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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Purging Process of the Journey

Have you ever experienced one of those team building exercises where you have to fall straight back and trust that someone will be there to catch you?  This is about how life feels right now.

I feel like ... I'm falling.  Trusting.  Expecting.  

This journey "The Long Way Home" is completely changing me already
and it hasn't even begun (looking at leaving Iowa the end of July as it stands).  The part of the process I'm currently undergoing is the purge and store portion of the journey.  We've decided against getting a storage unit here in Iowa and have instead decided to get rid of all our possessions.  Well, technically not ALL.  I'm choosing to keep things like baby books, pictures, some family heirlooms, jewelry and other bits that are irreplaceable and storing them with my sister and a couple of generous friends.    But the rest is fair game; including ALL the furniture, linens, books, art, kitchen supplies and everything else a person collects along the way.
Packing: here's a test run of what I'll be packing...inside are paint brushes, medicine, important papers,
jewelry, art supplies, toiletries, pens and all matter of colored pencils and markers.  Plus about 7 sharpies!

This process is a painful one but one that I already feel the benefits of.  You see, I'm a collector through and through; things such as tea cups, sand, shells, plates, art....LOTS of art, pens, pillows, bedding, perfume, horses, books...GOOD books and even loads of vintage fabric.  Not to mention the fact that I have a quirky love for tables and chairs....  I like pretty things...some useful some not so much.  Letting them go....watching them walk out the door with someone else is a new feeling.

Releasing myself from the constraints of owning loads of 'stuff' is the real reward here.  We're walking away from material possessions to start fresh.  I'm already feeling lighter in a sense.
Terrible picture but here's the pile of stuff going back to Texas for storing.

Purging ... necessary ... and oh so difficult.

I'm having the hardest time figuring out how to live with less (much less) clothes and shoes.   I mean, really!  HOW?!?!?!  Then there's the cool factor.  Honestly, I don't know if my stuff is cool enough to wear over and over again.  How does a girl have style with only a handful of clothes?  Maybe I just need to go shopping for my travel wardrobe?

As I'm sailing through this purging process I find the TRUST side of things comes into play regarding ....well, everything, really.
The details haven't been ironed out yet: What we'll drive off in (looking like the Land Rover unless a miracle RV finds its way into our hands), where we'll stay (Air BnB's across America), how long we'll stay in each town (a week to a month or more), and who we need to meet along the way (divine appointments).  Our whole world hangs in the balance.

Trusting God all the way.  I hope you'll stick around...maybe invite some friends to join the journey to finding our next home.  After a year of traveling, I'm sure we'll find the best house (near the sand of course) for our family.  (here's the story to catch you up) and below is a little video letting you into my mess.

How are you stepping out of your comfortable box of routine and habits in your life?  Or are you?  Are you thinking about it?  Stretch your boundaries and limits as you reach for your dreams.  Leave me a comment below letting us know how you're doing life.

Much LOVE,

Here's our video story of where we're going....thanks for joining us:) xox

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