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Sunday, July 31, 2011

missing it

Have you ever missed it?  Well I have!  Not just once or even a handful of times but A LOT!  I missed it yesterday and even though God tried to get my attention (twice) I still missed it.  Well guess what?  When you miss it you just repent, give it to God & ask Him how to fix it because His ways are perfect Psalm 18:30.  That's what I've done & God immediately restored me to right standing with Him.  Guess what else... He's guiding me along the best pathways for my life according to Psalm 32:8 on how to rectify the situation.  Ready for even MORE revelation?  Well I'm gonna tell you anyway...not only is my mistake forgiven, God is going to use it to His glory.  I believe in allowing Him into every moment and every little detail of my life---get your mind around that for a second....every detail....no matter how small....every moment---He will be glorified and exalted.  And you know what else?  Lives will be changed, because that's what its all about....MORE of Him and less of us, folks.  I fell flat on my face because God showed Marc & I where he wanted us to go & I took it one step further (without God).  Now I'm back on track with Him and will strive every day to not live a moment without His guidance & leading.  To be honest its SO easy....too easy.  All I do is give Him the first of my day and constantly bring Him into every moment through prayer, thanksgiving, meditating on a scripture, talking to my kids about God, praising & teaching them to do the same in all things and at all times. 

  We all miss it at one time or another but isn't it so sweet to be reprimanded by Him...our heavenly Father....who loves us more than we can imagine?  I know I felt so filled to the full to overflowing with the love of God after I had my little "spankin'" as Pastor John said today.  This is meant to give encouragement to someone, I know it has for me anyway.

I'm sorry for any damage I caused & know everything is gonna be ALL RIGHT!  Praise be to God...the Creator of heaven & earth!

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