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Saturday, September 22, 2012

ready for news? what about LOVE?

I had projected I would post my Big News Splash on Wednesday only to find my day booked solid: a client meeting, decor shopping, lunch with a friend, fabric shopping then rounding out nicely with housework and kiddos.  My whirlwind of a Wednesday came and went with only a thought or two casually running into my blog entry, mostly while driving all over Austin.
click through to read all about it and see more pictures ....

One step closer to announcing:  I finally called my mom with the news this past Tuesday...She said "you sure are being mysterious...what's going on?".  Upon hearing the news she was a little taken aback.  However, as I expected from my sweet mama, she supports me fully.  I sure love you, Mom and thanks!

Bullets of Randomness:

  • Hesitation......did you know hesitation is form of fear?  Well, I don't have any substantial basis for that statement other than it just makes sense.  You see, I have to share this "interesting" news with a few folks in person (or at least on the phone) before I spill it to the world and I'm a bit nervous to open myself up like that when only a few really know my heart or understand where I'm coming from in all this.  I guess you could say I'm hiding behind a veil of hesitation while building my courage to come out with it already.  Perhaps people will judge and ridicule me but worse has happened and I'm still alive today:)
  • Know this right here and now, regardless of how you take this nutty news....my greatest passion for YOU is that you would know God's full and beautiful plan for your life by seeking Him and obeying what He calls you to do....even in the little things.  

  • Blessings will find you as you meditate on His word.....His love for YOU!!!  Wow!  

  • Speaking of His love have you seen the movie that just came out last night?  Unconditional written and directed by Brent McCorkle?  It was based on a true story and is a MUST see in the theatres.  My Honey took me out on an impromptu date night and after dropping off the boys at his parents asked me what I wanted to do.  Hands down, this was one of the top 5 movies I've ever seen (you know I can never rate anything other than "favorite or not so much").  Catch a glimpse of God's love for you by watching this movie.

Oh and a little family update....we got a couple of the cutest little pooches from a friend on facebook.  Peanut & Ginger are currently awaiting their new names....so they fit in with the family:)  Here's a picture of T with Ginger (the girl).  And since I added a picture of T I had to show off Ko playing peek-a-boo at the park...enjoy.

maybe the news will come out Monday???

Love n hugs and even a moist cake ball from time to time:)

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