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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

moving sidewalk of faith

The other day in prayer (yes, it actually takes a while before I can sit at the computer & process thought) I saw us (me & my husband) on a moving sidewalk.  Each time we took a step it was as if 10 were taken.  Even though in the natural we were walking the same pace as everyone else, in my vision, we were supernaturally being moved along life's highway with faith in God.  God's favor all over us has been increasing more & more & more and some of those closest to us have no idea of what's been taking place in the realm of the spirit.  As we draw closer to Him He has been drawing closer to us & showing us things to come.  Its big folks.  God is a big god & we can certainly limit Him with our own mindset, doubt, unbelief, bad confessions & the like.  Well I'm over it! 

I will take His word as truth & put it in my heart and confess it with my mouth.  "I wanna see what You see, I wanna hear what You hear."  I'm saying all this to say to all our friends & family acquaintances & even strangers....you're about to see a huge change....a big manifestation of His Grace on our lives.  Grace!  THE BLESSING!  It may be next week, it may be next month, it may even be next year but I'm living & expecting as if its today.  Today my victory is here!  Today my miracle is made manifest. 
WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!  Doin a little dance, shakin' my bootie!

Speaking of shakin' my bootie--yesterday after church I was talking with a good friend & she told me of something she made (I couldn't really listen because I don't do food talk well at all....at ALL) but I heard "butter, cause I don't use that fake stuff that clogs your arteries",  I wasn't rude by any means when I interrupted her story.  I wasn't.  I couldn't stop myself so for some strange reason I blurt out "do you wanna do a butter dance?" To my surprise she said yes & we not only did a "butter dance" (whatever that is) we made an impromptu song "butta butta butta oooo I love my buttaahh".  Do you have a visual yet? 
Marc caught us and didn't give much of an effort to hide his embarrassment.   How long will it take him to get used to my silliness?  One can only guess. 

AC went out today & let me just say....I was anything but silly.  Since I left my diaper bag with a friend I was stuck at home with no drivers license, no money & no camera.  So I took a nap with the boys:) 

my blog.... little silly & a little spiritual.  Just like a joyful (VICTORIOUS) un-normal day in the life of Trish!

Speaking of my life....tomorrow is Marc's Birthday....wait....  TODAY is Marc's birthday (as I realize its after midnight) & I want it to be really special for him.  So special .... he asked if he could plan it for himself....so he's taking me and the boys somewhere ....and won't tell me.  It may just be my best birthday ever:) 

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