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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve

Here I sit, Grape Nuts floating around in my bowl sweetened by the perfect Mr. Brown Sugar.  With a list of things to do (before 7pm tonight) that would keep a gal busy for weeks, I decided to take a wee break:)  What?!?!

and the creative
...fun list goes on...that's just the chores:)  oh boy nearly 1am.

So why am I here at my computer then?  for good reason.  ....3 reasons actually:

  1. God has blessed me with a lot of really wonderful people in my life. People I love & respect.  
  2. Currently we're renting a home (in transition to our next house) and our space is limited.  
  3. When it was just the 2 of us we loved having people over but haven't made it a priority the past 4 years....we love to throw parties (big or small)

What do these 3 random things have in common?  They're colliding right in front of me and my perfectly decorated life and I watch as they come crashing down in a beautiful display of love, friendship & goofy fun.

I will trust Him....and keep His promises in front of my eyes...and coming out of my mouth!!!!
Let me explain BRIEFLY.  Although you may see me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook from time to time (ok, often) my life is NOT an open book!  There are many behind the scenes adventures and memories created that I simply don't have time or desire to share.  This year beginning celebration isn't one of them.
I want pictures!  
The pictures you see here are from a neat book we got as a Christmas gift.  I'm going to ask everyone to pick a letter & write or draw whatever they want to share about their vision...dreams....hopes....where they want to be next year, whatever they want to say.
Should be a fun one, huh?!  Also I was trying to figure out a neat "something funky & special" but I'm still working it out...can't spoil the surprise.

We decided to have a SMALL "get together" (as my Honey wants to call it) to ring in the New Year with a full house.  So at church today when I was greeting all my sweetie pie friends I was saddened that I couldn't just open up the invite to a few more people...then a few more of course because so n so is friends with that couple...then another gal is related to the family...oh boy:)  I asked God that every person that needed to be at our house would be....and that's how I roll.....no pressure, guilt  or offense:)  That didn't change the fact that I felt uneasy being all hush hush when I know some of those amazing folks I want here will be seeing the pictures on FB or Instagram.  SO what's better hurt their feelings through all my social media outlets or address it right now, tell 'em I LOVE them and I'm sorry.  please forgive me & remember....when I have MY HOUSE the party will be MUCH bigger.
I want to celebrate BIG!  

Oh and another thing.....
I want to experience God's grace this coming year more than ever as I step into His perfect plan for my life.  I'm not playin' church, folks.  I'm NOT perfect!  FAAAAAARRRR from it actually!  Don't know how I got off on that whirlwind.

I would spend some time editing this so it flows better but I have loads of work waiting and all sweeties are sleeping:)  Ni-Night for all you early birds:0

Live life to the fullest...
cast a vision.....write it down! 

Diella Wyatt
in case you haven't found me yet:
Instagram (look up LiveDecorated)

Just a random, in case you were wondering....certainly not a must read by any means.

I do the nuttiest things at times & this is one of them...my to do list before 7pm
clean bathroom
clean extra chairs being stored in garage
dishwasher unload
wash dishes
setup music
staple gun some fabric to the back of an old door---MUST be done tonight:)
figure out how to set up a makeshift photobooth station (may or may not happen)
bathe---clean tub while I'm there!
oh, did I mention I want to organize the garage so I can setup a space heater & chairs to play games?  Yeah!  When do I say when?  I guess I'll get started on the toilet:)  yeah for me!  Ni-night lovelies.

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  1. You are hilarious! Happy New Year and I hope you get all your chores done. I am gathering the last of the 'things I don't need' and heading off to Goodwill before the end of the day. Love you dear friend......Linda


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