a warning sign…there’s a junction just ahead.  Do you keep going? Yes!  You won’t quit.  At the very bottom of this long, gradual hill you come to a crossroads.   you must stop….consider.  

Straight in front of you is an old church, regal in stature yet simple.  To the left is a cemetery or graveyard.  The death represented here reminds me of where we end up when negative thinking and speech take over our lives.  You see at this point you can either choose to focus on God and getting your thoughts and words in line or you can focus on the negativity or death around you….even that you’ve created.  

A moment in thought here at the bottom of the hill: death or life.  You decide beyond a shadow of doubt that you want to be in a better place; higher ground….this time as you begin to ascend you’ve decided to take on a new outlook.  Thinking and speaking life over yourself and your circumstances.   You take the first step, then another, and another until you’re back to your steady pace going UP the hill you came from. You changed your thought pattern and started speaking life.  The battle is tough going.  Your heart rate increases, your breath quickens yet again and you push up that hill of positive thinking….you can change.  It may not be an easy road, you may trip over a rock (this is a gravel road, mind you)  Slowly, you’re seeing more of the view around you.  

Keep your eyes focused ahead…your blessings….your harvest….your dream await you just around the bend if you persevere and don’t give up.  

Whoohoo….you made it to the top.  You can see it all.  You can feel God shining down on you in unconditional love.  You made the right call.  You notice a directional sign…how did you miss that coming the other way?
 It speaks to you…you can either go this way or that; both having their share of challenges and successes.  One thing for sure is that your life is changed.  You’re a new person.  You’re a runner in this life.  Gone are the cobwebs of laziness and apathy.  

The barn to your right is lovely.  A great place to stop for a breath if you need one but you’re serious about moving forward.  Down the hill to where your family and friends are as you descend this “mountaintop” with God.  He will guide you along the best pathway for your life, He will advise you and watch over you. (look it up Psalm 32:8)  It’s more than ok to walk all or part of the way depending on you’re activity level.  Don’t let that discourage you just keep moving.

Love and Peace,

Blu Wyatt

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.  Hebrews 12:1

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a could of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.  1 Corinthians 9:24

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