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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Junk into glam-ish-ness

That moment when you walk into an office and spot the ugliest, most gorgeous chair in the land: take it and run!  

Develop a plan to save the chair from drab and launch her into the deep ... the fab!!! 

You can do it....nothing is impossible my friend!  If I can do it there's hope for all. 

Get ahold of some chalk paint, conversation-starter fabric, hot glue gun, glue sticks, staple gun and staples, oh yeah and don't forget the fabric tape ... and GO!!!! 


Warning: this is not a concise "how to" do anything (just a healthy dose of inspiration and somewhat helpful bullet points)

Take chair apart (as much as you can to make recovering the fabric easier)
Paint some more until desired result is achieved (shall I one day attempt a real "how to" whilst in progress I shall inform thee)
Allow paint to Dry (walk away...have some tea & a sugar cookie)
Work your soft wax over the paint
Perhaps pay some mind to the details. I like to feel the history in a piece.
Time to Buff that wax.

Cut fabric (try to do all your cutting in one setting....take some time to think about each edge/corner and how much fabric you'll need. Don't be shy, give yourself plenty to work with.  Maybe it's happened to you where you cut only to find you've under estimated .... Now you're stretching the fabric about to cry at the thought of having to go back to the store and recut another few yards. Yuck!!! 

Now with your glue gun (if you can't staple) or staple gun (if you can wrap the fabric nicely underneath) attach your new fab glam fabric over the old, torn, dated fabric.

Don't forget to clean up the messy edges with fabric tape. 

Simply reattach seat and ka-blam .... Glam!

So clearly I'm better with pictures:

I tend to like the small moments so I wavered on keeping this paint free or washing some old white over it. In the end I did tone that brass down a bit more than I'm showing here and I like it all just fine!  

What I didn't tell you was that this was a 24 hour project for Aunt Sunday's new office. So technically we didn't steal the chairs:) 

Hugs n love and always Live Decorated from the inside out and all around.

Blu Wyatt
Psalm 32:8

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