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Friday, August 19, 2011

who's coming to dinner?

Tonight I was one of five hosts around Austin for a "Who's Coming to Dinner?" party for the ladies of our church.  The idea is only the hostess knows who's coming to dinner until the guests arrive.  Surprise!  With such a great mix of ladies (5 in all)  the conversation was non-stop.  We didn't even use our ice breaker (although I tried:). 

The Low Down:
So for the past few days Marc & I had been hammering out what we wanted to give as party favors and he suggests I make a headband fashioned after the one he picked up for me a while back.  I wasn't quite on board knowing my sewing skills aren't quite up to speed for a project like that.  Well TODAY I still had nothing to give....aside from magnets I made in a few minutes (which wasn't gonna cut it in the least).  So at noon (knowing party is at 7 & I have a million things to do) I get some fabric, my sewing machine, thread & the Spirit of God....and take off....making something I've never made much less looked twice at other than to notice how cute it makes my bad hair days out to be!  So lets just say that God showed up & I made 7 of them by 3:30 with several feeding, changing, and playing with my boys "distractions" along the way.  God is so amazing!  Creative!!!! 

Marc came home with flowers, food for fixin, gift boxes & burned CDs of the Binions worship music to add to my "favor box".  AMAZING!!!!  That is the word I use to describe my husband today.  I don't mean a little amazing, I mean a BIG FAT Whoppin' AMAZING~!!!  Not only did he grocery shop for the event & bring home surprises for my friends--ready for this?--HE COOKED EVERYTHING!!!!  I know!  I'm one blessed lady!  I made the house dazzle & he made yummy, not to mention, beautiful food!  Honey, I love you!  I really really love you!

OK, all that being said the conversation was wonderful & most of it circled around God, His glory, power & love.  If you ask me, I'd say that's just what the night was meant to be & when He is honored we all walk away blessed.  I really & truly LOVE my church family.....even though of the 4 ladies that came to dinner I only knew my Pastor's wife, the others I had either never met or only seen in passing.  Shocking?  Not when you serve the same powerful God!  It was seamless folks.  Thanks also to my Honey who took the boys out to Mimi & Papa's for a while to give us a quiet house.

Did I mention just how awesome of a husband I have?  He is so lovely & I hope he's as blessed by me as I am by him.  On that note, I think I'll go to bed now:) 

(may upload a pic later)

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