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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year New Me....time for new you too

Coming home on the red eye flight from Cali

Cramped in coach

Reflecting on the past 7 days....

You see, this trip has been many things for me.
A celebration of love (girlfriends' wedding) 
A break from responsibilities
A relinquishing of control (staying with friends)
A refreshing of my soul
An opening of my eyes
A charging of my spirit
A cloud of unconditional acceptance, bursting love, abundant joy, overwhelming peace and lighthearted silliness and loads of tears (apparently a magical wedding story will do that to a girl); literally not a dry eye in the house!!!

So as I reflect and thank God for the sand between my toes
(I think it's found it's way into my cowboy boots even) 
and my hunger for adventure being topped off I find myself filled with hope & expectation of what's to come.

The BEST is yet to come....no matter how cliche it may sound to some jaded ears out there.
I challenge you to see your world through God's eyes....filled with grand possibilities. 
Because with God, truly, ALL things are possible!

The glorious beauty of a flower for example ...it's here today and gone tomorrow but God clothes it so meticulously how much more will He clothe us....so don't worry....just believe that He'll take care of your needs & thank Him for it daily...

side roads of thought are often taken after sharing a photo. They often take me astray....now where was I?  

create your new vision board
Make it beautiful
Dream BIG
Think positively
Give generously 
Pray continually
Sing joyfully
Forgive all 
Encourage others
Walk by faith
Speak life
Eat right
Workout that body 
Laugh till ya cry
And watch your life transform 

Blessings, health and prosperity for YOU in 2014:)

Blu Wyatt

Enjoy a few shots from my adventures, the wedding, random beauty and hopefully something to inspire you on your journey of Living Decorated

from the moment I set foot in their home, this family made me feel as if I were an adopted child of theirs....above Dad is making his famous salmon salad....poolside
Now off to Mission Beach for some ringing in the New Year celebration with friends 

This is Cindy who's wedding I traveled to celebrate....one of my greatest friends who helped me keep my faith & endurance during those years onboard cruiseships.....priceless relationship!

How many times have I biked around a tropical island through sand & mountains? Too many to count:)

Sand & sun....my forever playground

Yes You Can Achieve Your Dreams 
By Dr Henry Wolmarans
Is a must read.....on chapter 9 and I can feel my life taking on new shape from the inside out and all around.....that's how we LiveDecorated up in here (you must know already, that was said using homeboy accent if there is such a thang)

So you won't have to miss a thing you can join the adventure as we Live Decorated through twitter @liveDecorated or Instagram at same
YouTube is pretty much essential so join the movement there too....crazy stuff, ya think you're ready? 

You too can LiveDecorated from the inside out & all around.....ciao for now lovelies 

Blu Wyatt 
(Loving every inch of the new name I'm wearing) :) xox

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  1. Sounds and looks like an amazing trip!!! May I join you next time?! Loving you.


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