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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Adventures: are they only funny to us???

  Toby Mac is one anointed man!  The song "Steal My Show" on his new album has me in tears on my way to Mama's house for Christmas lunch...which we're now over an hour late:)  oops!  Sorry Mama!

This song gets me back to the center
of it all....It's ALL about Him...nothing about me!!  I don't wanna run this show....I've done it too many times in the past.  More than once I've found myself at the bottom in life.  No where to turn so I run into His arms.  I wonder why I ever left in the first place or how I could've turn my back on Him.  Each time, without fail, He answered my prayers and bailed me out.  He didn't just put a patch job on my mess He gave me a completely different door to walk through that put me back on the path to success and freedom.  He'd open the windows of heaven and bless me abundantly....then after a while I'd start to think I had it all together and walk toward the busy-ness of life or the party or a new wild adventure.  inevitably I'd fall flat on my face again.  Wanna know something I've learned?  I can't live a wildly adventurous, victorious, joyful life filled with peace & power unless I put Him first.  Not after all my chores are finished or I've chatted with all my girlfriends! No....He must be FIRST....not for a short time while I have a desperate need but always...everyday.

So to sum it up....I've given Him "my show" and prayed out that song by Toby Mac today over my life, business, marriage and everything else that makes me ME. Ya know?

Christmas Day at 2:45:  Anyway looks like we've exited 35 and Mom isn't too thrilled with us right now.

Christmas has already turned into a tears-streaming-down-my-face-from-laughing-so-hard kind of day....here's the past few hours in a goofy nutshell.
11am rolls around and oops...I forgot I was supposed to make the sweet potatoes ...I freakishly wrapped them with aluminum foil and started the oven (since I cook about once a year you'd think I'd give myself more time to  soak in the experience.)
I remember...veggies need washing before cooking...oops again, start over.
wash potatoes, refoil, insert into oven
Pick up mounds of new toys
clean up loads of trash recycling
clean dishes
load of laundry
SHOWER! (Hi ...needed that one!)
check potatoes-- not done
WHAT?@!  20 minutes till we have to leave
no one is dressed...potatoes NOT DONE!
white elephant?  oops forgot...hurry!! Find a couple gifts & WRAP THEM!!!!!
dress kids
oh man we still have to wrap 3 more gifts!!!
Load up the truck (SUPER windy)
Marc said "nothing else goes...there's no room"
i load more gifts and hand me down toys hiding in the garage
"nothing else"
timer for potatoes...rings for about 4 minutes before someone made it to the stove
oh yeah, I forgot the vintage croquet set!  "NO"
it fit!
oh yeah, I wanted to give some clothes to my sisters...load em up
tin foil  the potatoes
oh and my mom would LOVE the plant from last night's performance:)  yay...that's a good one, God!
load up y'all!!!   
Oh man, I forgot 3 gifts on the table
load up again
oh wait I can't find my phone
oh man....2 more gifts behind the tree
now where is that phone?
uh oh, where did I put Marc's phone??>>>
(he's not too happy with me now...I can't stop laughing)
3rd round through the house looking for my phone
oh yeah...jackets for the boys
where is that phone>?>!>!>!
Oh boy,.....there's the potatoes on the counter...oops again!
AND the white elephant gift!!!
ok...really LOAD UP!!!!
Tiernan!!!  he opened 3 gifts while I was inside!!
oh BOY
finally drive off....
halfway down the block...oops I forgot my makeup!  
back to the house
look everywhere
mini-van unlocked...yet another oops.  (yes, we still have a mini-van)
check the mini for the makeup--nope....oh man....
where the heck are my keys to lock the mini?????
find key...no makeup...only lost 3 minutes!
Mama please forgive me!!!!  we leave at 2:09...what time was lunch supposed to start? you ask.....
2pm...we're about an hour drive away.

....about 12:45am the day after....
what an amazing day with family it was today!  All was well, no one was upset with us...these people have known me ALL my life:) they weren't surprised that the morning had a story behind it!

God has good things for you and me....good things, indeed.  Are you ready to be radical?  Are you ready for the ride of your life?  Get Toby Mac's Eye On It CD and Mary Mary Get Up CD and you'll find yourself  dancing your way into the good life.

Merry Christmas.......we love you and thank God for each one of you:)  hugs n kisses

Diella Wyatt


  1. Oh how I love the Goeblers!

  2. It didn't matter that you arrived late - you arrived safely! We enjoyed our time with ya'll!
    We too love Toby Mac and Mary Mary!


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