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Monday, August 26, 2013

first day of school....ever!!!

can you believe tomorrow is the first day of school?!?

I'm in a strange place with all this.
So much is happening in my life as if a speed train is at the station about to take off on an amazing page turning adventure I'm flying through the train station, hair blowing in the breeze, luggage in hand (light as you go).... trying to make it before the doors close.
summer days coming to an end as school begins
spray SPF brings my family such joy

You see, a local gal with whom we share
many mutual friends wrote a poignant blog post about being the worst parent ever at the end of school.  Her examples were hysterical and I resonated with about 90% of it even not having kids in school.....piecing things together at the last minute to make the grade.

summer winding down: 2days to go
first day of school:  Kindergarten & High School SENIOR
firsts and lasts
Well she landed a spot on the Today Show to talk about that post at the end of last school year.  
Did I mention it was awesome?  
The problem with me in this moment is all I can hear is her voice in my head recapping how fabulous she was at the start of the year.  Everything was just perfect and she had it all together.  By the end chaos ensued.

It is her picture perfect example that is getting me a tad bit worked up.  You see, the "homework" of creating an "about me" page for the teacher (I received a week ago) is only 83% complete.  I forgot to print a picture of him.  Solving the problem would be quick and easy if the mouse on my computer were working and I could log on and click PRINT.  But it's nearly midnight and I have to sleep sometime.

Oh boy....does this mean I'm off to a bad start?  Do all the other mom's sail through the first week of school with a skip in their step and cute, perfectly posed pictures?
All these questions......What will I make him for lunch?  Oh, that's right, my husband takes care of that one.

Ahh, I feel better now that I've confessed my imperfections!  Don't worry I'm sure I can squeeze in a trip to the office to print that picture....no pressure!


the big question is: what do I do after I drop him off?  Wait!  How do I drop him off?  Do I park and walk him in?  Does the teacher meet me outside?  Will he cry?  Will I cry?  oops.... I mean how long will I cry???

Kindergarten!!!!  My new world.  Wait. .  .      .      a new small facet of my world, really ...    . . .    .....  which will grow much larger as the years progress.

For now, I'm sure I'll start getting a LOT more work done!

Here we go.....school year(s) begin.

a new chapter for my son, a new book for me.  
So many wonderful opportunities are presenting themselves.  It's going to move fast.  It's going in a GREAT direction!

I'm thrilled to start this adventure.  I just wish I had someone to do all the blogging for me.  I have SOOOOOO much to tell you!

New Friends you must know!
....I haven't had a chance to blog all about them yet so bear with me.  I'm also waiting for authors.  Hey, there's a super good idea!  Guest blog posts....I'll have to ask them.

First: Rhonda J Designs
she just opened a chalk paint shop in downtown Buda, TX.  She also has a few other Shoppes. Check her out....she's going to be helping me on some projects, getting my started and I hope to video some of her tips and blast it all over YouTube.  This gal has a GIFT!!!!
I did not in fact take this shot so all credit goes to Rhonda J Designs 
but until I get to shoot her in her element (not to mention YouTube this chic)
I must rely on her website.

Second: now this is brilliant!  We must all drink water, right.  We MUST stay hydrated.  Well, guess what, so do the homeless on the street corner in 110 degree heat.  This woman is making a HUGE difference in the homeless community.

It starts with water, it starts with sweet Elena, but really it starts with each one of us....doing what God is tugging on our hearts to do....oh boy, don't get me started!
I AM WATERS Foundation. So far they have given away nearly 450,000 bottles of water and by "some date" she gave me (no clue when but soon I'm sure) they will have given out 1.6 million bottles!!!  That's amazing!  So until I have a chance to dedicate some blog posts to unique people I run across you'll have to just check out their sites....and my pictures:)
what a pleasure it was meeting such a wonderful woman with such a great
passion and calling!  and her amazing team at I Am Waters Foundation.
Help support the homeless get hydrated....buy water!!!  More to come...
peace, dream, hope, love
what a precious message for all to see.  God Bless I Am Waters and my beautiful new friend 
to put a face on "the homeless" she has designed each card to feature a real live person walking through some really hard stuff....this sweet kid made me think of my own.  I pray big miracles through the Love of God being poured out through I Am Waters and I Am Brands.  Keep up the good work!!!!

Last little bit: I have 2 other posts in the works with more of a popcorn type sharing, if you know what I mean....a bit all over the place, with good pictures and a few giggles:)

love n hugs

Diella Wyatt

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