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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Shopping Bliss

How many of you love Christmas shopping?  What about just giving gifts to people who make you a better you?  Anyone brave enough(or crazy enough) to hit Black Friday this year?  Anyone still have shopping to do?  yes and yes and a big YES!

Last year was my first ever Black Friday experience and I decided to make an adventure of it without expectations of finding anything, just spreading some joy & to simply see what all the fuss was about.  From 10:30pm to 5am I was all over Austin and even shot over to the Outlet Malls in San Marcos ...and had the time of my life--all alone!  This year I attended A Christmas Affair (and one to remember that's for sure)

So I'm only a month or so behind
in blogging some really cool stuff so if I've crossed you path and you came expecting to see pictures of you, a story we share or your cool shop then check back again soon.....  Here I go with this shopping adventure:

I love the ginormous Christmas tree and the way they sectioned off places to eat and relax
My story is set in Austin among the high-society ladies of the Junior League. Below you'll find some artists or vendors that captured my attention so much so that I thought you needed to see for yourself.  (wink; gift ideas here folks)
Pandora de Balthazar: European Luxury bedding...oh yes please!

 This lady lying in bed is receiving a "walk through" of how to enjoy these fine linens
My master suite will one day be sporting these fabulous pillows and linens...to be SURE!
A bed and fine linens are investments well worth every dollar in my opinion!
Next I found Levity by Anna Christine
This woman is remarkable in every way!  The pieces she creates are absolutely
show stoppers!  These should be on the runway somewhere!  I hope to one
day have her accessories on the models in my my next show!
Hats, scarves, those feather collars and everything in between...they even have Goody Goody slippers!!!
These are my favorite line of slippers in the world.  If your feet have not had the pleasure, make sure you add it to your list of things to try.  I bought a pair when I was traveling Alaska and I loved them so much I started wearing them as shoes around the ship and even a couple of times while traveling (they proved to be quite airport friendly)
Erin's Earrings had a fine display on a prime corner .  The necklace length and delicate
feel I'm loving right now so this place made it to the top 5.
Sadly, the website looks suspended and I think she only sells at shows like this.  Too bad I was ONLY
Christmas shopping on this outting...I wanted that necklace:)
her prices were extremely reasonable.  I think this necklace was $24....and long!  gorgeous!

This guy Terry Williams made these gigantic copper works of art which I will be adding to my
collection one day...this is another thing I'm certain of...although the photo does it NO justice.

check Terry out at TK Imports where you'll find some of his copper artistry 
Why do I do all this?  Showcase artists, vendors, stores, people?  Because I, for one, am a person who likes to buy and collect out of the box items as well as support artists and special people who cross my path.  Much more of that to come in the next week or so as I try to catch up:)
 Looks like Santa might have made an appearance but I’m more interested in the lovely attention to detail and style selected for the event.  Nicely done!  Next year I’ll certainly attend but it would be so much more fun with a lively friend or two!
anyplace that adds chandeliers is my kind of event!
I saved the best for last...at least for me.  This lady, Tamra Novak has such a unique gift.  A gift in which she gives all the credit to God....my kinda gal!  She told me she’s always collected vintage items with a special attraction to jewelry and one day she sat down at her kitchen table & told God to help her figure out what to do with it all (my paraphrase).  
I admire her eye...the way she pairs unlikely items without compromising the antique pieces for value sake.  Each item is a one of a kind special creation with a unique story all its own.   

She also travels all over the world to find some of the most interesting components for her
creations.  The stories alone are worth purchasing an eye catching piece.  If you order from
her I'd be sure to ask for the back story of how your new addition came to be:)

very reasonable prices!  I can't imagine trying to place a price on something like this...I see it for $144!!!

This woman, just like Anna, needs to be featured on some famous movie star while walking down the red carpet.  When I’m famous I must be sure to give the lime-light to artists such as these:) wink wink

Isn't she a doll?  I took a picture of the two of us but I looked too terrible to share with you:)
A whole day of shopping sure does a number to my face & hair!!!!

not only large statement pieces but check out her dainty line...perfectly feminine!
Make sure to visit Tamra Novak at A Touch of Vintage!!!!
 Well there you have it....I tried to keep my words light and few while sharing loads of pictures and gift ideas.  Be sure to come back for a funky and Lovely Austin Boutique in a few days (or whenever I get around to it:)

Also some Christmas Decor pictures and ideas (only about a month late already).

Love n Christmas Hugs....with a big candy cane kiss for ya!

Diella Wyatt

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