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Friday, September 28, 2012

back to life:-...and mirror beauty

Yay...you came back.  Thanks for the support.  Now that the initial shock has worn off for most of you let's get back to life....life decorated that is.
(if you're just catching up click HERE to read all about the name change news of yesterday)

here's a closeup after refining the color of gold and inviting Instagram in
For the past few weeks I've been working for this beautiful client and loving every minute of it.  I spent a couple hours transforming this super cool mirror which I wanted to hang on my wall when it was all said and done.  I'll have MUCH better pictures once it's hung, the artwork opposite the mirror is hung and the lamps are reworked...much to do so stick with me for updates.

click through for the tip of the day and some inspiration:

TIP:  Maybe you have something in your home that you love, or used to, but it needs a wee face life for some new life.  Or you find something at a thrift store, garage sale, or flea market that has great shape.   With good bones (structure, stability, shape and design) you can always transform it to meld with your current style with just a little elbow grease, some sanding, paint and a little creativity 

For this client the gold on the mirror was too....uh.....I'll call it "Kirkland's gold" for her sophisticated taste.

I started with a solid coat of a more muted gold. Martha Stewart Hazel to be exact.  Let it dry.  Then brushed on a waterbased stain I had tinted a dark grey some ages back.  I work in small sections so as not to get too ahead of myself and while the stain was still wet I'd wipe it off to allow some of the luxurious gold shine through.

the final result before its hung.  need to change out the 2 circle mirrors in the background and revamp the lamps but that vintage table is stunning & she found it on craigslist.  The look is coming together.
Lovely, I'd say.  What do you say?
I totally want one!!!!

Even if you don't have a mirror as elaborate as this make sure to look around your home or wake up in the morning and hit a few garage sales.  Things I'm always scouting out are chairs, tables, junk to turn into art, frames, mirrors, lamps, unique accessories, white or creamy stoneware or pottery, vintage anything, off the wall goodies that you can't name until you find them, sconces, jewelry and even broken bits that inspire me and want to be in my latest art project:)

Those are a few of my favorite things to pick.  What do you gravitate toward?  and have you decided on your next transformation project?

Find me on twitter @LiveDecorated and send me some pictures of your projects and what things you look for while picking or thifting and I'd love you to comment here with your best story about a special treasure you uncovered.  Also you can find me on Instagram @LiveDecorated.  Easy, right?

Many of God's blessings on you my friends.....

Diella Wyatt ;)

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