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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family Fun Activity Idea....try it with us

Change: the only constant
I find myself walking through a lot of change in my life.  Change as a wife,   a church-goer, a friend, a worshipper, a daughter-in-law and a mother.  My oldest faces his first year of “school” and has no idea what awaits him in less than 3 weeks....nor do I, for that matterJ.  Life is about to change forever for all of us. 

Additional Side Journey ....a wee bit further away from our functional wall art discussion: As we embrace this change with joy and a bit of naiveté I ask
the BIG question.....what about......his  backpack.    I don’t want him to have the same as all the other kids (or any other kid to be more exact) ....it has to be stylish, and make him want to wear it each day.  I’m just being honest!  Spiderman and Superman rank about the lowest on the style ratings; right next to Thomas the Train and a monkey....oh boy!  After visiting about 19 stores in the Outlet Mall we found the one.....at The Children's Place!!!!

indoor activity list

Now that I got that off my chest we can move onto business...the business of having an active, fun-loving family

I must share a fabulous idea a friend just passed down to us.
We shall call it:
Family Fun Hour....maybe you can come up with a better name....comment below pleaseJ

the outdoor activity list
So last night my Honey and I stayed up late making these indoor/outdoor lists for Pick The Fun or “Family Fun Pick” ...anyway, let me know what you think...

Here's how it works: 
use our list or make your own....be creative and think of each person, what are their likes or strengths ...make sure each person is represented 
(My husband said I couldn't add cleaning the floors in because it wouldn't fun for everyone...good point Honey)

next make sure you display the list in a prominent place where the whole family can see.  
when boredom strikes run to the list, select your fun and start the timer

or if you need a more black and white layout of the process, check it out:
each person in the family takes their turn selecting what they would like to play or do as a familyFor the next 15 minutes the whole family engages in that activity.  Timer goes off and the next person gets their say....and so on....until the kids lose interest or they become so engrossed in an activity they agree to “play pause” on that one activity.  I think I might’ve just made that part up but it sounds good, eh?

That way you’re not pushing the family too hard if everyone is having a fabulous time rollerblading and wants to go around the block again....flexible rules are far better than choking the life out of something, right? 

I like having a separate inside and outside list to ensure the whole family has enough outdoor play time....don't be afraid of the Texas heat....just head out after 6pm and suck it up pretty much:)  love me.

So I would love to hear your comments about the game or anything really.....just shout it outJ


  1. Hi Sis! Love it! Very creative way to display for us visual folks. At our place, we enjoy having stuffed animal fights -after all we have thousands of plush toys so we're never short on ammo!! Love ya!

    1. thx sis! love hearing different ideas....miss you!


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