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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"because that's not your story"

Because that’s not your story...
These words reverberate in my brain space as I drive down Main Street contemplating the beautiful yet irritating story unfolding in my neck of the woods.  A story of a local gal, a mutual friend of many friends, who struck it big when one of her blog posts landed her a spot on The Today Show.
the dream from a distance...ANYTHING is possible if you only believe.


Yes, you read correctly...The Today Show.  Now that I have your attention
let me tell the wee story from my point of view.  The end of last school year I hear my friends speaking of their Pastor’s wife who landed on the Today Show with the eloquently written blog post about her being the worst mom ever.  HA!  After reading her blog I realized she was not in fact the worst mom ever, she was actually pretty dang adorable. 
the sky always amazes me...adding words just gives it new life...welcome to my world.

Obviously considering the friends we have in common she must be wonderful, right?!  Unfortunately that didn’t soothe the twinge of jealousy that reared its ugly head after catching wind of her landing her very own HGTV show.  

What kind of warped reality was my small town trapped in?  Someone was bringing HGTV to Buda ….and it wasn’t the fabulous Genevieve Gorder coming to redesign my kitchen!   I was getting hot.  To top it all off I had to drive by this woman’s house each time I left the neighborhood and had yet to meet her face to face.  I wanted to love her….I wanted to support her……I mean, in all reality she was a far superior writer than I could ever imagine being (published author in fact) and admittedly, I wanted to read each and every word that came off the page at me.

Questions kept coming….”Why am I not a good writer?”
“If I’m not even a good story teller then why did you call me to start a blog, Lord?” 
“Of all things….a BLOG, when I can’t write worth a lick!?” 

With thousands of great stories and no nerve to tell them for fear of putting my readers to sleep.   Then he reminded me of a man named Moses …he was a terrible speaker…..he even had a speech impediment yet the Lord called him to free loads of people…to lead them to a greater promise.  

If God can use Moses then He can surely use meJ 

In order to share the most current part of my story I need to remove the veil a bit on my private world which I keep heavily under wraps.  There is a home 2 blocks away from where we just moved this spring that I’ve had my eye on since I moved to this awesome little town years ago.  Each time it came on the market the price was way too high to even consider. 

Pause for introspection:  Have you ever wanted something so deeply that every day you believe “today’s the day” “its mine!”.  Well this is where I’m coming from.  I have a deep passion and love for this house & land.   More than anything though, let me be clear, I want God’s perfect will for my life and if this house isn’t it then I’ll graciously say goodbye and walk the path He has planned out already for me.   His plans are always the BEST, hands down.

I’m totally open…..at least I thought I was until one day last week.

One day last week I drove by my dream home…..and there were about 20 cars parked out front.  I couldn’t believe my eyes….I went home and tried to get it off my mind, I had a million things to do & this wasn’t going to stop me.  At least I tried…..  I kept telling myself it doesn’t matter, that house is MINE! 

More questions swim through my thoughts. “Who’s at my house and what are they doing?”  (Did I mention the house is vacant and ON THE MARKET?) ahh, wee fact now illuminates the story….make a little more sense?
 no one ever said I was a good story tellerJ

On a whim I grabbed my 2 year old son and loaded up the stroller….dogs n all….forget about lunch, who needs to eat, I must know who’s doing what at my houseJ  
walking down the street I’m thinking I look like a crazy person….what am I going to say? 
What am I doing?!?! 
Oops…..right at the entrance to the open garage of the house in question my dog goes “potty” ….Really!!!???

as I bend over to bag the evidence I start to shake.  “Are they going to come around the corner and see me cleaning up poo?”

Oh boy…..this could make for an embarrassing adventure….but I didn’t plan on turning back now!  
As I round the corner I see a camera crew….strange.  Right there in the front yard, answering the directors questions, stood this cute, hip couple.  “I bet they’re from Austin….trying to buy MY house and making a show of it!”

Just then my husband drives by…..he texts me “walk away”.  He informs me it was the blogger gal, Jen Hatmaker so that must be HGTV.  “just leave” OH MY HEAVENS….you MUST be kidding me!!!!!
Not only does she get her own show, she takes MY HOUSE!?!  OH NO!!!!  Could this get any worse?

Refusing to leave I plant my stroller…right behind the camera crew, hoping they won’t notice me. 
Too late….oops.  “Koko…..shhh we must be very quiet!”  2 dogs and 2 year old and 2 very hungry bellies but I wasn’t leaving until I met her and spoke my peace…..whatever that was! 

Hands shaking ….Hands sweating.  During the 15 maybe 20 minutes I waited to have an audience with the potential buyers of my dream I got an overwhelming, tears welling up in my eyes, compassion for these strangers.  I believe God helped shift my seething jealousy to overwhelming love and gratitude ….

A knowing overcame me ….
A knowing…… that if God would do it for them then He’ll surely do it for me. 

Joy overcame frustration. 
Peace overcame doubt
and all of a sudden I wanted to hug Jen and congratulate them on acquiring this gorgeous home. 
I also wanted to make sure we were best of friends by the time I left so I could watch what the experts did to my sweet house. 

Finally……the director calls a break for lunch…..

My chance…..awkwardly and even a little rudely I demanded their attention….with a grand smile and sincere intentions I introduced myself, stumbled over my words, gushed congrats on getting my dream home….and finally, let them speak.

she tells me they aren’t getting this house….they bought the one around the corner.  The gorgeous white 105 year old farm house we just toured with clients 2 weeks ago….amazing piece of property really.  I’d LOVE to have that place (if my dream home weren’t waiting for me). 
some old printer blocks from Europe inspire me....I LOVE using words to create art.

Did you hear that?!?????  JOY!!!!!
My house is still available!!!  Wow, I love them even more now….now I really think we could be friends

Wait…..I just had a thought…. I may have come across as a stalker crazy neighbor type?  Oh well, what’s done is done!  Hehehe.  I can’t help but giggle just a bit. 

God sure has a sense of humor!   “because that’s not your storyHe says.  Keep your eye out for the T-shirts, coming soon to a fine boutique near youJ

The lesson in all this:  NEVER compare your story to someone else’s, you NEVER know what they’ve been through or where they’re going…..only keep your eyes set on the path marked out for you and trust that God is faithful and has good plans for you. (Jeremiah 29:11) 

In closing,  if you haven’t already, please check out her blog JenHatmaker.com and follow the story….
ahh, and to watch someone’s dreams come true ….encourages me that mine aren’t too far away…..maybe even just around the cornerJ  

big hugs n love

DBWyatt ;0
Homework:  mediate on Psalm 32:8
weekly challenge: be blessed to be a blessing to someone around you
being different sometimes means trying something no one else ever would....a made a beaded necklace into a cheerful, one of a kind headband....even if only to get a chuckle out of my husband:)  jump out of the box of conformity...
see what happens

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